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Lamar Odom's In-Law

Claims NBA Finals Are Rigged

6/16/2010 4:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

His brother-in-law plays for the Lakers -- but Robert Kardashian is still convinced that the NBA playoffs are totally "rigged."

Kardashian -- whose sister is married to Lamar Odom -- was out before the big Game 6 match-up yesterday and told us, "The NBA is so rigged, are you kidding me ... it was gonna go to [Game] 7 from like the beginning of the year ... it's all about money."

Ultimately, he was right -- the Lake Show beat the Boston Celtics and forced a Game 7.

For now, Rob can't really prove his theory ... but with at least one former NBA ref recently confessing to all sorts of cheating ... Robert could be on to something.

So we gotta ask ..

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I think like that when my "CUBS" lose every year. But, I'm back every spring, saying this is "the year of the Cubs."

1593 days ago


Of course, it is. Follow the money trail.

1593 days ago


He forgot to mention that the OJ trial that his father took part in was rigged. The cops set OJ up. He's innocent. Yeah, right.

1593 days ago


That kid is the dumbest Kardashian and that's no small achievement.

1593 days ago


It doesn't take a rocket scientist to know that it's rigged. It's all about the advertising dollars and the longer the series goes on, the more money they'll make with advertisers.

Plus, the number of blown calls for both teams has been through the roof and have been before the 2 minute 'reviewable' period.

It's just sad but it's all about the money....

1593 days ago


Rigged? MY A$$ The reason we have a 7 game series is because we have the 2 best teams in the world playing each other, and it's anyone's game. in the last 53 years this is only the 16th time the finals have gone to 7 games, and the last time was 5 years agao. The spirs beat the Cavs 5 years ago 4-0. So i'm not sure where you guys are getting your info, but you'r all F'ing idiots.

1593 days ago


It's a shamockery :) I was talking about this very thing last night, the way the Celtics seemed so on the previous game and now it's a flip flop. Oh well, I doubt the end result is rigged so we should see each of them playing to win on Thursday.

1593 days ago


Count em guys. Not as many 7 game series as you might have thought. No one is able to rig a 22 point poss by the 2nd best team in the NBA.

