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Katherine Jackson: Michael's Kids Have No Friends

6/20/2010 3:46 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0620_katherine_jackson_bookKatherine Jackson says Michael Jackson's kids are isolated and miss their father desperately ... this according to her first interview since MJ's death.

Katherine tells the Daily Mirror, "They don't have any friends. They don't go to school, they have private lessons at home -- but that will change in September, when they are due to enroll at private college."

According to the interview, the kids spend hours listening to their dad's music.

She says Paris has turned her bedroom into a shrine to her "Daddy" and that Prince and Blanket talk often about trying to make him proud.

Katherine says she wanted to decorate Paris' room with pictures of flowers or ballerinas -- but "Paris went into a closet and she brought out seven or eight pictures of Michael, and she told me, 'No, I want daddy hanging in my room'. So she goes to bed looking at him and wakes up looking at him. She said, 'I always want to be able to see him.'"

Michael's mom goes on to say Paris is the most musically-inclined of the three and that Prince wants to produce movies.

This new interview comes days before the anniversary of Michael's death ... and in conjunction with a new book Katherine is selling (pictured above) containing pictures and Katherine's memories of Michael.

She says, "Michael was so misunderstood ... I treasure my memories of him and wanted to share them with his fans in my book. I remember when he brought gifts for me -- a watch, a necklace and a ring. I'll never forget how he smiled when I opened each one. He was so generous. I want the world to know that real Michael Jackson -- a loving person."


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Just watched Geraldo at Large with Ramone Baine this would have been another eyeopener for these ignorant haters on here that hang on to 2pennie tabloids like TMZ and their constant garbage. There was never an interview with Daily Mail or Daily Mirror by Katherine Jackson again all lies. Saw one of the biggest tabloids today on a rack THE GLOBE BIG HEADLINE KATHERINE JACKSON DYING!!! All I can say to people on here stop coming on this site or if you have to take these crap articles from TMZ with a pinch of salt, they ain't for real.

It is my opinion to rather watch people like Larry King, Geraldo at Large these are the two people than can be trusted as they did know and I say KNOW Michael Jackson on a personal level including his Family for years!! Anything coming from their end is more believable than any ANY **** ASS tabloids, papers, or this here TMZ ****. Larry and Geraldo are people that know that things are very wrong right now and this Death thing is so much deeper, but I don't know and cannot understand that you got these brainless dip****s coming on here that talk the same senseless **** all the time without even checking out the facts, so consequently they are Straight Haters cause if the were not they would make a conscious effort to seek out the facts and the truth.

I do feel for the family for one the whole thing is taking place in California which has the most corrupt Judges in the whole of USA (Facts can be checked out), it is the same place that wanted Michael Jackson killed and hanged by Tom Sneddon who got openly away with falsifying evidence and ain't spend a day in prison, for imprisoning a Lawyer Richard Fine in solitary confinement for 15 months now, because he tried to expose those corrupt lawyers and only a hand full of people know about this, no TMZ news on that one, the whole case sucks and reeks of conspiracy anybody with any sense must be able to see this, the strain on the Jackson Family seeing this man Dr. Murray walking freely out of that courthouse able to "practice medicine", the mediocre charge against him, is just so incomprehensible beyond believe.

And with all of this you have to see all these crap talkers coming on here spitting out their venom about issues they have no knowledge or right to talk about.

I am glad I do not reside in this "Free country" USA the system sucks, laws are being made by any hobo as they feel like, and dispite the fact that we are living in 2010 they still have these white elite that run the place!!

1588 days ago


To Aston

MJ children, if you read this - since you now have computers - please just disregard all the immature and cruel comments you find here and there on this board. The people who write them are not feeling well themselves, they don't feel good about themselves, and so they take it out on others. Just forget those comments and remember there are sane and nice people out there who wish you the best, who will respect your privacy and who don't believe everything they read in media.

You know that is just the saddest part of the whole thing how big ass people can come on here and make these cruel remarks against defenseless children, and than they want to preach about MJ being a child molester, this is just so f....ed up when you got to attack innocent children, that are now going through such traumatic times losing their FATHER and having to read these cruel remarks.

HEAL THE WORLD, people don't want to heal the world, they want to kill it, the results are already visible all over the world, their is no love left and God is making his move. Earthquakes, Floods, Disasters after disasters, Oil spills, draughts, fires, u think that these are all coincidences, think again you hateful society you should all start to repent u don't deserve to be on this planet u ain't serving any purpose. Join some sort of charity and make a change in your lives, start looking in the Mirror and ask yourselves honestly "Have I done anything good lately" then make a vow to yourself and say 'STOP JUDGING PEOPLE THAT I DO NOT KNOW AS I WOULD NOT LIKE TO BE JUDGED BY PEOPLE THAT DON'T KNOW ME" If you can achieve this simple vow that is so totally free of charge only then are u able to Change the World

1588 days ago


Time for the media and the public to back off and let these children grow up well away from the spotlight. Take note TMZ...back off !!

