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Green Day's Man-on-Man Kiss

6/17/2010 10:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Green Day lead singer Billie Joe Armstrong pulled an Adam Lambert and kissed a male fan on the lips while on stage at a concet in England on Wednesday.

Green Day's Bille Joe

No word if "GMA" will cancel any future Green Day performances.

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Dave H ;)     

This guy is the lead singer of a pop punk band, Maybe Next Time !!!
check us out on myspace at
currently finishing EP :)

1588 days ago


Firstly, to everyone saying they are has-beens and no one cares, why did you bother to click on this post and make a comment - that would hold connotations of caring almost definitely.

Secondly, this dude, the man, the myth, the legend - is my friend, is straight, has balls, is the only person I know who could pull off those topman jeans.

1588 days ago


#77, Billie Joe DID NOT come out as a bisexual. He was recently interviewed in OUT magazine and he said he's never been with a man. He's been married for 16 years to the same woman and they have 2 kids. He said he doesn't kiss girls on stage as respect to his wife so he gives a guy fan a kiss instead. I've been to dozens of Green Day concerts and they are pecks, not make out sessions. Really people, grow up.

1588 days ago


Thats disgusting two men kissing, its not natural

1588 days ago


Absolutely hot picture! But geez, TMZ, really, this isn't news when it's something someone has been doing for years and years and years........why didn't you get him mooning the crowd?

1588 days ago


I love GreenDay! Who cares what he does. I hate the tight pant.

1588 days ago


Billie has been doing this for years. Kissing someone within the same gender shouldn't be such an issue. Look at Europe that is how people greet each other. America is so tight ass about everything.

1588 days ago


Ain't Billy married?? I do not have problem with him kissing a guy but I do not think he should be kissing anyone be they man or woman unless its his wife.

1588 days ago

KATHY =( ^-^ )=    

This is nothing new. His wife is used to this all the time at his Concerts for years.My daughter laid one on him too. He is way out there doing this and his wife knows it. Billie is a babe.. Nothing new. It's hot when he does it.He's a fun person and great entertainer..

1588 days ago


i wish everyone would not be so scared that a guy kisses another guy its not really a big deal its 2010 everyone i have seen worse i do not think this is a big deal and well its not really effecting anyone on a personal level except to go wow or interesting.

1587 days ago

Ryan Kiveal    

I am in love with Dave.
From Kivvy

1587 days ago


Billie Joe (aka God) kissed a dude on stage, how rare!! Never seen that one before ;)He's the best!!!! And Green Day's the best f-ing band on earth <3

1587 days ago


No one, NO ONE looks good in skinny jeans (and seriously, WTF are you wearing on your feet?! And for the love of all sanity PULL UP YOUR FREAKING PANTS!). *headdesk* The fashion industry should be slapped upside the head for continuing to make these truly horrific monstrosities, as should the people that continue to buy and wear them. *ugh* Some people just should not be allowed to dress themselves.

1587 days ago


I was there idiots and the kiss was a quick peck, and they guy lunged on him. The crow didn't even react cause he does it all the time...

1586 days ago

You Betcha    

It's not as gay as when George Bush Jr. kissed the Saudi oil prince.

1585 days ago
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