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Lorenzo Lamas Will Finally Meet 'Dirty' Son-In-Law

6/20/2010 4:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

More than two months after she eloped in Vegas, former "Bachelor" winner Shayne Lamas is finally going to introduce her brand new hubby to her famous father, Lorenzo.


First off -- yes, we're just as shocked as you are that they're still together --seeing how Shayne and founder Nik Richie tied the knot HOURS after they met back in April. 

But since the relationship seems to be working out, Lorenzo has agreed to fly out to Scottsdale, Arizona to spend Father's Day with his daughter and his new son-in-law.

We're told Nik plans to go all out for the family gathering -- booking a fancy dinner, massages, and even a night of clubbing at a place called the Pussy Cat Lounge.

Lorenzo won't be a third wheel though -- he's bringing HIS fiancée ... who happens to be YOUNGER than Shayne!


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Nik is a tard and a hypocrite. He always talks smack about girls on there and faults them for omething stupid like...."one eybrow is bigger than the other,no I wouldn't sleep with them" but he's married to this cow Shayne? Don't get me wrong,some of them ARE horrible looking,but when u say they are ugly cuz their left toe is bigger than the right,then ots obviosu that you are the most insecure person alive.

P.S. I have also won a shirt from his "post a daily comment" and I have tried to collect,but it's amazing that with "all of the money" he has I still have yet to recieve it,cheap bastard.LOL

1529 days ago


He is the most crass blogger and COMPLETE TRASH. I would FREAK if my daughter married a dirt bag like him.

1529 days ago

Sociopaths are Sad    

I remember Shayne from The Bachelor where she was actually edited to be down to earth and sweet. LOL! But this whole BS reality show of hers has shown her to be fake and trashy. And she has also AGED horribly. She looks like a desperate haggard cougar. Maybe she can be on Real Housewives now...she looks so old and used up. LMAO that her sleazy dad's new fiancee is younger than haggard old Shayne. I bet her con-man husband will hit on Daddy's new girl while his old lady Shayne is too stupid to notice.

1529 days ago


Good, I hope they have a great time!

1529 days ago


Nik Hooman is the biggest hypocrite... I went to his crappy site once and will never go back... How can he rip on 95% of the girls on his site and then marries Shayne Lamas... What a fricking hypocrite... She looks like Ms. Piggy... She is a no-talent, lard assed, PIG... He constantly rips on coke-whores and marries one of the biggest in hollywood... Hes a ugly fukr anyways... Half the chicks he rips on would hack on him if it wasnt for his crappy site... Both these s***s need to just overdose already and get it over with so i dont have to see or hear about/from them ever again. Green out

1529 days ago


Yup, it's Gurian here to spam this comment! DO NOT BE LATE TO *****CAT LOUNGE tonight! text 480 390 7989 for the last table in the building!

1529 days ago


Hey Hooman Karamian. Photo shop is for liers your the biggest lier ever monkey face. Sorry but the tiparillo smoke won't mask your donket features or your shady past. More lawsuits to come douchebag.

1529 days ago


Nik H. is a tool. A little boy with a lame site with fake submissions and a tiny peen.

1529 days ago



1529 days ago


Kinda gross that the woman Lorenzo is marrying is younger than his daughter.

1529 days ago

Anon E Mouse    

For the one millionth time retards, his name is not Nik Hooman, it is


He is an Arab that thinks he is white and runs the most racist website around.

1529 days ago


Son or son-in-law? Lips and nose are really similar!

1528 days ago


funny that a guy who makes his living making fun of woman just like the one he married. wow. consider the things i read on your site, not too good.

1528 days ago
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