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Joe Jackson Blames AEG for Michael's Death

6/17/2010 1:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dr. Conrad Murray had requested lifesaving equipment and back-up help for Michael Jackson from the promoter of the London concerts -- AEG -- but the company never came through, according to a new complaint filed by Joe Jackson.

TMZ broke the story -- Joe was gunning for AEG by filing complaints with the California Medical Board and another agency, alleging the concert promoter abused Jackson in a way that led to his death -- and he's just filed with the Medical Board.

Joe claims days before Jackson's death Murray had requested a heart resuscitation machine and a nurse in several e-mails making the request, but AEG never provided it.

According to the complaint, Joe is accusing AEG of co-opting Murray's medical judgment by enticing him with a huge salary -- in effect engaging in the "unlawful practice of corporate medicine."

Besides the CPR machine, Murray also asked for saline, catheters, needles and a gurney.

AEG and Murray had no comment.


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Frank Dileo and Randy Phillips
"Lies, Inconsistencies, Deceit"

1590 days ago


We're Talking Danger - Pt. 4.....
I've been playing catch up and judging from most of the comments here, most people are too busy majoring in the minors to see the bigger picture. Funny thing is, that's exactly what the culprits want us to do--focus on Joe and his zany track record, then totally disregard him...even when what he has to say makes sense. The other night many people were rallying for Randy J. to the point of distraction.
If you really review Murray's statement of what happened, do you find it logical or full of wholes? That's because there are elements of truth in his statement, but the devil is in the details...
Do yourself a favor, forget that this is Joe and that he's using something irrelevant like his requests for equipment to justify his charges against AEG. He and Oxman are only trying to throw up red flags against AEG so they can get their case heard. I'm sure they don't really think that will fly in court...I give at least Oxman more credit than that.
As I stated, Randy, and of course LaToya and Janet are together on this same charge against AEG and the Estate Executors, Randy is porbably sidetracked because of his health, but he spoke about it on his CNN Interview. I just wish Randy and the others would come up with a better loophole for getting their case heard. They have to do something to flush the murderers out, like going over the AEG contract and the Trust with a fine tooth comb and hooking up with LEGIT LAWYERS to make their case stick. Too bad Streisand is Katherine's lawyer, he can't do anything about Branca and the Trust, but he could help with the case against AEG.
Bottom line, for charges against AEG they need to prove that:
-Michael never agreed to do the 50 shows and didn't sign the contract
-Michael was clearly DEHYDRATED at times during rehearsals and under weight
-Michael was over worked and not allowed enough breaks for water and etc.
-Michael was not passed by a certified MD
-AEG NOT Michael hired Murray
-Body Doubles were used in various scenes of TII to make it appear that Michael was ok
For Charges against the Executors/Trustees they need to prove:
-Branca was not rehired before Michael died
-The 2002 Trust doc is different from the '97 Trust
-The No contest clause was added AFTER the 2002 Will and Trust were written up
-Michael's signatures and initials were forged on the Will
-Powers to sell Estate Assets (Sony/ATV) were added to 2002 Trust
-Powers to lease Estate Property (Neverland) were added to 2002 Trust
-#63, 64: KellyR. and Grump--please read the article attached to the link below to learn more about AEG and read their contract with Michael. Once you've read them, let me know if you still think AEG is innocent and had nothing to do with Michael's death.
-#80: Grump, from what I've read, Sheik Abdulla's claim was settled out of court in Nov. 2008.
-#103: Nan--Great Post! Thanks for being a light at the end of an extremely dark tunnel. SO glad to see SOMEONE that's been on here for almost a year has paid attention to detail!!
You are so right! AEG, Barrack (Colony) and the Executors moved so fast it makes your head turn. They obviously have been working on this plan for a long time--probably since at least '88 whe Michael purchased Neverland. Even TII, which I now regret supporting the way I did was possibly set in motion before the fact, now that I've read Michael's contract with AEG...
As for MJ3's lawyers, I haven't heard anything about them since back when Debbie Rowe was fighting to make sure she continued her settlements. They SHOULD BE protecting MJ3's interests, but I think they were only hired for the custody hearings. The only thing MJ3 has now is the mediator for when they meet with Debbie Rowe...
-#104: Cheryl, this is another good synopisis of what AEG, Branca and SOny were up to regarding Michael's murder. Their actions alone are suspicious--why would AEG insist on knowing what was happening in the Probate Court unless they felt they had a stake in the Will/Trust,
-#105: Marson, as I've stated before, there is no proof that Michael pushed for Murray other than Randy Phillips' (AEG) claims. But even if Michael DID ask for MUrray, AEG is STILL LIABLE because they were the ones paying his checks....even if they did claim Michael never signed the doc.
-#250: Cindee, we all watched that CNN Interview and many more after June 25. What's your point? If you're talking about what Randy Phillips said about hiring Murray, AGAIN, that was HIS side of the story. Do you really expect him to admit they had anything to do with Murray being hired--C'MON NOW!!
No Peace till Justice!

1590 days ago


I can't believe half of the comments on this board. All of you should be grateful that someone has the balls to stand up to the corporations that you keep giving your money to and is willing to try and find out what happened.

