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Lamar Odom's In-Law

Claims NBA Finals Are Rigged

6/16/2010 4:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

His brother-in-law plays for the Lakers -- but Robert Kardashian is still convinced that the NBA playoffs are totally "rigged."

Kardashian -- whose sister is married to Lamar Odom -- was out before the big Game 6 match-up yesterday and told us, "The NBA is so rigged, are you kidding me ... it was gonna go to [Game] 7 from like the beginning of the year ... it's all about money."

Ultimately, he was right -- the Lake Show beat the Boston Celtics and forced a Game 7.

For now, Rob can't really prove his theory ... but with at least one former NBA ref recently confessing to all sorts of cheating ... Robert could be on to something.

So we gotta ask ..

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Who knows for sure, but after watching the NBA for nearly 50 years, there are just too many 7 game finals. Makes one wonder.

MLB doesn't let players profit after 4 games.............anyone know NBA rules about this? Of course, even if players don't benefit after 4, the league and owners surely do.

1527 days ago


They are every year! Get over it. So are the world series! Everyone knows its about ticket sales resturants hotels flights. The players are told to let each other do this. But the final game is for the real winners

1527 days ago


robbie IS a MAMA'S boy, waaaaaaa waaaaaaaaaaa!!

1527 days ago

Throwback kid    

Is Khloe having Lamar's baby or is she just fat again?

1527 days ago


I don't really care about the NBA, but I do like this guy. Imagine that a likeable Kardashian

1527 days ago


I can't believe that 3 out of 4 people on here actually believe that the NBA is rigged. I'm not so much into name calling, but if I were I would label you all as dumb*sses including this Rob schmuck. If the NBA actually was rigged, the league would have MUCH MUCH MUCH more to lose. For those of you who say it's simple, "it's about the money and advertising," that's about as mindless as it gets. But I'll reverse your logic. It would be impossible to keep that big of a conspiracy under raps if all players and refs know that the outcomes are fixed. And don't you think the media would have picked up on it by now? If three/fourths of you are somehow right in an alternate universe, and it ever got out that the league was actually rigged, then the NBA would be over. done. THAT is where the NBA would stand to lose extraordinary amounts of money. Consider that pea brains. "OH WELL MY HUSBAND SAYS IT'S RIGGED AND THE MAFIA GANGSTAS RUN IT." Lady, my advice to you is to leave your husband. Are you kidding me???

I'm trying to figure out why/how so many people could be so misguided. It's true that basketball is much more difficult to officiate than baseball. Baseball it's straightforward usually, balls and strikes, out or safe. But even in the most straightforward of games, mistakes are still made by the refs! (see Jim Joyce). Does that mean baseball is fixed as well?!! The degree of difficulty in calling a full-speed NBA game is off the charts, therefore there are bound to be bad calls in EVERY game. And even though they wouldn't even consciously admit it to themselves, subconsciously sometimes the social pressure of calling a 50/50 call against a home team can be great b/c no one wants to be booed by an arena of 20,000 fans. BUT THIS DOES NOT MEAN IT'S RIGGED.

And for those of you who quote ONE ref who was a really bad egg and bet on games, consider that he never said the league was rigged, only that he was into gambling. And before game 5 of this years Cavs-Celtics series, an hour before tipoff he goes on the radio and says definitively that the Cavs would win that night. He was certain. Well instead, Boston won and won the series. I'm sure Nike was p*ssed that King Lebron James wouldn't be making the finals.

Man this has got me steaming that people can be so dumb. Why the h*ll did Orlando sweep its first two rounds of the playoffs? Answer: b/c they were the better team. In the last 25 years, The 1989, 1995, 2002 and 2007 finals were all sweeps. The 1988, 1994, 2005 and now 2010 finals have gone a full seven games. By my math, there are just as many sweeps in the finals as there are seven game series. I could go on all day to debunk this crap, but I'll stop now before I blow a gasket.

1527 days ago

Insane in the Brain    

To Anonymous:

That's your example, Game 6 of the 2002 Western Conference Finals between the Lakers and Kings. The Kings had never beaten the Lakers in a seven-game series before, never did after either, and Game 6 was a Tim Donaghy mess that eventually led him to a prison sentence and out of a job.