2008-09 Los Angeles Lakers Orlando Magic 4-1 Kobe Bryant, Los Angeles
2007-08 Boston Celtics Los Angeles Lakers 4-2 Paul Pierce, Boston
2006-07 San Antonio Spurs Cleveland Cavaliers 4-0 Tony Parker, San Antonio
2005-06 Miami Heat Dallas Mavericks 4-2 Dwyane Wade, Miami Heat
2004-05 San Antonio Spurs Detroit Pistons 4-3 Tim Duncan, San Antonio
2003-04 Detroit Pistons Los Angeles Lakers 4-1 Chauncey Billups, Detroit Pistons
2002-03 San Antonio Spurs New Jersey Nets 4-2 Tim Duncan, San Antonio
2001-02 Los Angeles Lakers New Jersey Nets 4-0 Shaquille O'Neal, Los Angeles
2000-01 Los Angeles Lakers Philadelphia 76ers 4-1 Shaquille O'Neal, Los Angeles
1999-00 Los Angeles Lakers Indiana Pacers 4-2 Shaquille O'Neal, Los Angeles
1998-99 San Antonio Spurs New York Knicks 4-1 Tim Duncan, San Antonio
1997-98 Chicago Bulls Utah Jazz 4-2 Michael Jordan, Chicago
1996-97 Chicago Bulls Utah Jazz 4-2 Michael Jordan, Chicago
1995-96 Chicago Bulls Seattle SuperSonics 4-2 Michael Jordan, Chicago
1994-95 Houston Rockets Orlando Magic 4-0 Hakeem Olajuwon, Houston
1993-94 Houston Rockets New York Knicks 4-3 Hakeem Olajuwon, Houston
1992-93 Chicago Bulls Phoenix Suns 4-2 Michael Jordan, Chicago
1991-92 Chicago Bulls Portland Trail Blazers 4-2 Michael Jordan, Chicago
1990-91 Chicago Bulls Los Angeles Lakers 4-1 Michael Jordan, Chicago
1989-90 Detroit Pistons Portland Trail Blazers 4-1 Isiah Thomas, Detroit
1988-89 Detroit Pistons Los Angeles Lakers 4-0 Joe Dumars, Detroit
1987-88 Los Angeles Lakers Detroit Pistons 4-3 James Worthy, Los Angeles
1986-87 Los Angeles Lakers Boston Celtics 4-2 Magic Johnson, Los Angeles
1985-86 Boston Celtics Houston Rockets 4-2 Larry Bird, Boston
1984-85 Los Angeles Lakers Boston Celtics 4-2 Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Los Angeles
1983-84 Boston Celtics Los Angeles Lakers 4-3 Larry Bird, Boston
1982-83 Philadelphia 76ers Los Angeles Lakers 4-0 Moses Malone, Philadelphia
1981-82 Los Angeles Lakers Philadelphia 76ers 4-2 Magic Johnson, Los Angeles
1980-81 Boston Celtics Houston Rockets 4-2 Cedric Maxwell, Boston
1979-80 Los Angeles Lakers Philadelphia 76ers 4-2 Magic Johnson, Los Angeles
1978-79 Seattle SuperSonics Washington Bullets 4-1 Dennis Johnson, Seattle
1977-78 Washington Bullets Seattle SuperSonics 4-3 Wes Unseld, Washington
1976-77 Portland Trail Blazers Philadelphia 76ers 4-2 Bill Walton, Portland
1975-76 Boston Celtics Phoenix Suns 4-2 Jo Jo White, Boston
1974-75 Golden State Warriors Washington Bullets 4-0 Rick Barry, Golden State
1973-74 Boston Celtics Milwaukee Bucks 4-3 John Havlicek, Boston
1972-73 New York Knicks Los Angeles Lakers 4-1 Willis Reed, New York
1971-72 Los Angeles Lakers New York Knicks 4-1 Wilt Chamberlain, Los Angeles
1970-71 Milwaukee Bucks Baltimore Bullets 4-0 Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Milwaukee
1969-70 New York Knicks Los Angeles Lakers 4-3 Willis Reed, New York
1968-69 Boston Celtics Los Angeles Lakers 4-3 Jerry West, Los Angeles
1967-68 Boston Celtics Los Angeles Lakers 4-2
1966-67 Philadelphia 76ers San Francisco Warriors 4-2
1965-66 Boston Celtics Los Angeles Lakers 4-3
1964-65 Boston Celtics Los Angeles Lakers 4-1
1963-64 Boston Celtics San Francisco Warriors 4-1
1962-63 Boston Celtics Los Angeles Lakers 4-2
1961-62 Boston Celtics Los Angeles Lakers 4-3
1960...-61 Boston Celtics St. Louis Hawks 4-1
1959-60... Boston Celtics St. Louis Hawks 4-3
1958-59 Boston Celtics Minneapolis Lakers 4-0
1957-58 St. Louis Hawks Boston Celtics 4-2
1956-57 Boston Celtics St. Louis Hawks 4-3
1955-56 Philadelphia Warriors Fort Wayne Pistons 4-1
1954-55 Syracuse Nationals Fort Wayne Pistons 4-3
1953-54 Minneapolis Lakers Syracuse Nationals 4-3
1952-53 Minneapolis Lakers New York Knicks 4-1
1951-52 Minneapolis Lakers New York Knicks 4-3
1950-51 Rochester Royals New York Knicks 4-3
1949-50 Minneapolis Lakers Syracuse Nationals 4-2
1948-49 Minneapolis Lakers Washington Capitols 4-2
1947-48 Baltimore Bullets Philadelphia Warriors 4-2
1946-47 Philadelphia Warriors Chicago Stags 4-1

1593 days ago


If it was rigged these players wouldn't spend countless hours practicing during the season and the offseason. There wouldn't be players getting hit in the face, blood on the court, getting surgery. If it was rigged I highly doubt the NBA would be putting their cash cows (the players) in risk. Why didn't anyone say the NBA was rigged when the Lakers lost game 5? Get over yourself. Like I said before ABC and ESPN are owned by Disney but the NBA is not Fantasy.

1593 days ago


Every sport goes to game 7 every season. Every sport is rigged!

1593 days ago

Dr. Joose    

It's only the third NBA Finals Game Seven in TWENTY-FIVE YEARS!!!! You gotta be kidding me if you think it's rigged.....did the "rigging" somehow skip over the past 25 years???

1593 days ago


If 1 sport is rigged, they all are rigged. If its about money for 1, its about money for them all.

1593 days ago


allright, since there is a game 7, that's proof of it all being "totally rigged"?

How about all those finals that were five or six games, were those "totally rigged" as well?
It's "all about the money", who's money? The media's? When a series is over in five or six games, what about "the money" then?

Since he knows everything about it, as his brother-in-law plays for the Lakers, in whose favor is it "totally rigged", Boston or L.A.? and is he getting this inside information direct from his brother-in-law?
Or maybe not, since the Kardashian's are known for being of superior intelligence. They're all friggin' geniuses.

1593 days ago


I've been in sports management for more than 35 years. Until the early 1980s these championships were straightforward. Then came the WWF. It changed the way these things are managed and played and eventually led to rigged World Series, Superbowls, and especially the NBA championships. Most people don't know that it is prohibitively expensive to host last minute championship games and from a cost management perspective its best NOT to have to host just one - unless you can rig the outcomes to stretch the play to the maximum number of games. Grow up people... its entertainment so don't be naive.

1593 days ago


If this loser thinks the games are rigged, perhaps he shouldn't go to the games so often. I've seen him there -- in his fat sister Khloe's primo seats -- a number of times this season. Seemed to be enjoying himself just fine. BTW Robert: your girlfriend is fat and ugly. You have no taste!

1593 days ago
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