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'Little People' Star

I'm Not Dead!

6/16/2010 4:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0616_matt_roloff_EX_GettyMillions of reality fans were left wondering about the fate of "Little People, Big World" star Matt Roloff after Monday's season finale appeared to show him suffering a heart attack -- but TMZ has learned, his ticker is tip top.

In fact, Matt didn't even suffer a heart attack at all -- it was vertigo. Still, the Internet was burning with rumors that he was in bad shape ... or even dead.

But Roloff tells us, "Although having a dizzy case of vertigo ... I am very much alive and healthy and would like to thank all my friends and fans for their concern."

We're told Matt didn't even need to go to the hospital for the incident on the show -- and has since been treating his Vertigo with medication.



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so glad you are ok matt. i love the show. keep on keeping on!

1565 days ago


First of all matt falling the floor was staged. His kids standing there saying whats a matter dad and his wife saying Matt are you all right is the most stupid thing i have ever herd of. Wouldn't
the first thing for a family member to do would be call 911. second he is a good father, he doe's everything for his wife and kids. Amy dose not want him there at functions. She is a real dirt ball, house is a wreck. How about when Matt had a anniversary dinner at the house for her and said well honey did you ever think we would make it all these years and she said no. What wife would do something like that. She also took pride in keeping the kids from going on vacation with their father to the V I because she couldn't go. She even told Zac if you don't go, jake wont go either then gave them the high five for not going. She now thinks she is a celebrity and she could do better.

1560 days ago


Thank God you are all right Matt, I was so worried. I watch your show and also reruns all the time. You are brilliant and I love to see all that you have accomplished. Looking forward to a new season. You have a wonderful family I love them all.

1546 days ago


Vertigo is an inner ear condition! It has nothing to do with how close him or anyone else is to the ground. For God sake! And no matter how tall or short you are it still hurts the same when you hit the floor!

1531 days ago


I would like to congratulate Matt Roloff for his courage and wish him all the good health in the world. He and Amy are an example of a family who tolerate each other's faults and let love overcome difficulties.
I would like to ask whether Matt has ever seen the Iraqi kids he helped and how they are doing? You have done a noble deed and I admire you for it!
Marianne from Malta (Europe)

1526 days ago


It saddens and disappoints me that,this is the last season for Little People Big World. I will miss the show, and watching the kids grow up. Hopefully there will be occasional specials.

1520 days ago


shame on you Matt and TLC. When he really does kick the bucket nobody will care

1510 days ago


When this season is over,the show is also over and you watch what I'm telling you. THEY WILL GET A DIVORCE!! I have watched them since they had specials and Matt has changed so much. He misses everything,spends money on foolish things when Amy begs him not to,that they don't need it. He is a big baby and very spoiled. I really wish the show was not going to end after this season but I do feel they are only finishing out a contract and Amy has had all she can take. I have heard through the grapevine they aare selling the farm and Amy is leaving,guess we will see later.

1487 days ago


I cant believe how stupid half the people posting here sound. Especially all the ones praying for his recovery. You cant spell the simplest words or form a coherent sentence. The American education system is a joke.

1487 days ago


This is the best reality show any family can watch.
I am really upset of watching the last season of this incredible down to earth family from Oregon.
I am going to miss Matt's big project , he is a ride this guy!
How Many cars does he owne now???
Amy's Future Blueberries farm going to gives Matt Roloff something to oversee no matter if his opinon is unwaranted , this is why, we watch your family & you every week for some great normal family debates about Farming and foremost your gigantic's projects . I love you, Matt!!! and the entirely Roloff family! - We will never be able to watch a reality show that good you are a breath of fresh air !makes each of guys involvement natural and so real to the great show and your Roloffs did it...! Martine

1466 days ago

Barbara McGowan    

I have enjoyed your family so much. Your kids have been the best and I know you are proud, both Amy and Matt, for coming through all the challenges of life and accomplishing so much that is good. The farm has given your kids memories they will always have with them. No relationship is perfect. But you end up working together to decide what is best for your family. That is what makes it okay. I read "Against Tall Odds" and recommend it as a really great read. Best wishes for you and your family.

1417 days ago


when is Matt going to wake up and realize she has no real love for him, she is mean spirited, bitter and antagonistic, she is constantly insuting him and she greatly favors the dwarf son.
She seems to hate the youngest.

1352 days ago

Ginger Pail    

Matt's had 2 DUI's and has always come across as a chip on his shoulder guy. If he has problems he makes em but he does a lot for the LPA and other little people so maybe it evens out? Could be.

1191 days ago

davis lorraine    

when will the Roloffs be coming back on tv with new epesodes?????we miss you guys alot we stood by the dayly epesodes till it ended.
Lorraine&Jacques from Montréal canada

1116 days ago
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