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Jaden Smith

Has Got a Situation

6/17/2010 10:18 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

While only 11 years old, Jaden Smith already has a set of ripped abs.

Jaden Smith
During an event in Beijing on Wednesday, Will Smith's son flashed his Hollywood royalty six pack.

The "Karate Kid" is officially ready for the "Jersey Shore."


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I agree with #11. Acts like a little prick!

1586 days ago

pella lee    

This kid has reaped alot of bad press because of he deserves it, but also because as a society, we are just SICK of Hollywood, and it's superficial, entitled robots. He is just one in a long line of insuffererables. Everyone saying 'Oh he's just a kid" - there are no children in Hollywood - they are weaned on pride and lookatme!. This boy will not last because he is truthfully over the top for even an adult - the snarly, arrogant, snottiness is not a good look on ANYONE, regardless of age.

1585 days ago



1585 days ago


WOW!! I see alot of jealous bitter envious worthless pathetic incompetent poor white trailer trash losers who don't have a pot to piss in or a window to throw it out of posting on TMZ!! HA! So so so TYPICAL!! You poor white trash are jealous because you will never accomplish or amount to anything except knowing how to type on your cheap rented laptops in trailer 6 lot 18. HAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! JEALOUS LOSERS!!! And did I say jealous???? HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!

1585 days ago

pella lee    

Actually, I've never lived in a trailer park, and I've accomplished quite alot in life, and I've earned it, unlike JS. The boy IS arrogant and annoying no matter how you slice and dice it KKK (nice acronym btw). He wants to be a "celebspawn" -he'd better work on his personality. And calling posters "white trash, pathetic, worthless" means it's time to look up "hypocrite" Klown...

1584 days ago


This kid looks like an alien. His squinty eyes always look puffy, his big ears sticking out, his puffy lips that make his look like a pouty brat, and his hairline looks like he's already balding. PLUS he does NOT have a good personality!! He appears to be a spoiled little creepy-looking freak!

1584 days ago

baby girl 242    

I agree with #68 and plus you people haven't even meet him yet so you can say what he is and what he isn't just because you saw thins on tv doesn't means that its true so lay off the kid.

1584 days ago


Wow, I really touched a nerve, huhh?? It's okay my little poor white trash trailerpark friends, just wait until your little Suri Cruise pose for Playboy, then you'll all be on the bandwagon.

1584 days ago


Wow, I really touched a nerve, huhh?? It's okay my little poor white trash trailer park friends, just wait until your little Suri Cruise pose for Playboy, then you'll all be on the band wagon.

1584 days ago


And by the way poster 69 pella lee, I bet your a 40 year old hater who looks upon this kid and feels jealous because you still live with your mother in her basement and the only time you ever came close to kissing someone is when you went to the prom with your cousin ....

Don't be angry and bitter because superstar Jaden Smith is black rich and famous with millionaire parents living in multi-million dollar homes while you are....
well you know what I mean.

If you accomplished alot in life like you "claim" you did, you would care less about a eleven year old's personality.
You're a failure. I know you're a failure because successful people don't waste their time criticizing others, they're too busy making money to worry about what 11 year old's are doing. DUMBASS.

KKK (nice acronym btw).


1584 days ago

pella lee    

Oh, and the po' white folk LOVE snotty, overpriviledged white kids.. Get real, racist fool. Your agenda is as overbearing as JS's attitude...

1584 days ago


Truth hurts my dear sweet envious friend. Your agenda and jealous is as overbearing as the KKK's attitude...

KKK (nice acronym btw).

If you had any sense in that peanut size brain of yours, you would notice Jaden only acts like that on tv when he's promoting the movie doing interviews. When he comes off sarcastic, being a smart ass, cracking jokes etc, etc, people laugh because he's funny. It's called ENTERTAINMENT!!!! Evidently it worked, the Karate Kid was #1 at the box office and has made over 90 million. The movie is so SUCCESSFUL, a sequel is in the works. But then again your jealousy, anger, rage, bitterness and negativity for a CHILD who is only eleven years old wouldn't allow you to know that.

Contrary to your delusional way of thinking, I'm not racist. My mother is white, dummy!! As for your "fool" comment, I've never seen a "fool" with a BA in Biology...YOU racist fool.

1584 days ago

pella lee    

Wow who knew Jaden and you were so close. You really know the inner workings of his career and mind-you must be psychic. Or pathetic. LOL! Such a pretentious jacka@@. Any idiot can get a BA these're living proof. Your bitterness and anger towards anyone who doesn't agree with your overzealous obsession (of an 11 year old child (pedophile much?) is an earmark of a controlling abusive loser. You probably weight 400 lbs and live in your MOM's BASEMENT...(Such an original taunt friend, it just gets better the 50000000th time around) may be half white but you're all biological buttcrack.

1583 days ago


@77 pella lee
I knew you would reply to that comment!! I called you out humilating you like the low down, jealous, worthless trash you are so you had to TRY to redeem yourself someway. Even though it didn't work, it was well worth the effort.

Pedophile, is that all you can come up with? HA! White people would know alot about that, would they?
You're so funny and quite amusing. As for my BA, I'm currently studying for my masters which is something you'll never have. You're jealousy is so apparent that you have to TRY to downgrade a degree, which you don't have or come close to getting, saying any idiot can get one. HAHAHA!! Proves my point exactly. You're a jealous, worthless, hating ass, idiotic, loser working a 9-5 JOB (notice I didn't say career) living pay check to paycheck. Since I literally shut you down and humiliated you to the point that you can't even come back with a descent retaliation, speaks wonders.
I wasn't gonna bring this up but since I've already made a complete ass out of you, I feel great amusement in doing so. To your dismay, my parents are long time friends with Adrienne. My mother was a OBGYN at the hosipital she worked at. Who is Adrienne you ask, she's Jaden's GRANDMOTHER!! DUMBASS!! I wasn't even gonna mention it but it feels good to watch you take that huge gigantic foot out your mouth, since you THINK you know everything.
In closing, before you continue making a fool out of yourself, maybe you should proceed with caution. You never know WHO YOU MIGHT BE TALKING TO!!
Get your FACTS STRAIGHT before you even think of going toe to toe with me.
P.S I'm by far not a overzealous person. I don't have bitterness and anger towards anyone who doesn't agree with me. What I don't like is worthless, miserable, incompetent, jealous, idiots LIKE YOU who criticize and put people down not knowing ANYTHING ABOUT THEM. Jaden's a good kid with a long successful CAREER in front of him. But honestly, do you really think Jaden cares about what you "little people" think of him??...HAHAHA!!

Lets see you comment on that skanky ass Miley Cyrus thread, it'll be interesting to see if you have the same reaction.

Gotta go now, I have important things to do instead of going back and forth with the kiddies...hasta luego ficticio simulacion.

1583 days ago


The kid is twig who is just skin and bones. That is not a muscular six pack. He is just so skinny that is insides are showing. hahahahaha

1582 days ago
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