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MJ's Dad: AEG Has Blood On Its Hands

6/18/2010 7:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

AEG put such pressure on Michael Jackson to perform for his London concerts, they effectively forced Dr. Conrad Murray to heavily sedate the singer so he could get rest, which ultimately led to his death ... this according to documents filed with the California Medical Board and obtained by CNN.


According to the 169-page complaint, filed by attorney Brian Oxman on behalf of Joe Jackson, Michael had only sporadically attended rehearsals for the show, leading to a showdown with Michael Jackson on June 18 in which an AEG exec allegedly threatened to "pull the plug" on Jackson's rented home and fire Dr. Murray.

The complaint alleges Murray -- who was allegedly promised $150,000 a month by AEG --  immediately began fueling Jackson with heavy sedatives, including Valium, Ativan, Versed and Propofol so the singer could sleep. 

As we first reported, Murray gave Jackson Propofol virtually every night for six weeks -- until Michael died.

The complaint alleges AEG knew the dangers of Murray's treatment but ordered full steam ahead.  And, according to the complaint, AEG turned a blind eye to Murray's request for life saving equipment. 

The complaint claims AEG was effectively practicing medicine without a license, by forcing Murray to take radical medical steps to protect the show.

The complaint claims, "Had AEG not violated California law and fulfilled its promise to provide Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation equipment and a nurse, Michael Jackson would not have died on June 25th."


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The Puppet Master broke this story 11 months ago,using the exact same words in print..They have blood on their hands.Like I said yesterday PM has the vision.

1557 days ago


karin, Jackson couldn't sleep because he was taking speed during the day. Remember it was found in his pee pee. Dr Murray will be found not guilty because of that.

1557 days ago


I can't believe MJ's dad still trying to make a buck off of MJ by trying to sue AEG. Certain members of the Jackson family still won't accept that Michael needed help. He suffered from malnutrition, he obviously had boundary issues related to sex, it is likely that none of his children carry his DNA, his sleep disorder was probably related to the malnutrition, drug addiction, panic disorders, sexual dysfunction and he spent at least ten times more money than he had in his bank accounts. These things could have been easily solved through chinese medicine, acupuncture, reiki, couselling, etc. Instead, Michael purchased tens of thousands of dollars in drugs each month and was on the verge of bankruptcy. Without AEG, he would have been bankrupted before his death. Maybe instead of blaming AEG, Joe Jackson should consider what it must have been like for Michael to perform in strip joints at the ripe old age of 10 years old and then watch his brothers have sex with different girls every night. The world should boycott Joe Jackson. He is the reason MJ is dead.

1557 days ago


Posted at 4:06 PM on Jun 18, 2010 by Cathy

Hey Cathy,

I totally believe AEG knew what was going on. I mean, how in the heck they could not? I remember reading a long while back ago that their was a terrible argument that went on about his not showing up for rehearsals and such but if I remember it correctly I thought it was a different date than this. I may be wrong.

rip mj

1557 days ago


#2 Then why did the woman that shot John Belushi up go to prison for his death? Equal justice is all we're asking, why did the drug dealer that sold Caroll O'Connors son drugs go to prison when he commited suicide right after he delivered the drugs to him?

1557 days ago


42. @Tellit I bet MJ is posting on this story right now. Keep believing Tellit...
Posted at 4:09 PM on Jun 18, 2010 by Trish
Hey Trish. ~~~~
Michael Jacksons too busy pulling strings (to his puppets) and counting his money. Working on new pursuits with Randy J. and MJFT, etc.
"Death" never felt so good! OR made so many $$$$$$$$$...lmfao....
TMZ is the last place on his mind.
You can bet ole Jermie and Randy keep abreast of TMZ bloggers though.

1557 days ago


There is something very, very, very fishy ... Someone's dead and you're suddenly rich and equipped with valuable rights? Accident? Why not??!?

1557 days ago


It is sad that after all these years and experiences, Joe Jackson never learned to love anyone or anything but money. It's not like he is starving. You have to feel sorry for such a pathetic frustated talentless fool.

1557 days ago


"What I hope is that everyone who is responsible for Michael Jackson's death is brought to justice and fully prosecuted in a court of law,L.Rowe. This is what I hope also.

Miss You Michael!
Love You Forever!
R.I.P. Michael

1557 days ago


Wouldn't it be refreshing if Joe Jackson would just shut the hell up for once? What a media whore.

1557 days ago


wow tmz how many more stories are you gonna do on MJ this week? Michael i love you more handsome.i miss you and your smile angel.wish you were still here with and hugs Michael.

1557 days ago


FINALLY. It's kinda sad that this has to come from "crazy Joe Jackson", but I've been waiting a friggin year for this news to come out, as all "in the know" Mike fans knew this!!!!! AEG & Dr. Tohme Tohme need to pay for Michael's death.

1557 days ago


Interstitial Pneumonitis
Regardless of etiology, UIP is relentlessly progressive, usually leading to respiratory failure and death. Some patients do well for a prolonged period of time, but then deteriorate rapidly because of a superimposed acute illness (so-called "accelerated UIP"). The outlook for long-term survival is poor. In most studies, the median survival is 3 to 4 years. Patients with UIP in the setting of rheumatoid arthritis have a slightly better prognosis than UIP without a known cause wiki
Looking at the Autopsy Report (it's been revised for media consideration) Interstitial Pneumonitis is listed under Lungs.

1557 days ago


Joe is never going to get any money out of AEG, and he's certainly never going to get a cent out of the broke Dr. Murray. Deep down, he has to know this. Yet he still seems intent on making the lives of these people as difficult as possible for as long as possible. As with most things that Joe sets his sights on, he's like a dog with a bone. I'm no big fan of Joe, but the thought of AEG, Murray, and other shady people (like Klein for example) being embarassed and harrassed at the hands of Joe Jackson for as many years as he's able to open that big mouth of his, really does make me smile. ;)

1557 days ago


So is this in writing? Cuz if it ain't in writing then you'll never prove it

1557 days ago
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