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Has No Problem with Miley's Gay 'Kiss'

6/18/2010 12:54 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Miley Cyrus is no Adam Lambert ... at least according to "Good Morning America."


After simulating a girl-on-girl kiss while on "Britain's Got Talent" two weeks ago (bottom left), the 17-year-old pop sensation performed on 'GMA' today (top).

Interesting move ... considering they banned Adam Lambert from performing back in November after he kissed a male band member on the American Music Awards (bottom right).

Translation: Heterosexual underage female singer simulating a lesbian kiss = good. Gay male singer actually kissing a man = bad.


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whoever said no to them being not hypocrites, you are a homophobe

1581 days ago


someone said miley can sing? and lambert can? stop smoking crack...

1581 days ago


LAMBERT CANT* to above comment

1581 days ago


I don't think the "kiss" is the issue with Lambert. It was the grinding the guys face in his crotch that most people had trouble with. Gays and Lesbians are becoming more and more accepted every day along with their public display of affection. But to grind your crotch in someones face is not acceptable no matter your sexuality.

1495 days ago


The translation under the pictures above says it all!! Keep on rock'in Adam :)

1495 days ago


Everything Adam did at the AMA's was smokin' HOT!!! And GMA consists of homophobic MORONS!!!

1492 days ago


Larry, you are a King Sized A$$!

1491 days ago


yall act lik itz bad when {adam kissed tommy} but when {a girl on girl kiss} happen {yall act itz aite} {adam iz jst standin up fo dha gay community n i stand behind him 1,000,000,000%} gayz iz al around and yes dae gonna act sexual so deal with it one dae yall gonna need gayz n all of yall who bad mouthin them gonna need den dont let me say i told u so!!!!

1480 days ago


adam iz sexii n 2 all yall pplz who say he cant sing he has more money than u will eva have in ur lyfe tyme think bout dhat o n 2 HEATHER he CAN!!! SING but ur prob 2 JEALOUS 2 relize wat a gr8 person he iz

1480 days ago

Non Hypocrite    

Hugh Jass (10) are you serious? You're talking about Adam Lambert influencing impressionable kids? WTF do you consider Miley's recent actions? You think all the **** she's been doing is okay for impressionable kids to be watching? Ass shaking in a leotard on stage, dancing around on a pole, lying in her panties on a bed in her latest video, and dirty dancing with her gay producer at a kid party is all okay in your eyes I suppose? I wonder how your kids will turn out if all this is okay.

1471 days ago


i CANNOT beleive this.. am i a straight girl and seeing how many people are homophobes is disgusting. girl on girl different from guy on guy? wow society is screwed up. i love you adam!

1375 days ago


Clay Aiken does not know how to be a gay man. He was in denial and claimed he didn't know he was gay when he was on American Idol. Like a lot of gay musicians before him (Ricky Martin for one) they wait to come out until after they have released albums and have gained awards and accolades. That is not knowing how to be a gay man,that is knowing how to be phony. Not Adam Lambert. He has the courage to be out from the beginning. He and many others just don't think the double standard is fair. If you take girl-on-girl, then take guy-on-guy and stop the hypocrisy. Adam is true to himself and his millions of loyal fans. He is a wonderful talented entertainer. His fans have raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for charity and Adam has the class not to bash people which is unfortunate since he has to deal with a lot of class-less haters.

1278 days ago

chrystal thompson    

Simulated or real, Its not right that people find it okay for two girls to kiss, but find it wrong when two guys do. This country needs to wake up and realize that there are all kinds of people out there, and that its not wrong for someone to express themselves. As long as people say it will never chance it won't. But I think That People need to stop and think. To look past sexuality and look into the heart of a person. Besides as Adam always says, (I'm a proud Glambert) Its about the music, its about entertaining. And some people are going to like it, and some people aren't. But fact is that I don't really have a problem with either kiss at all. It was entertainment.

1227 days ago


This is just a consequence of our male centered society. People don't realize who are the ones that REALLY don't like to see men kissing and like to see girls kissing. Who is it? MEN. Men don't like to see guys kissing and have this stupid fantasy about girls together because they think it is about them. Always. They think they will be invited to join or something idiotic like that.
So.. Women cares? nop.. Men cares? Yeap..
So obvious but most people don't see it.

767 days ago
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