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Has No Problem with Miley's Gay 'Kiss'

6/18/2010 12:54 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Miley Cyrus is no Adam Lambert ... at least according to "Good Morning America."


After simulating a girl-on-girl kiss while on "Britain's Got Talent" two weeks ago (bottom left), the 17-year-old pop sensation performed on 'GMA' today (top).

Interesting move ... considering they banned Adam Lambert from performing back in November after he kissed a male band member on the American Music Awards (bottom right).

Translation: Heterosexual underage female singer simulating a lesbian kiss = good. Gay male singer actually kissing a man = bad.


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In my book its okay for girls to kiss all they want,,but guys should not kiss where anyone has to see it..

1553 days ago


the biggest problem with adam lambert's performance that got him cancelled on gma (in my opinion) was the simulation of oral sex. people tried to make it about the kiss to make it seem controversial as a double-standard with how women have lesbian kisses but men aren't allowed, but it was really about the oral sex

1553 days ago


no one ever has a problem with girls making out with each other but its like it's the end of the world if guys do the same thing. if anyone should have bin not aloud to be on stage it should be miley, because she's was under age making out on stage, in some case's that might be considered as child porn if found on a laptop of a sex offenders if it was anyone but miley in the get real people.

1553 days ago

neither of these two sluts    

it is most guys fantasy to see two girls kissing, but most cant stand two men....hypocrites is what they are, its because of their masculanity and afraid that they would get turned on by two guys kissing, and question their manhood....Mile Cyrus is a hillbilly slut with no talent...her sing sounds like a banshee that needs a lay real bad...adam is just as untalented as the hillbilly skank. Miley will ebnd up a moonshin drinking hillbilly with 18 kids....shes a used douchebag!

1553 days ago


There's no doubt in my mind that Americans are hypocrits. Adam is talented, charismatic and genuine. Miley Cyrus is talenless, slutty and imitating. Yet they embrace Miley and slam Adam. What more evidence do you want? Oh, I forgot, they can tolerate violence, guns and rapes too, but not a gay kiss. So much for a "democratic" country.

1553 days ago


It is a double standard, and to those of you who think Miley's performance was at "some concert", it wasn't, it was on Britain's Got Talent, national tv and yes primetime.

The morning that Adam was cancelled from GMA they had Chris Brown on instead...I guess it's ok for him to beat the crap out of a woman but a guy can't kiss a guy on tv at 11:00 at night on a music show?

FU Gma.

1553 days ago


Miley didn't even kiss. She just simulated the kiss.

1553 days ago


Could the difference be that Miley's dad is a member of the advisory board of the Parents Television Council? This is the group who led the complaints against Adam's AMA performance and after ABC essentially black-balled Adam, issued a release saying "We didn't mean that ABC should ban Adam". BTW Miley did that act on DWTS, prime time, huge audience.

1553 days ago


SO WHAT? I have absolutely NO problem with gays but I think it's absoutely DISGUSTING to even get a glimpse of them kissing. I GUARANTEE a LARGE percent of the population feels the same way. So why would they want to air it on TV and have him performing infront of people doing that **** when people will just tune out? I'm pretty sure a TV network will do the opposite, not drive fans away just to let some homos kiss infront of people who don't want to see it.

1553 days ago


Why? And where are her parents for this? Trying to dig their way out of the money pile I guess.

1553 days ago


Double standard... tsk tsk...

1553 days ago


Yes its hypocracy and the ones commenting on its ok for Miley but not Adam are what is wring with soceity today! Reading their hateful comments make my skin crawl and the sad thing is they are probably little disney kids thinking like this! How sad! Your Country is a lost cause unless someone in the media and industry start changing what they promote! They amke sex stars out of Disney kids pushing them onto the teenies and they fall for it! Miley trying to escape Hannah is going about it the wrong way, growing up does not mean slutting it out! Adam on the other hand is grown and was performing his song which is about sex, nothing else and I found the sex exciting! I dont give a ratts a$$ if it was a gay kiss, what? They cant express themselves the same way we do? What hypocrates! In everything I have seen Adam do he has inspired love, tell me, what are these haters commenting inspiring? If you are uncomfortable watching grownup gays kiss then maybe you need to seek help for your problem and stop shoving it in our faces! Im sick to death of all you arragant haters, ignorance is the ultimate flaw in humanity and their is a lot of ignorance coming from posters! GROW UP!!! And Miley, you dont look sexy in this character, trust me! You just looked like a clumsy school girl trying to play Doctor! And Im sick to death with morons commenting that Adam cant sing! Grow up! Open your ears and listen, Adam is the best singer vocally out there! I challenge any of you to come up with someone better! You have no idea how stupid you sound to normal peeps when you say that! It should be about art and music! Instead these hypocrates play favorites letting girl pop stars sell sex for entertainment and straight guys shove girls heads in their crotchs but a talented gay guy cant perform his songs the way they were meant to be! Where the hell is the music industry gone to! Ya, Im fed up! Haters, I hope you all burn in hell someday for your ignorance and hypocracy! Your ruining our happy lives! ughh

1553 days ago


Awww, are the little gay mafia members crying? Are your little man thongs in a wad? Get over it!! Further proof same penis coupling will NEVER be accepted. By the way libtards, the key word you used yourself is SIMULATED!!!! No kissing actually occurred. But still, I'm glad it ruins the sugar in your pants!!!

1553 days ago


I've been saying it for a while now.... " behold your next trainwreck "!!!! Might as well go ahead and draw up the consevatorship papers. I give her 5 years tops before she's pretty well self-destructed. Girls like Miley, Britney & all the rest of the pre-teen / teen / tween sensations are taught to sell their sex appeal, from the way they dress and groom themselves, to the suggestive remarks that are written into their scripts & lyrics. Simply put.... Groomed for destruction. And all for the almighty dollar!!! Hey... somebody's gotta support their families... might as well be "the kid".....

1553 days ago



You guys can keep drawing parallels between this and that but the bottom line is adam was banned from GMA because he simulated ******** with another dude on live television and it was viewed inappropriate by viewers. IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THE GAY KISS, HE WENT TOO FAR WITH THE BJ...get over it!

1553 days ago
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