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It's Expensive to Be a Dodgers Owner's Wife

6/17/2010 8:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The woman who was fired by her husband as the CEO of the Los Angeles Dodgers claims he's a deadbeat in the support department ... and she has a big nut to crack every month -- $994,469.


Jamie McCourt claims Dodger owner Frank McCourt has not paid her the court-ordered support totaling $637,159 a month.

Frank is claiming Jamie owes him millions, so he's not forking over any money until they're even.

Jamie has told the court yet again, it costs her almost a million a month just to get by.  The Holmby Hills home costs $202,715 a month.  And then there's the Beverly Hills home that costs $9,007 a month.  And then there's the Malibu home -- $88,106 a month.  And then there's the other Malibu home -- $151,054 a month.

And then there's the Cape Cod ditty -- $93,279 a month.  And Willowbend -- a modest $5,048 a month.  And Vail -- $7,784.  And Cabo $2,530.

And there are personal expenses of $55,782.  And political and charitable contributions totaling $17,840 a month.  And professional fees -- $30,837 a month.

Short story -- Living expenses total $709,332.  And then there are Dodgers "perquisites" totaling $285,137.  Jamie's monthly tab -- $994,469.

Rich people's problems.

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No Avatar


FIrst beotches!!! and this s***bag should get a real ****ing job and stop tryin to get paid for her *****

1590 days ago


If ever there was an argument for spouseicide, she would be the one!

1590 days ago


Wow; he must hate her to divorce her for ths much money.

Cheaper to keep her pal.

1590 days ago


I hear your hubby is trying to get Bruce Beresford-Redman to take you to Mexico for a long weekend. Go. Enjoy. Have fun.

1590 days ago

James Woods    

theres no reason to attack the woman in this. he agreed to all of this, otherwise he would of had a series of pre-nups.

if he has pre-nups then none of this will be valid anyhow.

it's hard to say what she had to put up with being married to him, he obviously thought she was worth it.

1590 days ago


I really, really hate these people. People are starving and losing their jobs all across the nation, and these two idiots are battling over millions of dollars a month. I can only hope they both get food poisoning and die.

1590 days ago


Why should one spouse have to pay for the ex-spouse's political and charitable contributions? It's ludicrous (as are these expenditures, of course). I understand support for housing, education, kids, regular expenses, at whatever level they are accustomed to, but the "choice" expenditures, like political contributions, should not be in the mix.

1590 days ago


Hell it's expensive to be a fan. Have you seen ticket prices lately?

1590 days ago


people are SO greedy. Honestly. How many houses do you need? Anyone who can't survive on less than one million a month is an idiot

1590 days ago


WTF? Does she think she's a member of the Jackson family?

1590 days ago

Ms. L    

Really??...I mean really!!??

I make less than 40K, have one mortgage, one car note and other expenditures....and survive. Neither one of you can do a thing with this "stuff" when your gone. Donate or sale and help others out. You will be rewarded immensely.

I hate rich people...

1590 days ago


I remind readers that he would not have had to pay her Spousal Support if he had not fired her from her job.

1590 days ago


No6-CCC: I totally agree with you! I have no compassion with these people!! There are million of American who try to keep the only home they have and this freeloader is worried about how many houses she could maintain... what is wrong with one mansion? Disgusting and no compassion from me...

1590 days ago


Sorry but it's really hard for me to feel bad for this woman. If she can't manage to make all her house payments, maybe she should sell the properties and split the proceeds with a local homeless shelter, food bank, or low-cost medical clinic. Not only would she keep half the money from Frank, she could get a huge tax deduction. Get real lady, there are people with families who don't have jobs, much less homes. What a selfish piece of work she is!

1590 days ago


get real.

nobody needs that many places to live.get rid of the extra houses,do away the incidentals, and all other charities and political contributions and both of them wouldbe better off.

1590 days ago
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