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Bieber's 12-Year-Old Security Threat -- Exposed!!!

6/16/2010 7:39 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned the secret identity of the deadly and merciless force that nearly penetrated Justin Bieber's security this weekend -- and here she is ... at your own risk ... AN ADORABLE 12-YEAR-OLD GIRL!

TMZ spoke to 12-year-old Cristina's father (who also provided us with this photo) and we've learned the recent security breach in the Bahamas was all over -- DUN DUN DUN! -- a hug.

That's right, ladies and gentlemen, Cristina wanted to give Justin Bieber a hug -- one of the most dangerous martial arts moves known to man. But thankfully, Justin's crack security team intervened just in time and no one got hurt. Cristina was eventually let go.

It all went down during Bieb's photo shoot with Kim Kardashian at the Atlantis resort on Sunday. As far as we know, Cristina's still at large.


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lost grrl    

Get a life guys...she is 12. What kind of adult makes fun of the way a 12 year old looks? Not a nice one. Let's see all of your pics...or better yet, pics of you when you were 12 (the most awkward age I think)!

1558 days ago

hot snot    

woah...those gums! yikes

1558 days ago

chubbs McBuff    

I think this girl is the cutest girl I have ever seen. but I do think it was a poor decision by her father to post this pic on this website.

1558 days ago

Rhyan W    

I'm done with TMZ. If they can't be bothered to moderate a thread where an innocent child is being ripped apart by mentally unbalanced posters, then they can go straight to hell with those same posters. There are tons of other entertainment sites.

1558 days ago


Hey chubbs McBuff, if that is the cutest girl you have ever seen then why was it in poor decision by her father to post that pic? I'll tell you why, because that is the ugliest girl you have ever seen.

1558 days ago


What people need to realize is Kim K was getting DEATH THREATS from Beiber fans. I'd break out the security too. Get over it.

1558 days ago


my god ppl. she will grow out of it in a few years you won't know who she is.
and for thoes that don't have a sense of humor and don't like TMZ go somewhere else it's just entertainment.
after looking at that pic it was hard not to check the comments we knew what was going to happen.
some of you can't go a day without checking this web site out so get over it.
thank you TMZ for great entertainment if they had to pay for this site they would bitch about that to.
i needed a laugh for today with all the things going on in this world today there is not much to laugh about.

1558 days ago


she looks freakin ugly..justin should've thanked to god , becuz this monster hasn't hugged him ..

1558 days ago

yo mama    

omg you guys are douchebags!! She is freaking 12 years old!! Let her be. Have some respect you jackasses!

you guys are probably all just fat old dudes anyways.

1557 days ago


It makes me sick how people really are just so cruel, especially to a 12 year old girl! How terrible to make fun of her!

1557 days ago


Why would Justin have any interest in a girl near his age when he's got women like Kim K. fawning all over him. It's really disgusting when grown adults seek out a child for their own publicity purposes. Justin is being exposed to these desperate losers instead of real celebrities. Doesn't this kid have any parents? He seems to just show up virtually anywhere at any time of the day or night. Judging by the desperate washed up people seeking him out I suspect his future is not going to be very good.

1556 days ago


By the way, don't blame the nasty comments about the cute little girl on us haters. Us haters hate Bieber, not little girls. Those commenters are your typical Bieber fans lashing out in envy at the thought of some arbitrary girl getting Justin's attention. What is wrong with our young women today? Don't they have anything positive to be doing? Maybe that 12 yr old girl should get huge breast implants and then Justin would hug her.

1556 days ago


Wiley (144):
I have wondered the exact same thing...he literally is everywhere ALL the time. Where is the adult supervision? I guess it's Kim K. I thought it was kinda cute the first time she posed for a pic with him because after all, I am sure Bieber gets celeb crushes, too; but this is bordering on creepy, now. Kim is totally milking it for all its worth...

1556 days ago


okkk ur guys are mean u dont even care that justin kicked her out u guys must really like him he is NOT cute he is a snob to do that all she wanted was a hug and all u care about is her face her teeth her gums u know thats true beaty OMG AND I HATE JUSTINE BEIBER HE SUCKS WITH HIS GIRLY VOICE !!!!!!!!!

1555 days ago


wow thats all u guys care about is her face and her teeth and her gums nothing else anyways thats true beaty . the poor girl just wanted a hug JUSTINE BEIBER SUCKS AND HE SOUNDS LIKE A GIRL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IHATE JUSTINE BEIBER

1555 days ago
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