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Probation Department Clears Lindsay Lohan

6/18/2010 12:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sources tell TMZ Lindsay Lohan is off the hook with the L.A. County Probation Department for the whole SCRAM thing earlier this month ... because her pee was clean.


You'll recall after the MTV Movie Awards on June 6 the SCRAM people got a positive reading for alcohol on Lindsay's SCRAM bracelet. 

But here's the thing.  Lindsay's lawyer, Shawn Chapman Holley tells TMZ Lindsay went to the Probation Department at around 10 AM the next day and her urine tested negative for alcohol.

Sources connected with the Probation Department tell us ... the test results are good enough for them and as far as they are concerned Lindsay is in full compliance with her bail conditions.

And we're told it's increasingly looking like Lindsay will be in full compliance with her alcohol ed classes by the next court hearing -- July 6.

The Probation Report is especially important ... it's like a bible for the judge -- certainly on the bail issue, and it could influence the judge on Lindsay's probation as well.

So Lindsay could conceivably dodge the jail bullet.


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I heard she used the wizzinator to pass her pee test. Those things look sooooo real. Congrads Lindsay!

1557 days ago


I couldn't resist this liberal progressive b.s. that permeates our entire nation today. From Gore the Bore cheating on his loyal wife for years and John Edwards cheating on his cancer riddled soon to be ex-wife, our culture has become so into "self." Cher's cute little daughter grows up and becomes a Man, baby! And now this....

The eldest daughter of Warren Beatty and Annette Bening is living as a young man after changing her name. Kathlyn Beatty, 18, is now known as Stephen Ira and is said to be planning a sex-change operation. According to reports in the U.S., Hollywood veteran Beatty, 73, is 'crushed' by his child's determination to change her gender.

1557 days ago


While I was working with a doctor to reach sobriety, I took a urine test the day after an alcohol bender. Though I told my doctor I drank all night the day before, she still had me take the urine test and it came out clean. Just saying....

1557 days ago


Money talks, the rich walk. Not a surprise to me.

1557 days ago


Hey, she wasn't drinking. Get over it. Find something else to whine about.

1557 days ago


not soo fast on the Lindsay's clear thing...her monitor registered .04 which is the highest it can monitor, and her scram has been tampered with. Also .04 indicates beyond a shadow of a doubt she had a drink. Also...and most importantly alcohol can clear your system VERY quickly esp. if it was just one drink. IT IS NOT HARD TO CLEAN YOUR BODY OF ALCOHOL ...NOT HARD AT ALL...I DID IT..I was on probation and tested CLEAN FOR DRUGS AND ALCOHOL THE WHOLE TIME...AND I WAS DRINKING!!! TRUST ME...a little vinegar or a cleaning agent you can get from any head shop will work. Judge Revel knows this...and also keep in mind a) she knows Lindsay was drinking 2) she knows the bracelet was tampered with c) she knows Lindsay still goes to clubs me, this byatch is not out of the woods and I for one cannot wait to see her in is the least she deserves!!!

1557 days ago


Alcohol clears the human body in about 6 hours. So her urine was clear 16 hours later? I'm stunned.

1557 days ago


I think she is getting off easy and it's really unfair. Any average joe on the street would not be getting this star treatment. There would be stiffer consequences. The system is failing her big time! I'm tired of hearing about this. I guess if you're well off and famous you can do whatever you wish and get away with it.

1557 days ago


I'm not surprised her urine screen came back negative. Urine screens of this type very rarely pick up alcohol, even if the person is intoxicated at the time of testing. She got VERY lucky.

1557 days ago


I heard she used the wizzinator to pass her pee test. Those things look sooooo real!

1557 days ago

dirk digler    

thats dumb, any druggie or alcoholic knows drink lots of water or gatorade.

thats nothing in college i'd get ****faced the night before and drink a **** load of fluids and some breakfast and i'm good to go to work at 8am, let alone 10am

1557 days ago


Harvey, et al @ TMZ - Lindsay's SCRAM reported up to a .04 between midnight & 4am = 1 vodka redbull for her body weight. 4am to 10am when UA taken = 6hrs time period elapsed. Body's liver processes .015 per hour. 6hrs lapsed time x .015/hr = .09 alcohol cleansed from system, unless UA was a ETG test which would show alcohol 5 days back, her UA would be 0.00% after 2.7hrs - this kind of basic info is taught in alcohol relapse classes.

1557 days ago


Actually alcohol will not show up in urine the next day, not even within a two hour time span! I had a new job that required urine samples for alcohol and drugs (I don't do drugs), but I did party hard to celebrate my new job... next morning at 7 am I had to complete a urin test! guess what it came out clean, the courts shand alcohol education are aware that alcohol will not show up in urin even after an hour of consumption, it will however show up in the blood sample... but I or hair sample! read up on that Harvey, your a lawyer! and You should know that alcohol will not show up in urine after an hour or so of consumption! ITS A FACT!

1557 days ago


She is a bisexual whore with no class whatsoever.

1557 days ago


If the cops ever stop me after a night out can I take a test the next day?

1557 days ago
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