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Jesse James: My Ex Isn't To Be Trusted With Sunny

6/18/2010 9:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sources tell TMZ ... Jesse James believes the mother of his youngest daughter is unstable and he's refusing to allow the girl to spend time alone with her mom, in spite of a court order to the contrary.

Jesse James
We've learned Jesse's lawyer is going to court Friday morning, armed with evidence that his ex-wife Janine Lindemulder is a hard-core drug addict and cannot be trusted with unmonitored visitation.

The judge in the custody battle issued an order last week, allowing Janine to have unmonitored visitation.  We're told Janine was supposed to see Sunny yesterday but Jesse refused to hand over the 6-year-old girl because he felt she would be at risk.

We're told Janine will be in court for the showdown.


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I hope the judge puts his ass in court for violating the visitation order. People CAN reform. He is NOT the perfect god he thinks he is. With HIS behavior maybe the judge show DECREASE HIS time with the poor young girl and INCREASE THE MOTHER'S.

1526 days ago


That poor little girl, two freaks for parents.

1526 days ago


Jessie is selfish! let the mother see her child, If she has prove to the court that she is clean what is the problem??

1526 days ago


jessie is going to have hitler tetify what a stand up guy he is..

1526 days ago


Posted at 3:36 AM on Jun 18, 2010 by mike :
I'm actually a guy which doesn't mean i don't have a conscience!
Some guys do have a system of value ,something you might not know if you support him!
I hope like a few here that he is gonna pay for that violation...
I repeat that the only thing he see in Sunny is a way of pressure against Sandra and for this he should not be allow to even have custody!

1526 days ago


X-Wife unstable, who the hell is watching his kid when he's banging every trashy tatooed sleezebag skank he can find?????
That's a case of the Racist Natzi calling the kettle black don't you think?
What a huge douche bag!!!

1526 days ago


I hope the judge throws Jessie in jail for contempt.. he isnt the one making the decisions here- the judge is. Besides we all know how good his judgement is LOL! Janine deserves a chance to prove she is off drugs and shes not likely to do anything with a judge scrutinizing her so closely. Besides that- most current drug users dont even have enough sense about them to be able to pull it together to bother to ask a court for custody. Judges arent stupid- they see drug addicts every single day and will order drug testing for Janine if they even suspect she is on something.

1526 days ago


Another addict with control issues who down deep hates all women. Now that Sandra Bullock isn't around to save his freaky fanny, he's back to harrassing the child's biological mother. What makes him think he is any better than the mother? Does he think his money puts him on an elevated pedestal? I hope Sandra Bullock is staying away from him...what can he really give to her adopted son that ethical male mentors can't give him? She was functioning on some level of co-dependency to have been with this creep in the first place and needs to divorce herself from the entire JJ life situation (including the children)and have the Courts force this jerk into working with the mothers of the children through parental psychological counselling so they can truly "co-parent" their offspring.

1526 days ago

Tony B    


Ugh he is HAWT!!!

Double crossed fingers hoping he goes full frontal in Playgirl...

Mmmmm :-9

1526 days ago

J D     

Can you really trust what Jessie has to say after what just happened in front of everybody!!!!!!!

1526 days ago


Good for you, Jesse! The courts do NOT always PROTECT the children
in cases like this, their #policy is reunite the child with the parent! SUPERVISED VISITS should be ONGOING for at least 6 months, FOR SUNNY"S WELL-BEING. I don't think he is attempting to cut off the relationship as much as he is afraid FOR SUNNY! And while Janine
may truly be not using , at the moment, why take the chance?

1526 days ago


You can't trust Janine with herself.
If you don't monitor her, she goes off and gets another tattoo.
And she's running out of room.

1526 days ago


Can't violate a court order, Jesse, unless she showed up to get the girl, was under the influence, and you called the cops. Ironic to claim Janine is an unfit parent when you deny court ordered visitation so the girl can't see her mother. "Going to court with evidence" AFTER denying visitation is like trying a man after you execute him. This round goes to Janine.

1526 days ago


Janine's been in a halfway house for 6 months for tax evasion not drug use but obviously she wasn't allowed to use drug there either and she was just release what, a couple of weeks ago? Jessie is making all this up so that can keep the child away from her mother. He is probably still using Sunny as a pawn and what's to use her to lure Sandra back into his life if the child is motherless.

Jessie is a true creep and he should lose custody for playing head games on his own kid. The only thing Jessie has over Janine is his money so he's using the court systems to try to bleed Janine dry of any money she currently has hoping she won't be able to financial keep up with him regarding attorney fees and court costs. I hope the judge sees right through him and awards custody to Janine along with child support from Jessie.

1526 days ago


Well, what do you expect when you have readers believing InTouch magazine? hahaha. They score one lucky hit, then they make up from that point on. One tiny kernel of truth sells spins the next 25 stories for umpteen copies to sell.
If I thought someone was using drugs, drunk or going to go somewhere questionable with a child when they had a history like her..I wouldn't let them take the child either when they showed up. Jesse may be a cad to women, but even Sandra says he's a good father. A missed visit is better then a dead child.

1526 days ago
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