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Katherine Jackson: My Way Or the Highway

6/17/2010 12:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned there's a standoff at the Jackson family homestead between Katherine Jackson and Jackson baby mama Alejandra Jackson -- but the smart money is on Katherine.

TMZ broke the story ... Katherine has asked Alejandra and her four kids -- Jermajesty, Jaafar (both fathered by Jermaine Jackson), as well as Donte and Randy Jr. (both sired by Randy Jackson) to move out, because they're just too much for Katherine to handle. 

Although Katherine and the Michael Jackson estate have offered to let Alejandra and her brood move into a nearby condo owned by MJ, Alejandra has lawyered up.  We're told Katherine wants Alejandra to sign a confidentiality agreement and Alejandra wants better digs and a fabulous parting gift in the form of money.

Sources tell us Alejandra's lawyer has not made a specific demand, but Katherine realizes she needs Alejandra and her kids to move so she can care for Michael's 3 kids.  We're told Katherine is back in town and ready to lay down the law and tell her former daughter-in-law  -- it's either the condo or the highway.

Mind you ... Katherine cares deeply for her grandkids but is not going to be held hostage by someone who has no legal claim.  True enough, Jermaine owes Alejandra back child support ... but Katherine does not see that as her problem.  Plus, Katherine is living on an allowance, can't afford a payoff and we're told the MJ estate will not ante up money for Jermaine and Randy's obligations.

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Alejandra is a lazy freeloading bitch. Wow!

1587 days ago


The people she should have issues with are Randy and Jermaine but thats what you get for banging two brothers no wonder Michael kept his distance. They would have sucked the life out of him long ago

1587 days ago

Michael Jackson's Voice    

NOW THATS WHAT IM TALKIN' ABOUT!!! kick that leach out and make Randy and Jerkmaine PAY for their own kids!! It isn't Katherine's nor Michael's responsibility!! PERIOD!!! Ala-hoe-dra YOU have NO legal claim!! move on!!

1587 days ago


What a little BITCH you are, Alejandra! Ohhh my GAWD! I don't even know what to many things coming at once. Alejandra, if I knew you, I would serve you up a nice, cold f'n backhand. You stupid, girl.

Katherine doess not deserve MORE stress....Simple as that.

1587 days ago


I would be happy to end up in a condo down the street for free,but noone really knows whats going on behind the scenes with that family so why bother talking about it..

1587 days ago


She's not a whore - the brothers are dogs. Why aren't they taking care of their kids? Are they in the way of their dad's womanizing? These kids are all going to be screwed up like Michael.
Posted at 10:02 AM on Jun 17, 2010 by Barb

*She is a whore. What other name would you call this thing, who screwed around with brothers and bearing children from both brothers in order to secure herself forever.

*Jermaine is a PIG.

As far as not paying child support who knows what agreement they came up with.

She wasn't rapped, she willingly had children with both BROTHERS and IMO she knew what she set herself up for, thought this was gonna end where they would leave her in charge of Hayvenhurst and never expected this **** would bite her in the ass. Read up on her a bit in Margaret's book (Jermaine's ex) you kind of get an idea of what kind of person she is.

Seen and been around these kind of Gold diggers. How can Katherine even look at her even let her live there? Tells you Katherine had COMPASSION for her and her grandchildren.

Go to Jetzi Books, *Janalal4 has more info. she is posting on another MJ story.

1587 days ago


It's about time somebody in that family got some balls! Jermaine and Randy need to take care of their own obligations and the skeeze ex-wife needs to get a job. Those kids are not Katherine's responsibility at all and she's being nice by agreeing to let them stay in the condo.

1587 days ago

Olde Greywoolf    

Right on, Katherine!!! She 110% RIGHT! Child support for her idiot sons' bastards is NOT her responsibility. I think she is doing the absolutely correct thing! A good, strong woman!

And how the hell does this slut wind up with 4 kids from TWO different brothers???!!! Sounds more than a little incestuous to me! What is it? Open legs, all Jackson family sons welcome? How do you spell "U-N-F-I-T M-O-T-H-E-R"?!?!


1587 days ago

Claire C McMillan    

Everyone should move out who is not on payroll to care and educate MS's 3 children and Katherine. That would make it so that Randy, LaToya, Alejandra, Genevia, Rose, Jermajesty, Randy Jr., Jaafar, Omer, Joe and any others should be out of there permanently. It has been one complete year, and they are all still there.

1587 days ago


Katherine Jackson does not have to pay the child support bills for her sons Jermaine and Randy Jackson.Her obligations are to take care of Paris, Prince, and Blanket.

1587 days ago


I don't think Alejandra was ever legally married to either brother, because she was legally married to someone else before meeting, lieing to, and hooking each brother. Katherine lets her stay because she hold this family hostage because they love the kids. I guess free rent isn't enough for her. Jermaine, and Randy should go to court and try to legally get their kids to come and live with them, and throw her ass out on the street. She won't work and support her kids, so she doesn't derserve the kids. Give the kids to the daddy's. They are old enough to say who they want to live with and they would probley pick their dads anywhey. Problem solved for good!

1587 days ago


Katherine Jackson should have put Randy and Jermaine and all of the other children and their women out years ago. Michael was taking care of his mother and the others including the jump-off Alexanda and did she go with both brothers. She is nasty and any attorney that represents her - will be seen as a gold digger and not professional. Send Alexandra or whatever her name is back to the country she came from. Is she legal anyways?

Katherine Jackson children will have to handle their own responsibilities like every other men. Stop having so much plastic surgery and maybe they can pay child support

1587 days ago


Who the hell names their son Jermajesty? What a load.

1587 days ago


Of course katherine loves all of her grandchildren but its not her responsibility to house and support all of them AND their mothers. Shes only responsible for the care and welfare of Michaels children. Heres a wacky idea for alejandra, get a f**king job and support your own damn kids!

1587 days ago


I am relived to hear that the cousins of Prince Michael , Paris and Blanket are leaving Katherines home . I have seen footage of them with audio and they seem utterly crass and vulgar . I do not think MJ would have appreciated their hideously materialistic outlook and polluting influence on his children .
Just sayin . . .

1587 days ago
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