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It's Expensive to Be a Dodgers Owner's Wife

6/17/2010 8:30 PM PDT
The woman who was fired by her husband as the CEO of the Los Angeles Dodgers claims he's a deadbeat in the support department ... and she has a big nut to crack every month -- $994,469.


Jamie McCourt claims Dodger owner Frank McCourt has not paid her the court-ordered support totaling $637,159 a month.

Frank is claiming Jamie owes him millions, so he's not forking over any money until they're even.

Jamie has told the court yet again, it costs her almost a million a month just to get by.  The Holmby Hills home costs $202,715 a month.  And then there's the Beverly Hills home that costs $9,007 a month.  And then there's the Malibu home -- $88,106 a month.  And then there's the other Malibu home -- $151,054 a month.

And then there's the Cape Cod ditty -- $93,279 a month.  And Willowbend -- a modest $5,048 a month.  And Vail -- $7,784.  And Cabo $2,530.

And there are personal expenses of $55,782.  And political and charitable contributions totaling $17,840 a month.  And professional fees -- $30,837 a month.

Short story -- Living expenses total $709,332.  And then there are Dodgers "perquisites" totaling $285,137.  Jamie's monthly tab -- $994,469.

Rich people's problems.
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