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MJ's Dad: AEG Has Blood On Its Hands

6/18/2010 7:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

AEG put such pressure on Michael Jackson to perform for his London concerts, they effectively forced Dr. Conrad Murray to heavily sedate the singer so he could get rest, which ultimately led to his death ... this according to documents filed with the California Medical Board and obtained by CNN.


According to the 169-page complaint, filed by attorney Brian Oxman on behalf of Joe Jackson, Michael had only sporadically attended rehearsals for the show, leading to a showdown with Michael Jackson on June 18 in which an AEG exec allegedly threatened to "pull the plug" on Jackson's rented home and fire Dr. Murray.

The complaint alleges Murray -- who was allegedly promised $150,000 a month by AEG --  immediately began fueling Jackson with heavy sedatives, including Valium, Ativan, Versed and Propofol so the singer could sleep. 

As we first reported, Murray gave Jackson Propofol virtually every night for six weeks -- until Michael died.

The complaint alleges AEG knew the dangers of Murray's treatment but ordered full steam ahead.  And, according to the complaint, AEG turned a blind eye to Murray's request for life saving equipment. 

The complaint claims AEG was effectively practicing medicine without a license, by forcing Murray to take radical medical steps to protect the show.

The complaint claims, "Had AEG not violated California law and fulfilled its promise to provide Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation equipment and a nurse, Michael Jackson would not have died on June 25th."


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Daphne. Michael announced the TII concerts on March 5th 09. Some of the footage of him performing (purple shirt) was filmed on June 23rd.
IMO Michael looked ok at the beginning (as in not too skinny) but he got thinner towards the end. Hard to really tell though, on account of the different outfits. But MJ has looked very, very skinny in the past.

1485 days ago


We're Talking Danger, Baby Pt. 6....
"How does it feel...when you're alone and you're cold inside..."
Sigh....Just thinking of MJ3 and how they're dealing with Father's Day and the 25th almost upon us while many STILL refuse to look past the lies of the Media, AEG, Branca, Sony, and seek the Truth about Michael's death, yet they criticize those who do...unbelievable....
Here we go, again:
-#138: Tone, the Toxicology report showed acute levels of Propofol in his system--so much that it was coming out of his eyes. Do me a favor, go to your medical research and tell me what would cause this to happen? Based on the research I've done, I say he was "swimming in Propofol" because Murray flooded it into his system AFTER Michael was already in a coma brought on by dehydration...
-#150: Hey Chico! SO great to see one of the GREAT INVESTIGATORS on these boards to help diffuse the "Media Brainwash" so evident here. Keep it up--you make MJ smile!!
Regarding Murray's home--so it's still in foreclosure? Is that typical for the foreclosure on a home to be extended like that? I'm not surprised though. If someone paid off the loan this soon, they know people would realize somethings up. They're probably just waiting for the right time, when it won't be so obvious...
-#161: Bebefj, firstly, the Coroner's report stated Michael showed no signs of drug abuse and the only drugs in his system were the benzos and Propofol Murray gave him, which btw, there's no proof to support that Michael asked for these meds. Nurse Cherilyn, Arnie Klein and Murray are the ones who came up with the Propofol story and all 3 of them are considered "persons of interest" (aka suspects) by the LAPD and DA.
I agree that TII makes you wonder how they could waste so much money just to cancel the concerts by murdering Michael, but I don't think they originally had that intention. Once they got that intention, they had to make it look good, didn't they?
Thing is, they actually did make more money than they would if Michael performed live:
-They sold the footage of TII to Sony for $60... mil
-They were the Producers of TII which made $270 mil
-They own all rights to the title TII
-They produced a MJ Memorabilia Tour
-They got Insurance money for the 25 shows that were covered
-They Produced the DVD for TII and made millions and has another due out at Christmas
-They're able to recoup the $10 mil advance money they gave Michael from the Estate
Although they did have to pay off the cast and crew and equipment for the concerts as the pre-purchased tickets (many fans received a commemorative ticket in lieu of reimbursement,) it still doesn't offset the payoff they received after Michael's demise.
You have to remember that if he lived and they did the concerts, they would have to pay for the day to day operation of the Tour, not to mention Michael's rented country home, furnishings, Murray's $150,000 paycheck with per diems, etc. Add to this the fact that Michael may have refused to perform a few shows which would've caused them many refund nightmares...not to mention the fact that they had already had to push the date up a week which cost them a huge chunk of change in itself.
You don't even have to do the math to see they came out better without him...unfortunately for us....

