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Katherine Jackson: My Way Or the Highway

6/17/2010 12:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned there's a standoff at the Jackson family homestead between Katherine Jackson and Jackson baby mama Alejandra Jackson -- but the smart money is on Katherine.

TMZ broke the story ... Katherine has asked Alejandra and her four kids -- Jermajesty, Jaafar (both fathered by Jermaine Jackson), as well as Donte and Randy Jr. (both sired by Randy Jackson) to move out, because they're just too much for Katherine to handle. 

Although Katherine and the Michael Jackson estate have offered to let Alejandra and her brood move into a nearby condo owned by MJ, Alejandra has lawyered up.  We're told Katherine wants Alejandra to sign a confidentiality agreement and Alejandra wants better digs and a fabulous parting gift in the form of money.

Sources tell us Alejandra's lawyer has not made a specific demand, but Katherine realizes she needs Alejandra and her kids to move so she can care for Michael's 3 kids.  We're told Katherine is back in town and ready to lay down the law and tell her former daughter-in-law  -- it's either the condo or the highway.

Mind you ... Katherine cares deeply for her grandkids but is not going to be held hostage by someone who has no legal claim.  True enough, Jermaine owes Alejandra back child support ... but Katherine does not see that as her problem.  Plus, Katherine is living on an allowance, can't afford a payoff and we're told the MJ estate will not ante up money for Jermaine and Randy's obligations.

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Did I read that right?? She has 4 kids by two different Jackson brothers?? Why should KJ pay her anything? Yes they are her grandkids but the fathers should be the one to step up not granny.

1533 days ago


Am I the only one who finds it a little skanky that she banged (and spawned children with) two of the brothers ? Oh Tito, your turn... Next...

1533 days ago


Shame on you, Alejandra. Katherine is way too old for your drama. Your fight is with the no-good fathers of your children. Leave Katherine ALONE!!

1533 days ago


I don't understand why that SLUG is still in that house. She has no legal rights. Someone in that family has got to have some balls. The whole family has been depending on MJ's money for a long time. Where is Janet? Can't she stick up for her mother and grab that SLUG by the ear and haul her ass out of there. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. Let's SEE SOME ACTION!

1533 days ago


Why on earth are they living with their grandmother anyway?

Randy and Jermaine need to get themselves jobs and stop living off Michael's money.

1533 days ago

who cares    

wierd. half brother cousins.

1533 days ago


Lord these guys sure can pick 'em. What does she have? A fur-lined *****?

Alex, sweetie. It's a shame you weren't Michael's type; thank gawd he had sense enough to stay away from you, but that's where the real money is/was. Stop leeching off his family. Be a real mom that your incestuous begotten children can be proud of for once: leave quietly. Take the condo--it's a more than generous offer, and should be enough. Michael, Mrs. Jackson, nor Michael's children have any obligation to you. You're only making yourself look worse by doing this.

1533 days ago


The DCFS should take MJs kids away from that house until this situation is resolved. The children can't live in such tension, scandals and yells on a daily basis. You can imagine how ugly this peple fight. It's just not a place for those three kids to live in.

1533 days ago


The whole thing is so jacked up on so many levels. So Jermaine owes her child support but his mother has been supporting her for all this time?! I mean, huh? How can this woman possibly feel she is owed ANYTHING? And the shear fact that Jermaine & Randy both have kids by the same woman. I mean, just...GOD. This whole thing makes no sense and makes my head spin & swirl even TRYING to understand.

NO WONDER Michael wanted nothing to do with these people!!!!!

1533 days ago

Bianca Rose Vandenbos    

I think Katherine is doing the right thing by trying to ask her former daughter in law, Alejandra to move out a long with her grandkids. Jermaine and Randy need to have their kids live with them and not with their mother. What is really wierd is that Alejandra had 2 kids from Randy and Jermaine. So the wierd part is how the kids are cousins but also half brothers!!!!

1533 days ago

Princess Jackson    

I think Katherine was a better parent to Michael than Joe could EVER be, but she still sucks. And WHY oh WHY hasn't the estate gone after her in court for giving money to Joe??! Michael stated IN HIS WILL that he did NOT want Joe to have ANY money, so WTF!

1533 days ago


What kind of stupid person names their kids Jermajesty and Jaafar. Those are some of the dumbest names I've ever heard of. It also doesn't show great class that she has 4 kids by 2 brothers. She is such a whore and probably had those kids so she could get money from the Jackson's and not have to work a day in her life. If she lives there also, why is Katherine having to care for the kids? Where the hell is their mother??

1533 days ago


My only response after reading this story is: She had two kids with TWO of Michael Jacksons brothers??? Can you say ICK?! so the kids are cousins and half siblings... ICK!?

1533 days ago


Why is it that neither Randy or Jermaine pay for the support of their own children? That is really so wrong. No wonder the kids get into so much trouble. Katherine kick that Alejandra out of the house. She could have gone back to school and become self-supporting in the time that she has stayed on the estate.

1533 days ago


I think most of the Jackson family free loads off of Michael........and it will never end.

1533 days ago
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