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Bieber's 12-Year-Old Security Threat -- Exposed!!!

6/16/2010 7:39 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned the secret identity of the deadly and merciless force that nearly penetrated Justin Bieber's security this weekend -- and here she is ... at your own risk ... AN ADORABLE 12-YEAR-OLD GIRL!

TMZ spoke to 12-year-old Cristina's father (who also provided us with this photo) and we've learned the recent security breach in the Bahamas was all over -- DUN DUN DUN! -- a hug.

That's right, ladies and gentlemen, Cristina wanted to give Justin Bieber a hug -- one of the most dangerous martial arts moves known to man. But thankfully, Justin's crack security team intervened just in time and no one got hurt. Cristina was eventually let go.

It all went down during Bieb's photo shoot with Kim Kardashian at the Atlantis resort on Sunday. As far as we know, Cristina's still at large.


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Fred Farkel    

Frankly... this little girl fits in better with the little boy.

Kim K is a woman. Her new boyfriend is a little boy.

What is that stupid white boy thinking when he pictures Reggie Bush with his new girlfriend??

Goofiest pair by far that I have ever seen.

1598 days ago


Dear Cristina, don't take thier mean comments personally, they are 30 year old fat ugly losers who can't get a girl. Looking at you reminds them of when they were 12 year old fat ugly losers who could not get a girl. Really it's nothing personal. No one has perfect teeth at 12.

1598 days ago


That kid looks so damn excited that she almost mowed down bieber. Look at that pure happy kid. Fcuking hilarious.

1598 days ago


Awwww, don't pick on a 12yr old.. she is adorable and obviously loves Justin That **** who tackled her should be fined!

1598 days ago


I hear ya! I think they probably are just being nasty because they can be and they are anonymous. I guess I just wanted something positive out there in case this girl IS really checking it out. I hope she realizes that if any of us had to post our pics up there that there are plenty of us, myself included, who people would go to town on. LOL. So again, chin up, Cristina! And thank you RhyanW!

1598 days ago


Her Teeth is actually ****in disgusting like EW if I were bieber I wouldn't hug her!

1598 days ago


Some folks have serious problems to criticize a 12 year old girl who is SMILING!! I'd rather see a smile any day than the self righteous, sneer most kids have on their puss nowadays. Grow up.

1598 days ago


Ya know some people just don't care what they look like or what others say. People like that do exist. She must not care about her gums being big. People with crooked teeth usually don't show their teeth when they smile. Fat people suck in when they take a picture. People who have lazy eye try to open their eyes wide when they take a picture. So I'm sure she's aware of the way her gums look. She more than likely just doesn't care. And if she does and she was excited and then this picture was taken and submitted then yes her dad is an *******. But I doubt her life is 'ruined' as someone else said. She'll be fine and get over it. That is unless people start making meme's. In which case, yes her life MIGHT be ruined then depending on how it effects her. I've given this way too much thought now so I'm ending this.

1598 days ago


She has more GUM than a bucket of Hubba Bubba

1598 days ago


Uh, wtf is wrong with her mouth? Seriously, i would call security if that mouth was charging towards me too. Really TMZ? You call her adorable? You need your eyes checked. Gross.

1598 days ago


I wonder if she got her hug?

1598 days ago


I've never seen a more strange set of teeth/gums in my life. Poor girl. Everything seems to be amiss here... wiked overbite, strange upper lip action, horrid jack-o-lantern smile, bizarre gummage. Damn! That poor thing will be a virgin for life.

1598 days ago

Daisy Mae Duke    

I can't be mean. No way no how. Look how excited she looks. Her eyebrows up so high. Smile that covers her whole face. Her father should of never sent this photo to TMZ to be posted. I knew when I seen this picture exactly what type of comments I would be reading. lol

1598 days ago


TMZ deserves the blame for the abuse being heaped on this girl. They knew posting this unflattering photo of a pretty little girl was red meat for the TMZ trolls.

1598 days ago

Rhyan W    

@Zara, agreed. I wouldn't put it past TMZ to have a staffer posting as one (or more) of the trolls just to fan the flames and get the decent people who post here to come to her defense. Makes an otherwise humdrum post, more "exciting".

1598 days ago
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