1484 days ago


We're Talking Danger, Baby - Pt. 7.....
-#179: Vanessa, this is WAY more complicated than it appears. If you did some research, you'd realize that this is not something you just jump up and go public on without all of your ducks in a row. There are some extremely dangerous types connected to this case who will stop at NOTHING to cover their tracks.
You can consider the conspiracy theory dumb if you want to, but what's REALLY dumb is accepting Murray's half-baked story as truth and believing everything the media told you about the Propofol.
If you fell for that, I put you in with that 80%...
BTW--there is NO PROOF that Michael took Propofol on that History Tour. That info came from a CNN Insider. When Sanjay Gupta confronted Michael's Tour doctor, Neil Ratner about it, he would not confirm this. It has been reported that Michael WAS IN FACT on pain meds during the History Tour and many Anaesthesiologists also specialize in Pain therapy...
-#180: Mimi, you know I LOVE THAT--WHATEVER HAPPENS!!!
"Preoccupied, she's afraid, afraid what they've been doing's not right..."
-#217: Tone, Michael is thin in this video, but still looks great! The thing to remember is he was getting ready for the Tour--working hard and not eating much and under TREMENDOUS PRESSURE thanks to AEG.
However, Michael has always been about this size if you look back to before the 90's when he gained a little but was still pretty thin. The only difference is in this video, he's 50...
I have no doubt MIchael would've still gotten on that stage and MESMERIZED US with his GENIUS, as always...the stage brought out the BEAST in him...
-#258: And Lynda, YOU MIGHT WANT TO ReAD THE CORONER"S REPORT! Michael showed NO SIGNS OF DRUG ABUSE, the ONLY DRUGS in his system were the ones MURRAY GAVE HIM THAT DAY.......
How many times do we have to say this people?
No Peace till Justice!

1484 days ago


Can you all leave M.J alone. The King is happy where he is right now, for GOD sake lte him rest......Love Ya Mike RIP....

1484 days ago


All you pathetic MJ lovers need to fall back. Joe Jackson said after MJ got burnt on the scalp that it was nothing a nickel size burn. Please! The painkiller stuff may be from performing at such awesome acrobatic routines like spins, hip gyrations etc.
As for Dr.Murry's role, yes I believe he was paid to shut MJ down at night and wake him up in the day with prescription drugs. MJ ran through all his money! This comeback was to put him back on top. 50 shows in one place? But beggars can't be choosers.
Madonna was the same age as MJ when he passed and she has 500 million in the bank. Hell, even Miley Cirus had more than MJ. He was washed up, broke and desperate.

1484 days ago


Looking at the Autopsy report again, did not see any thing that stated "Propofol coming out of the eyes. LOL! Talk about sensationalizing! Again what stands out in my mind is the Interstitial Pneumonitis.
Regardless of etiology, UIP is relentlessly progressive, usually leading to respiratory failure and death. Some patients do well for a prolonged period of time, but then deteriorate rapidly because of a superimposed acute illness (so-called "accelerated UIP"). The outlook for long-term survival is poor. In most studies, the median survival is 3 to 4 years. Patients with UIP in the setting of rheumatoid arthritis have a slightly better prognosis than UIP without a known cause (IPF).
The coroner adds the cause of death is acute propofol intoxication with contributing factor in the death was the benzodiazepine effect.
The medicine list is astounding. Some of those drugs typically taken post radiation therapy. It makes you wonder if he had actually undergone radiation or even a lung transplant as was rumored yet there is no mention of it in the autopsy.
There was something very different about his voice especially in the announcement of the O2 concerts and the March 2009 video. By the medicine list alone , it doesn't appear that he was under the care of a primary care provider but only specialists. My opinion is I think he was terminally ill and the drugs just eased him out comfortably.

1484 days ago


1984: Michael Jackson burned in Pepsi ad
Michael Jackson has received hospital treatment for serious burns to his head after his hair caught light during a freak filming accident.
The 25-year-old entertainer was singing his hit "Billie Jean" for a Pepsi Cola commercial in Los Angeles when the special effects went wrong.

Three thousand fans saw a firework display erupt behind the superstar, showering him in sparks and setting light to his hair.

Some studio audience members said he was so calm, they thought the incident was part of the act.

He was wonderful. He reassured people even as he was being taken away on a stretcher

Fan Virgina Watson

The singer is reported to have covered his burning hair with his jacket as his brothers and stage hands rushed to help.

One member of the audience, Virginia Watson, witnessed the accident.

"He was wonderful. He reassured people even as he was being taken away on a stretcher", she said.

Michael Jackson was taken to hospital where he was treated for second degree burns.

Plastic surgeon Steven Hoeffin said Jackson, who was voted America's entertainer of the year, could need surgery to his head.

"He is in discomfort", said the doctor. "It will take a few weeks to determine the hair loss."

The superstar is earning a reputed £7m for the series of Pepsi Cola adverts which also feature his four famous brothers. It is part of a huge sponsorship deal the singer agreed last year.

