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Lamar Odom's In-Law

Claims NBA Finals Are Rigged

6/16/2010 4:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

His brother-in-law plays for the Lakers -- but Robert Kardashian is still convinced that the NBA playoffs are totally "rigged."

Kardashian -- whose sister is married to Lamar Odom -- was out before the big Game 6 match-up yesterday and told us, "The NBA is so rigged, are you kidding me ... it was gonna go to [Game] 7 from like the beginning of the year ... it's all about money."

Ultimately, he was right -- the Lake Show beat the Boston Celtics and forced a Game 7.

For now, Rob can't really prove his theory ... but with at least one former NBA ref recently confessing to all sorts of cheating ... Robert could be on to something.

So we gotta ask ..

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How can you rig a sporting event? Sure the players could not do their best, lose on purpose and take a payoff, but there are serious implications if they do. I really doubt enough of the main players are going to risk that.

1553 days ago


Robert and anybody else who says the Finals/Playoffs are rigged clearly don't have their facts straight. This years Finals mark only the SECOND time in the last 20 years that the finals have gone 7 games. Rigged? Doubtful or they'd go 7 games every year (or certainly more than twice every 20 years).

Besides, if the NBA were rigging the playoffs to maximize revenue Lebron and the Cavaliers would be facing off against the Lakers...not the old, thuggish Celtics.

1553 days ago


i was at a cleveland/utah game back in jan. well one of the riffs #9 kept calling all this whacked calls on the jazz well then this riff didn't called one on the jazz & then L. JAMES turn to the riff #9 & give him the dirty look like he was gunna like him & after that happen the riff # 9 stopped called on then whacked calls & the jazz won when jennings scored a 3pts. at the end

1553 days ago


Well, if it is rigged.. someone behind the scenes really likes New England because we have all the teams:)

1553 days ago


Now if you believe the NBA finals are rigged, then I say we have Donkeys that fly.

1553 days ago


Why does anybody even care what any Kartrashian has to say about anything. Unless it's the name of a good plastic surgeon.

1553 days ago


Besides, he'd better think twice about speaking out...he may very well be biting a hand that feed$ that useles family of losers.

1553 days ago

anjel thomas    

It does seem weird how the same teams seem to win all the time with the exception of the Miami Heat a few years ago. It seemed like there for a while only teams that were winning were the Celtics, Lakers and the Spurs.

1553 days ago


how could the ref not give koby a technical foul with all of his antics in game 5? alway watch the first of the game and how they call the files on the team thats going to loose. they put one are more of the stars on the opposit team in early file trouble so they can control who's going to win this series. its one of the so call super stars on the other teams. they alway favore the jordan and koby's because they need a super star to promote the league and thats the reason why koby gave five plays to the league to give him an edge. look at the file given ray allen in game 5 when koby shot the 3, never touched him. but it put the lakers back in the game.

1552 days ago


would'nt you think if the games were rigged that,the the 2009 NBA Finals would have went 7 games insteed of 5.And something in 2008 in six.well maybe the NBA was'nt greedy those year.

1552 days ago


I think the KOBE vs RONDO matchup is going to decide the championship. WHO is the best all around athlete in the finals? CHEK OUT: "Game 7 NBA Finals Fitness: Kobe Bryant vs. Rajon Rondo" CLICK: http://www.facebook.com/nickwarehealth

1552 days ago


They make sure they play all six games. pay them for it, half one team half the other N then let them battle out a "real" game for game 7. its perfect that way, right?

1552 days ago


The NBA is totally rigged. The Lakers have been in HALF of all of the finals!! Its almost insane to think its not.

1552 days ago


totally rigged, but since Odom is in the NBA, he will have to pay a fine for saying it.

1552 days ago


Hey all you rocket scientists starting with Robert Kardashian, get a grip, and come to your senses please! "RIGGED", are you kidding me. I can give you a ton of data that it's not RIGGED to go to a game 7, but will only give you a couple. If it's RIGGED, then why back in 2008 when the Lakers, and Celtics played each other in the final did the Celtics beat the Lakers in 6 games!? same scenario as this year, only the Celtics had home court advantage, having a 3-2 series lead, with the last 2 games in Boston. But Boston won game 6!, no game 7!! so what does that do to your it's fixed theory!? And BTW, this is the 1st time since 2005, that the final has gone to game 7!! So the 1st time in 5 years, but it's fixed!?,LOL If you look at the history of the NBA alone, there haven't been many game 7's, and the Lakers, and Celtics haven't played one against each other since 1984! So conspiracy,fixed??, I think I've proven that's not the case!!

1552 days ago
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