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Jesse and Janine

Clash Over Father's Day Plans

6/19/2010 2:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned a day after appearing court, Jesse James' ex is already complaining about being blocked from visiting her child.

We're told Janine Lindemulder was supposed to have visitation rights to Sunny on Sunday, but because it's Father's Day the plan was for her to take the child today and Jesse could see Sunny for Father's Day.

But here's the problem -- sources say a monitor must be present when Janine picks up and returns Sunny to Jesse's home ... and no monitor was available. As a result, Jesse will not give Sunny to Janine today.

Sources say Janine is pissed because she planned to take Sunny to a water park today with her other child, but Jesse's position -- rules are rules.


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Why is this slag still allowed to have another kid in her care??? Porn people should be restricted from breeding. WTF??

1584 days ago



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If he's not letting Sunny visit there is a good reason, we don't know what is going on behind the scenes but he is keeping her on advice of the attorney. My guess is they have proof they will be showing the court that Janine, a long time drug addict/user is in fact doing something irresponsible that could endanger Sunny. Janine can't keep her trap shut, even her lawyer had to keep telling her to shut up after the hearing. Jesse's got great attorney's who are advising him. He's not going to lose his daughter to a drug addict who is a federal felon on parole - which could be revoked at any time - and is living with her mother and jobless, with no skills other than screwing random women on film, the feds forbid her from porn. She didn't mind doing it again even if it negatively affected her daughter. Jesse lose Sunny? Never.Going.To.Happen

1584 days ago

Miss Bu    

read this if you think Jesse is wrong;

sorry judges don't always have it right, not saying she is a murderer but someone has to PROTECT THE KIDS.

1584 days ago


it's not like his kids even want to spend time with him this sunday. apparently he's moving "for the kids sake" to be closer to sandra. now who would stop at a cisco burger that he owns knowing what kind of man he is. but now he trys to appear to everyone that he is capable of making sound judgements for his childs sake. the kid loves her mother. maybe his lack of loving as a child made him this way. but it appears the best part of jesse ran down his mothers legs.

1584 days ago


Great photo of her TMZ ....that is the same face many a men have seen in the past in sure!


1584 days ago


These two airheads should work together to put the childs interests first instead of their own selfish, childish crap. Father's Day may be Sunday but it's no big deal celebrate on Saturday Jesse, if Sunday's Janine's day to have her daughter for visitation - Grow up! Quit acting out! And be parents not spoiled rotten brats - what a terrible example you are - As responsible parents it's NOT ABOUT YOU anymore!!!!

1584 days ago


@23 Great post.

1584 days ago


This is why you should choose who you have children with VERY carefully. These poor kids are being put in the middle of a horrible situation, simply because their parents are white trash whores.

1584 days ago


Jesse is not in control of other aspects of his life so he feels the needs to manipulate and control the baby momma. It's really not about protecting Sunny but about his need to manipulate and control in order to feel important and like he is in charge. Probably to look good in skank Sandra's eyes too.
He is currently involved in law suits, divorce etc. and so he has to control others to feel good about himself because he is not in control of his life.
Google "Parental Alienation". Anyone who has ever been through this sort of abuse whether it be the target parent or the child will tell you that it's very painful and really bad energy. This will go on for years and years unless it is stopped and the only victims are the target parent and the child. It's all done in the name of protecting the child.
Experts will tell you that the child is in reality better off with the targeted parent (Janine) and not the abuser parent (jesse) Parental Alienation is a form of child abuse.
It doesn't leave physical scars but scars the heart and soul of the child. A child deserves a good relationship with BOTH parents and one parent shouldn't be playing games and making the other parent out to be less important to them.

1584 days ago


How righteous and moral these posters seem to be! Wow! Back up the truck - there's a REASON that Jesse has custody, there's a reason that a monitor needed. If Saturday was authorized and the monitor didn't show up, then it's too bad for Janine.

As a mother, I wouldn't want to celebrate Mother's Day the day before or the day after. Janine should respect Father's Day for the meaning that it is - better yet, both of them should grow up and celebrate it together. It's called CO-PARENTING and it works!

1584 days ago


WHO CARES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



1584 days ago


I don't know why people won't give Jesse a break. the truth is she is a drug addict and get this, they lie. she had a chance to put her daughter before her but again her selfishness prevailed. Sorry but she deserves this and she thinks today she wakes up and everyone should just get in line to believe her.
I ask this, what would everyone say about Jesse if he let his daughter go unsupervised with the woman and she ends up absconding or worse getting high and hurting this kid? I suppose then Jesse would be a negligent dad for that. It seems he cannot get ahead and sure while he's no saint he didn't endanger his daughter like Janine did. Janine should be happy she gets to see her at all under ANY cir***stances. I see her losing in court and going on a bender, really sad.

1584 days ago


when you choose drugs over your children, you loose your right to mother them ....

1584 days ago


What was Sandra thinking when she got in the middle of this mess.

1584 days ago
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