1588 days ago


the Dailly Mirror interview with Katherine Jackson was very nice except for the title Wacko, tut tut, yes, the article was good not one negative word was printed well done to Dennis Ellam who wrote it, im going to email him and say thanks and ask him if he can do another on Michaels humanitarian work, he could point out about the baby dangling incident, Why was Michael at the hotel where he showed his son to the fans ? mmm that was never mentioned, so why was he there???????? oh he was there to recieve an award for his humanitarian work.

1588 days ago



Posted at 8:40 PM on Jun 20, 2010 by Phantom of the opera

Read the article. Very interesting. Well, lets see how it plays out at the trial.

1588 days ago

Alice(from Romania)    

Billboard reveals Michael Jackson's most popular song is Say Say Say

MICHAEL Jackson had dozens of hits, but his most popular one wasn't a solo smash or a tune with his brothers. It was a song with another icon.
Billboard says Say Say Say, his 1983 hit with Paul McCartney, is the most popular Jackson song.
That was followed by Billie Jean, the Jackson 5's I'll Be There, Beat It and Rock with You.
Billie Jean was at No.1 for seven weeks, while Say Say Say held the top spot for six weeks.
But the McCartney-Jackson hit stayed in the US top 10 longer.
Billboard is releasing Jackson statistics ahead of the anniversary of the King of Pop's death.
L.O.V.E and Miss MJ

1588 days ago

Alice(from Romania)    

First look: Jacko's pampered kids

Michael Jackson wasn't the kind of dad you'd catch flipping burgers on the barbecue.
But cable channel TLC is out to prove that -- despite all the weirdness that enveloped his world -- Jackson was the kind of father they make phone-company commercials about.
Prince, Paris and Blanket, who are now 13, 12 and 8 years old, get their first, unauthorized TV special -- "Hidden Lives of Michael Jackson's Children" -- Father's Day night.
But the network means "Hidden" in a good way, it seems.
"I think people are always going to say that [Jackson was strange]," says executive producer Wendy Douglas. "But I feel that if they . . . see some of the things he did with his kids, I hope they think a little less of that.
"They'll say he was a little weird, but was also a very hands-on father."
The special, airing at 9 p.m., comes on the one-year anniversary of Jackson's death (June 25). It features behind-the-scenes footage seen before only in snippets -- including Jacko helping Prince recite his "ABCs" and playing chess with his oldest son.
The show has its tabloid moments, like former child actor Mark Lester saying that Jacko asked him to make a "donation" to help conceive Paris.
But the point of the special is that the kids behind the dark veils and (sometimes grotesque) masks were fairly average children.
"Footage of Michael and his kids was always protected. He never liked to release it," says Douglas. "We were shocked we had this intimate footage, and I love it because it shows how much of a great father he is.
"You'll actually see how hands-on he was and how close he was to his children."
While no one interviewed on Sunday's special doubts that Jackson loved his kids, his child-rearing methods (including the veils and masks) are questioned by some -- including Vanity Fair writer Maureen Orth, who covered Jackson's 1993 child molestation case (eventually settled out-of-court).
(Orth's late husband, Tim Russert, hosted "Meet the Press" for NBC, which produced this special under its Pea**** Productions banner.)
The true paternity of Jackson's children is also cautiously questioned. Lester admits that he could be Paris's father, but adds that "it doesn't really matter," since Jackson was her father in every other sense of the word.
Missing are interviews with any of the kids themselves.
"As you can imagine, that was something that would have been really challenging and difficult to get," Douglas says.
"The family feels it's not appropriate. These kids are just starting to go out in public."

1588 days ago

Alice(from Romania)    

King of Pop still casts a long shadow in show biz
Gary native dominates music scene a year after his death