As the person who was going to travel with Michael as his personal doctor, Murray has the right to have all equipment necessary on a tour. He needed the medical equipment for a travel hospital. It would require everything necessary. Please think about what he is asking for. All of this was taken on his previous tours (stop allowing the media to twist things-they used saline and replinish what he lost on stage from the dancing. Educate yourselves).

There was nothing wrong with asking for the equipment for what would have been needed for the trip.

If AEG was unwilling to provide, then Murray should never have agreed to go. Bottom line, they were stalling for whatever reason. Of course, the trip never took place.

1590 days ago


Wavvvying and Good Morning to Della!!!

Where have you been?????

I'm glad that you are BACK ON BOARD!!!!

The majority of the comments on this board are just plain STUPID and BASELESS!!!

These ZOMBIES allow the media (especially TMZ) to dictate their thinking!!!!

They don't realize that Big Corporation will lie, steal and even murder to hide their dirty little secrets and who is behind Big Corporation, PEOPLE!!!!


AEG/Colony Capital/Sony = Anschutz, Barrack, Mottola, Tohme, DiLeo, Branca and Murray (FALL GUY)

THUGS with money

Have ANYBODY been doing any real research about MJ's financial assets???

Look what I uncover:

US - An investor group comprised of Colony Capital LLC, Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co, Plainfield Asset Management LLC, and Mr. Haim Saban, planned to acquire the ##% interest in Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC (Sony/ ATV), a Los Angeles-based publisher ..."

Furthermore, Geraldo Rivera claim that three of MJ's brothers are receiving $10,000 per month for their COOPERATION and SILENCE!!!!!


1590 days ago


There are four avenues of heat loss: convection, conduction, radiation, and evaporation. If skin temperature is greater than that of the surroundings, the body can lose heat by radiation and conduction. But if the temperature of the surroundings is greater than that of the skin, the body actually gains heat by radiation and conduction. In such conditions, the only means by which the body can rid itself of heat is by evaporation. So when the surrounding temperature is higher than the skin temperature, anything that prevents adequate evaporation will cause the internal body temperature to rise

1590 days ago


Hey Human Nature!

I have been around.. I hate the arguing. I have been around.. Kind of hanging out in other places sometimes. I did see this story about the brothers.

Michael has always been innocent. We knew this a long time ago. If you remember back at Christmas, the FBI released their files. Also we know that Sneddon used taxpayer money to travel all over the world to try and coerce children.
This will never end. Remember it was said about Murray being the fall guy back as early as July and August? Damn!

Great read on that story.. I will be back later! Missed you much!

1590 days ago


OH the sense is back on this board!

thank you,this times are hard enough!


1590 days ago


Copy and paste this link everywhere you can. The HATERS especially need to hear this. Let's get the truth out once and or all!!!

1590 days ago


1590 days ago


Why can't ANYBODY just admit that Michael was an addict? I don't get it! Just because someone else pushed the drugs doesn't mean Michael wasn't an addict. I'm not saying the dear doctor should get off, either. His entire license, for both states, should be pulled permanently for what he did. Everything he did was unethical. However, MJ WAS a drug addict and had been for many, many years. Doesn't mean I didn't like him. I grew up with his music like a lot of us did. Just means the poor man was a drug addict. His own family tried interventions. Michael wanted nothing to do with it.
Although we can put blame elsewhere, we also have to admit it was Michael, himself, that was the addict here.

1590 days ago


Joe Jackson is determined to make someone pay him.

What is his point?

Murray knew michael could die every time he gave him the heart stopping drug that killed him.

1590 days ago


Networks announce Michael Jackson programming for June 25

Posted at 7:39 AM on Jun 18, 2010 by MiMi

Thank for posting this Mimi, I know what I will be doing and Hubby will be gone all week so i will not have to worry about "the look"!:)pmiller

1590 days ago


63, 64: KellyR. and Grump--please read the article attached to the link below to learn more about AEG and read their contract with Michael. Once you've read them, let me know if you still think AEG is innocent and had nothing to do with Michael's death

- * - Hey there Cher!

~ You had me for a minute... wasn't me on those comments.

- I don't think that AEG is innocent, they are GUILTY as sin as far as having more than a hand in this. The media can be deceiving and loves to play devils advocate. AEG execs, are the top devils and they know nothing but BUSINESS and with that comes Greed, lies, & deceit.

- What you have said about Joe and forgetting for a moment that it is him, I agree, let's put aside all his Bad business decisions and other infidelities. Michael has said not only that Joe asked him for money, yeah we know all that but remember he also that Joseph has always looked out for his children's money and interest and like to make sure no one cheated them.


1590 days ago


Posted at 7:58 AM on Jun 18, 2010 by Paulette

Its good to see you on here again! :)

1590 days ago


Hi Claire

We only get like 3-4 months of descent weather here so been trying to enjoy that. I still stop by to read the stories sometimes a few comments but that is all.
CONTRARY to popular belief I have NOT posted under other names either!! But whatever, do NOT have time for the kindergarten games on here.
Is it your summer vacation yet?? Enjoy it while you can!:)

1590 days ago
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