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Katherine Jackson: My Way Or the Highway

6/17/2010 12:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned there's a standoff at the Jackson family homestead between Katherine Jackson and Jackson baby mama Alejandra Jackson -- but the smart money is on Katherine.

TMZ broke the story ... Katherine has asked Alejandra and her four kids -- Jermajesty, Jaafar (both fathered by Jermaine Jackson), as well as Donte and Randy Jr. (both sired by Randy Jackson) to move out, because they're just too much for Katherine to handle. 

Although Katherine and the Michael Jackson estate have offered to let Alejandra and her brood move into a nearby condo owned by MJ, Alejandra has lawyered up.  We're told Katherine wants Alejandra to sign a confidentiality agreement and Alejandra wants better digs and a fabulous parting gift in the form of money.

Sources tell us Alejandra's lawyer has not made a specific demand, but Katherine realizes she needs Alejandra and her kids to move so she can care for Michael's 3 kids.  We're told Katherine is back in town and ready to lay down the law and tell her former daughter-in-law  -- it's either the condo or the highway.

Mind you ... Katherine cares deeply for her grandkids but is not going to be held hostage by someone who has no legal claim.  True enough, Jermaine owes Alejandra back child support ... but Katherine does not see that as her problem.  Plus, Katherine is living on an allowance, can't afford a payoff and we're told the MJ estate will not ante up money for Jermaine and Randy's obligations.

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Kick her gold diggin leg spreadin ass to the curb Katherine! I hope she slapped her boys for screwing the same woman and making babies with her. Eeewwwwww! I hope those kids have a decent caregiver, one besides her materialistic stank Mom!

1590 days ago


Alejandra and her million kids have no legal right to live at Encino. It's time for Jermaine and Randy to face up to their responsibilities. Only Michael's mother and his three children have a legal right to live in Michael's home which he owned, paid for and is still paying for through his estate. Get out now ALL the other parasites and start facing up to your OWN responsibilities....if you know how !! They're all so used to living off Michael that they aren't willing to stand on their own two feet. Shame on them all. The Encino home is for Katherine, in her lifetime, and Michael's three children.

1590 days ago


Jermaine and Randy need to man up and do the right thing for once in their lives. They are lazy and think that MJ's Estate owes them a living. Kick'em all out and enjoy life, Katherine!

1590 days ago


Confused kids, huh? Their cousins are also their half siblings, their uncles are their step fathers, their mother is also their aunt and they are being raised by grandma. Am I crazy or shouldn't a brother's ex-wife be off limits?

1590 days ago


So let me get this straight...Alejandra has 4 kids (2 each) with Jermaine and Randy...It would be wierd to have the same "baby mama" with my brother and have her living in our place..That is one CRAZY family..What would the Jacksons' have done if MJ decided to be kindergarten tacher?? Janet rodes MJ's success..but may have made something of herself..What a bunch of coyotes that nutty crew is.

Grow up old guys and get a job, your own place and provide Child Support for your kids..oh that's right they live for free and all expenses paid..why is there Child Support to begin with??? Alejandra even has a free place to live and eat and doesn't have to work..

Alejandra = equals lazy and greedy brother bangin ho - can't take the ghetto out of some people.

1590 days ago

Cali MJ Fan    

GO Team Katherine and Team Branca!!

1590 days ago


it's no need to call mrs jackson other kids bastards it's not their fault calm down

1590 days ago


TMZ, Donte is not Randy's child. Randy has two children with Alejandra Randy and a daughter. Can't you check your facts before you post?
It seems Michael has to support his brother's children now.

1590 days ago


Wow this is the same thing that is happening to America. Women popping out children that they can't afford and expect us to pay for it all. Dead beat dads that don't take care of their responsibilities (sounds familiar) and once again expecting us to do it for them. If I were Katherine I would be embarrassed to admit that I raised such Sloths with libidos in hyper drive.

1590 days ago


Jermaine, Donte ,Randy Jr, Randy and Alejandra
you re all grown enough !!!!
GET A JOB for once in your life stop living off MJ kids !!!!

1590 days ago

Jesse James Hater    

They are all total getto trash... with money.
Two brothers banging the same S L U T then running away.
Thank God they have money or I the tax payer would be picking up the bill.

1590 days ago


FINALLY Katherine is growing some brass ones! If a woman has kids with 2 men who are brothers that means she's only with them for the $$. Kick that lazy DIL out! And while you're at it, kick that mean bterd of a husband out too! Maybe he and his DIL can live together and make more babies for MJ to support!

1590 days ago

deb is a ho    

Well I would hope the estate is NOT going to pay any money to Aljendria! I do NOT understand why any attorney would even think of going after the ex mother-in-law. It is not Katherines nor MJ3 responsibility to take care of this woman or her children! Why is she not going after the Ex's to take care of their own children?? She has lived free long enough and in all this time why did she not go to school or something so she could get a job?? Not to mention she is not being thrown out on the streets she can move into a free condo in which I am sure is paid for by the estate!!

1590 days ago


Where does Alejandra work? Or does she live off Katherine (MJ) too? Where do women get the idea that it is wise to pop out a couple of kids or more, so they don't have to work and support themselves and/or their kids (looking at that Sheen mess also)?

1590 days ago


If I allowed to live in my own condo owned by MJ I'd go in a heartbeat!

Notice it said "owned by MJ" and not "owned by the MJ estate"....

Why aren't Randy and Jermaine helping in this situation??? At bare minimum they could speak up and tell Alejandra to leave.

Where is Jermaine??? He hasn't done an interview in a long time.


Where is Thome Thome????????????????????????????????

1590 days ago
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