He's been gone for a year, but Michael Jackson isn't about to "Beat It."
As in the case of Elvis, death has only fueled his appeal.
Consider this:
The albums of the Gary native racked up sales of no less than 2.3 million in the United States in the three weeks after his death on June 25, 2009, at the age of 50.
Additionally, the three best-selling albums in the country in the days following his death were all his -- two greatest-hits compilations and "Thriller," the King of Pop's defining disc, released in 1982.
When Elvis Presley died in 1977 at age 42, his lagging career was, in essence, transformed into a potent sphere of commerciality and hero worship.
"Presley was kind of No. 1 in the pantheon of dead celebrity icons, but now I think Jackson's No. 1 and will be probably for some time to come -- I don't see that dissipating whatsoever," said Chuck Gallmeier, a professor at Indiana University Northwest in Gary who has researched the subculture of "gravers."
Such devotees visit graves and otherwise idolize dead stars.
M.J. is on their radar screens.
"He's such an international star, and technology, of course, helps with all that; he had things like MTV," said Gallmeier, chairman of IUN's department of sociology and anthropology.
Gallmeier said he is involved in an academic research project on followers of dead celebrities spearheaded by colleague Stephanie Shanks-Meile, a sociology professor at IUN.
The department chairman said he and his partner will keep "an eye on this Jackson phenomenon."
The late singer appears to be one of those rare artists whose works will have staying power and relate to fans decades from now -- even centuries from now.
"His music is timeless," said Freddie Gibbs, a Gary-bred hip-hop artist. "It's like he paved the way for a lot of people to do music, especially a lot of black people. I think he was instrumental in black music, period."
At 28, Gibbs is a rapper making waves nationally.
He said he is "proud to be from the same place" where Michael lived as a child.
In the year since his death, Jackson has smashed various records with his posthumous sales.
One of the most stunning achievements was his occupation of the top 10 spots on Nielsen SoundScan's Catalog Album Chart.
That domination had never before been seen.
Jackson's solo albums took up nine of the top 10 spots at the same time; the remaining slot was filled by the Jackson 5, which Michael fronted.
It was a prime example of his commercial muscle in the United States.
While the Beatles are basically respected for recording-studio prowess, much of Jackson's lasting allure stems from his electric performances.
Jeff Brown, coordinator of jazz studies at Valparaiso University, recalls being wowed by the legend in the 1980s at what was then the Rosemont Horizon, an Illinois arena.
"It was back when 'Billie Jean' and 'Beat It' had just been released," Brown, a 54-year-old jazz drummer, said. "It was an amazing concert. He did a little over three hours -- no warm-up band. It was three hours of energy."
The magic cannot be replaced, although previously unreleased recordings could be reason for celebration.
"If there was new Michael music, I think that there'd be a tremendous amount of interest in that," said Roy Trakin, senior editor of HITS magazine, a North Hollywood-based chronicler of the pop-music business.
"I think everyone is sort of just waiting for the next shoe to drop and to see what's in the coffers, what's left," Trakin said.
"This Is It," a new Jackson song, was released in October but failed to cause much of a stir.
"Who knows whether the stuff is worth seeing the light of day?" Trakin said of any previously unknown King of Pop material that may be waiting in the wings.
Meanwhile, the mainstream record business has a huge hole to fill.
Trakin cited Jackson's death as a blow to "those of us in the industry who kind of relied on him as a sales model."
The editor said reverberations remain: "I think in many ways the industry is still kind of suffering from the hangover of his death. Michael now kind of casts a long shadow on the music business.",new-gjackson.article

1588 days ago


Oh, just shut up, Larry.

The AP timeline in the Washington post article seems to be inaccurate on many points.

So is the TLC "do***entary" - many of those snippets of MJ's "home videos" have been on TV long ago, and you can watch them on youtube, such as the one with Michael and a very young Prince "playing" chess.

1588 days ago


why would katherine give out interviews about these kids if she wasnt as money hungry and daddy warbucks joe,,she is a wolf in sheeps clothing and is in cahoots with the puppetmaster joe..hell she hit those kids too..almost as much as joe ...this is a disgrace that these adoprted kids are put through this,,they have no real family and should be given to the real father,,,

1588 days ago


She didn't have a book to sell for the past she's using her dead son and her grandchildren and exposing their private lives to make money. Leave their private lives private, but of course, the next buck has to be made......

9. For almost a year they have continuously said that the kids are doing fine and have a normal life; now all of a sudden they are lonely and miserable?

Posted at 7:44 AM on Jun 20, 2010 by really?

1588 days ago


is anyone really surprized by this?????

1587 days ago


"Michael was so misunderstood" .Oh Please! That's because he didn't think that the normal rules that apply to society applied to him! Sham marriages, children made in a test tube not out of love, and let's not even mention the pyjama parties that got him in so much trouble. He didn't want to conform to the normal, infact at times he went out if his way to be "bizarre" which is how he wanted to be referred to in an article in the Enquirer in theb 80's. He played up and acted like an idiot during the Bashir do***entary which eventually got him indicted in 2004 for child molestation, but his mother would have us believe that we misunderstood him, I think it was more like he misunderstood us! I am as big a MJ fan as the next person, but let's face it he was strange!

1587 days ago


all of you people are horible to say that about mj he never touched a child hope you all go to hell for talking about the dead like that you need to stop judging people that's god's job you should be kissing kathrine feet you losers love ya kathrine

1587 days ago

Scott Bridge    

Really, really sweet story this. Thank you

1587 days ago
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