The multimillionaire's album "Thriller" has just entered the Guinness book of records as the best selling LP of all time.
Joe said it was a nickel size burn.
by tbone.
I was just recently cruising though some of those web sites on the pepsi commercial. Some of them are blaming the pepsi commercial accident for MJ drug addiction. They are milking it for all it is worth. The Grammy Awards 1984 was on Feb. 28. Wiki states that the commercial was in February 1984 but did not give an exact date. Then I found the above article which stated that the accident happened on Jan 27 1984. 1984 was a big year for Michael Jackson and the scalp burn did not seem to slow him down.

1484 days ago


Happy Fathers Day everyone! The family is off to do a cruise around the harbor. It's a beautiful day out! Enjoy!

1484 days ago


Posted at 9:42 AM on Jun 20, 2010 by tone

Yes I saw definitely read about the propofol behind the eyes but you'll have to research it yourself if you want to know more as it's already well discussed many times.
Your opinion that he was terminally ill is just that: your opinion. The autopsy results show different.
Michael said years ago that he didn't want to tour again because it would kill him. That he couldn't eat, couldn't sleep and became dehydrated.

1484 days ago


Cirus had more than MJ. He was washed up, broke and desperate.
Posted at 6:32 AM on Jun 20, 2010 by tbone

You been reading too much tabloid rubbish, tbone. If he was washed up how come his 50 concerts sold out in 5 minutes and how could he be broke when he owned half the music catalogs, Beatles etc?
Go do some research and educate yourself properly.

1484 days ago

love mj    

246. instead of spending all this time trying to figure out what happened to michael jackson,,why not try and think of some ideas of what to do about the gulf and the oil problem???Mj is gone and noone is ever really going to pay and as time goes by he will fade into nothingless but life goes channel your energy into something that will help the rest of sure michael would have wanted that..because he did care about this earth..Just a thought

Posted at 4:09 AM on Jun 19, 2010 by electriczipper

It's about injustice. MJ was a human and entitled to justice like everyone. We will all fade, including you. Maybe AEG is BP. Did you ever think about that? Big money covering up with big money.

1484 days ago

love mj    

263. There's no honor among liars and thieves. Dr. Murray and all the guilty culprits and perpetrators have only two options. Confess or Get Caught! There's no way around it or out of this. When the evildoers set the wheels in motion to destroy Michael's life their fate was sealed.
Michael paid the ultimate price with his life. Now all eyes and ears are on the guilty. They can either confess their involvement with Michael's murder. Or they can wait until the trail of evidence that they think has been covered or explained away comes full circle. The evidence will convict each and every one of them. Confusion will enter the enemy’s camp and they will turn on each other.
People say Michael should have thought about his children first. Well he did by providing for their Future, $afety and Well Being. Dr. Murray, AEG, Sony and all the rest who were you thinking about each time you plotted against MJ? I hope that catalog and MJ’s estate was worth your life, career, wives, children and grandchildren. When all of you are caught, I hope all of you will at least man up and take your punishment in prison. There is no honor among liars and thieves. Three have fallen….who’s next?

Posted at 9:30 AM on Jun 19, 2010 by mymjj5

I see that you are speaking scripture over this. God isn't mocked. What ever a man sows, he shall reap.

1484 days ago

love mj    

@ lovemj
this is so true and i will never give up on MJ!

Posted at 1:24 PM on Jun 20, 2010 by mymjj5

The evildoers won't get away with it. They never do.

Justice for Michael!

1484 days ago


Im So Confused! ):
I Just Want Michael To Come Back. Everything Would Have Been Fine.

1484 days ago


no doubt AEG et co has blod on it´s hands and bribed Murray into
a nearly " suididal" mission.An exrtemenly chilling comment from some time back was made by Thome -Thome:"Michael Jackson is an institution and should be treated as such" .myrray was too greedy and corrupt to decline the offer.And it worked, much money has been coming.
The most touching and human voice was that of Paris Jackson:"They work him too hard and he doesnt want.." There is no proof that he was addicted this time, prior to starting the gruelling program when drugs were seen as the only way out.His handlers, AEG et al were not so stupid that they could not se that his physical and mental state was deteriorating. Murray was too deep into his malpractice s--t to make a 180 degree turn and cowardly&greedy as well .Having resorted to this chemical support Michael was too overwhelmed to take action himself to re-arrenged the plans.Why not over 2 years, or 10 first- then a
break to the next 10 He could have done that with the right medical care and support.Stress, overwork,medical malpractice ,greed and corruption killed him.He was seen as a goldmine slipping fom "conspiratos" hands unlss they took action.
All humanity towards Michael ws absent.Paris was his only true con
fidante. God bless her.

1484 days ago
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