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Bieber's 12-Year-Old Security Threat -- Exposed!!!

6/16/2010 7:39 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned the secret identity of the deadly and merciless force that nearly penetrated Justin Bieber's security this weekend -- and here she is ... at your own risk ... AN ADORABLE 12-YEAR-OLD GIRL!

TMZ spoke to 12-year-old Cristina's father (who also provided us with this photo) and we've learned the recent security breach in the Bahamas was all over -- DUN DUN DUN! -- a hug.

That's right, ladies and gentlemen, Cristina wanted to give Justin Bieber a hug -- one of the most dangerous martial arts moves known to man. But thankfully, Justin's crack security team intervened just in time and no one got hurt. Cristina was eventually let go.

It all went down during Bieb's photo shoot with Kim Kardashian at the Atlantis resort on Sunday. As far as we know, Cristina's still at large.


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Brooke is a bada**! Watch out! Brooke for Sheriff!

1528 days ago



Then how would they ever do a story on Justin Bieber, Milie Cyrus, or any other teen star?

1528 days ago


You won't have a chance, because grandma Kardashian is dating him.

1528 days ago


Whats up with her grill ?

She looks like Bugs Bunny.

1528 days ago

Rhyan W    

Wow, what a bunch of a*sholes posting crap about this little girls pic.

1528 days ago


whats wrong with her mouth? looks like it melted

1528 days ago


I feel bad for this poor girl. She was probably just taking this picture for fun, but now it's on the internet and her self esteem is probably gonna tank.

1528 days ago


see...venom on the comment forum

1528 days ago


TMZ, i hope you have concent to post this little girls picture up online.. i know if i were her parents and you didnt get my ok... you would have ONE HELL of a lawsuit on your hands.. Just sayin...

1528 days ago


Her old man probably has the poor kid already pimped-out for reality TV shows. I suggest a good Orthodontist before the next photo session, OK dad? Criticism comes with the territory everyone.

1528 days ago


that's one fugly little girl

1528 days ago

Rhyan W    

@Larry, no it doesn't Larry. Just from jerkwads like you and the other wastes of human flesh posting crap about her.

1528 days ago


I knew I was hoping for too much from TMZ posters to lay off the nasty comments on a NON-CELEBRITY who did nothing but try to hug her hero. Good god. You KNOW this girl will absolutely be reading these comments. How cruel. Why not make fun of the Bieber or his harda$$ "security" team. Hope they feel really important now. And, yes, Dad you could have picked a better picture than one where she is obviously goofing off.

Honey, if you are reading this, I think you are a cute girl and try to blow off these nasty petty comments. You are probably a much bigger person than most of the petty commenters, I am sure! :)

1528 days ago


I vote for TMZ to delete the negative comments. How horrible for her to read these comments about her looks at 12 years old. I for one think she is absolutely adorable.

1528 days ago

Rhyan W    

@annie2, the people posting rude comments are trolls. I imagine the majority are fat 40 somethings with no lives who sit in front of their comp all day in dirty underwear, stuffing their faces with Doritos and surfing porn when their not at TMZ. They hate themselves, so they have nothing but derision for everyone else. Tearing someone down online makes them feel better about their own worthless lives.

1528 days ago
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