There's no way the NBA is fixing games. How about the fact that two good teams are battling for something they've been fighting for their entire career. If the Lakers had won Game 2, at home, in these finals, then they would of won the title in six games.

Why, just because it goes seven games, the finals are rigged? Why didn't the Lakers and Oklahoma City Thunder go seven games, why didn't the Utah Jazz series go seven games. Why did the Phoenix series end in six. Why didn't any of the Celtics' series, especially against Lebron and Cleveland, go seven games in these playoffs.

Advertisers pay the networks the same amount whether the Finals go four games or seven games. They don't pay extra for Game 5, 6 and 7, their contracts are already written no matter how many games it goes.

Why would the Boston owner have his team lose Game 6 last night. What does he have to gain by losing, the game was in LA? If its rigged, and LA wins the title, he loses out on all his championship gear he could of sold.

I doubt Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce, Ray Allen and Rajon Rondo would give up the chance to win another NBA title just to gain a couple extra dollars by throwing the game. Ask Kendrick Perkins how he feels, was it planned out by the NBA to have his knee buckle and sprain two ligaments at the 5:30 mark of the first quarter. Oh yeah, I'm sure that was preplanned for that too happen.

You're really kidding yourself if you think the NBA, as successful as it is, is rigging games. True basketball fans, the ones who are mostly paying money to see those games, would never go back if they thought the outcomes were predetermined.

1527 days ago


Since when is ANYTHING a Kardashian says worth listening to?
I am surprised any of them are intellegent enough to form
a complete sentence. They are all skanks, especially the
pimp 60 year old mother, and they ride the coat tails of
anyone and anything famous, and for that, they are in-famous.

1527 days ago

No way it's rigged    

Why do the people posting comments saying the NBA Finals are rigged don't provide any examples other than "My husband says so" or "My 12 year old grandson believes its rigged and we turned off the game 5 minutes after it started." I guarentee you, all these ignorant people are not Lakers fans. If the Celtics had won last night, would you believed the Finals are rigged. I think not. Just because the Lakers won an elimination game on their own floor, it's rigged. I can't stop laughing at the ignorance of people who believe it's "all about the money." What money, and where it coming from.

There are way to many people invovled for these games to be rigged and no one has been the "whistleblower" to

1527 days ago


I am guessing that before your father passed, after he helped get his friend off for killing your mom's best friend, he didn,t mention to you STFU! Just because one of your sisters married a Laker, doesn't give you the right, nor ANY invitation to comment like that! Dude; give E! a call..I'm sure they would LUV (not) to give you a worthless,unwatchable show.....After reading the comments, I am guessing you KARDASHIANS-which by the way-the young girls, isn't their name JENNER! are sooooooboring and not relevent.

1527 days ago

Shnick D    

I remember thinking the NBA was rigged before any of the donoghy stuff, and then sure enough... The only reason the finals don't go seven games every year is becaus the higher ups evaluate how much they can get away with without making it look completely erroneous. Yes!! Erroneous!!! lol Check and you'll likely find 90% of the matchups that led up to the NBA Finals went seven games with the favorite moving on every time. If the matchup was terrible, than like I say the favorite would sweep or win a 4-2 series etc. etc. Wake up People!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1527 days ago


It is statistically impossible to go to Game 7 each and everytime the NBA Finals are played. But yet, they still do. Each year.
Name one year the NBA finals did not go to game 7?

1527 days ago


The kid is smarter then I thought...

1527 days ago

Insane in the Brain    

#94 Traci said "It is statistically impossible to go to Game 7 each and everytime the NBA Finals are played. But yet, they still do. Each year.
Name one year the NBA finals did not go to game 7?"

2008, 2007, 2006, 2004, 2003, 2002, 2001, 2000, 1999, 1998, 1997, 1996, 1994, 1993, 1992, 1991, 1990, 1989, 1987, 1986, 1985, 1984, 1983.. should I keep going.

1527 days ago

Da TaxMan    

RIGGING??? Of course its all about the money. BIG TIME!!! The seats at Staples for the game, before the finals began were about $25,000, in hte nose bleed section..then middle of the finals for seats closer to the action were selling for $55,000. $55,000
Thats PER SEAT...PER SEAT...FOR 1 SEAT..@$55,000

1527 days ago
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