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Tiger Woods' Mistress -- He's the Daddy

6/17/2010 7:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Devon James tells TMZ she filed a paternity action -- naming Tiger Woods -- because she believes he's the father of her 9-year-old boy.

TMZ broke the story ... Devon filed legal papers in Florida Thursday afternoon.  She does not believe her mother's claim -- that a 2002 DNA test proves another man is the father of Austin Brinling.

Devon says she wants the judge to force Tiger to submit to DNA testing.  And she'd like Tiger to become part of her son's life.

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Cravin Morehead    

I never realized there were so many trashy, skanky, golddigging ho's in the world until Tiger Woods dug them up!

1555 days ago


Will this ever end?? Leave the Guy alone already....WTF these gold digging witches....

1555 days ago

S D M F    

Regions Bank of Orlando FL filed two lawsuits on 12/23/2008 naming Menaker Investments I as the defendant.
** 2008-CA-0033992-O for default of $3,880,000.00
** 2008-CA-0033999-O for default of $2,510,000.00

Regions Bank filed the lawsuit on 1/27/2009 naming Giles-Menaker, LLC as the defendant.
** 2009-CA-002547-O for default of $1,700,000.00

Mitch Menaker files for Bankruptcy on 7/29/2009

Mitch Menaker forms MMDL LLC with Donald Lake (former Vice President of Private Banking at Regions Bank, Orlando, FL) on 6/8/2009

Donald Lake leaves his position with Regions Bank, Orlando FL after 6½ years to go into business with Mitch Menaker.

Mitch Menaker is granted bankruptcy 11/5/2009

Mitch Menaker and Donald Lake start I Scream Humour Enterprises
** Donald Lake is CFO
** www.iscreamhumour.com


Here is what I am finding hard to accept:
How does a man default on over $8,000,000 in construction loans from Regions Bank of Orlando FL, File for and get approved for bankruptcy, and in the meantime form and develop a new business with the man who was the main contact with Regions Bank for both companies?

How does Regions Bank of Orlando, FL. allow for the overdraft of a "purchase card" to reach over $140,000 before turning it off (as laid out in lawsuit)?

Mitch Menaker also defaulted on over $2,000,000 from Suntrust Bank; $560...,000 from Fifth Third Bank; $4,000,000 from Mercantile Bank; $6,000,000 from Mercantile Bank

Mitch Menaker opened two specialty stores in Winter Park, Reclaim The Fame and Reclaim The Past using monies from construction loans from both Regions and Mercantile banks.

1555 days ago


It would serve his dumb ass right.

1555 days ago


she sounds like a real winner, lolz. different color skin?!
well, how many guys of different color skin did she sleep with?? what a skanky tramp!
tiger def. wasn't looking for chicks with brain cell's.
whatta crackheaded okie aha ha

1555 days ago


How do you file suit for paternity when you dont have custody? And all you Tiger haters...if John McCain can have many mistresses and get millions of votes...Tiger can still have millions of fans. I dont see folks calling him or Elvis or Lettermen or Reagan or Eisenhower or any number of current politician "man whore". Stop with the hypocrisy. If Elvis and McCain are man whores, then the title fits Tiger...but you cant cherry pick!

1555 days ago


@sel, what has banging the slave got to do with the forum discussion? silly ass racist like you never cease to amaze me, you are probably some drugged up , low life jobless white trash trying to vent your frustration

1555 days ago


It's almost as if she thinks if she keeps saying it over and over again it'll be true. Can't imagine why she hopes it's Tiger, a man who clearly doesn't want to be involved with the child...? Why, oh why, would she want so badly for Tiger to be the dad. A true riddle.

1555 days ago

Harvey H    

No guys, he may be the kids dad. Go to Kikster.com and there you will see a photo of the little boy, and he does look an awful lot like Tiger woods. So in this case like it or not I am all for him beind forced to take a dna test. So do go to Kikster.com to see the boy's picture.

1555 days ago

Maury Povitch    

Hey, come onto my show and I'll provide the testing for free. Of course, we will need Tiger either in person or on a video feed.

1555 days ago


Yep. blood suckers. All looking for their 15 minutes of fame.

Go away and leave the guy alone. Enough already.

1555 days ago


She is a "porn girl" not a porn star. There haven't been any "stars" since Jenna and Tara. Today's girls are just transient whores who appear on camera until they are shot out.

1555 days ago


She's a grasping, delusional, psychotic gold digging nutcase. She's already got a DNA test showing he's not the father, and is doing this for only one reason: money. No wonder her entire family has publically denounced her as mentally erratic & a terrible absentee mother...

1555 days ago


ROFL seriously, I mean what in the hell is the point of doing this..Not only are you telling the world you slept with a married man you're also telling the world your son is a bastard and you don't know who the father is..Why are these girls trying to get fame out of this? Like, I can't even comprehend it. So they basically tell the world they are a skank, They go down in history as a skank, They will always be known for "hey thats one of tigers ho's" thats what they will be remembered by..and for what 15 minutes of fame followed by a couple 50,75,100k checks? These girls are too stupid to manage the money..All the money they get from interviews will be spent and gone in 1-5 years max..Then what will they do? They already ruined their reputation as being a gold digging skank so no guy will go near that..So I don't understand what these girls are trying to achieve. They are making the female race look even worse.

1555 days ago


Under the cir***stances, old Tiger may not want to pay her child support, but I bet he'd still have sex with her.

1555 days ago
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