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Tiger Woods Banners

Fly the Skies ... Again!

6/20/2010 12:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Those pesky banners that taunted Tiger Woods at the Masters are set to return today as he tries to win the U.S. Open this afternoon.

The banners -- which had such delightful phrases as "TIGER DID YOU MEAN BOOTYISM" and "SEX ADDICT? YA, RIGHT. SURE. ME TOO!" -- were commissioned by an anonymous person back in April.

Ted from NationalSkyAds.com says he has been hired to fly two banners over Pebble Beach today. The first will say, "TIGER: ARE YOU MY DADDY?" and the second will read, "HAPPY FATHER'S DAY TIGER LOL."

Tiger tees off around 2:05 PM PT. He could also tee off at around 2:10 if the banners fly over.

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IF he only messed with one woman..but he messed with 6..8..10..? how many exactly...?? the women were all over in many amounts..let the banners fly all over in many amounts.. he likes a lot of everything anyways..

1553 days ago


I hope the cost of the banners are so high that the payee will never have to work again.
Are they all scarlet mongerers - real or imagined

1553 days ago


Maybe Elin hired someone to do it - she's the only one who really has a vendetta toward him. And she certainly has the cash. *smile*

1553 days ago

Y do he got    

SCAMMBLE the AIRFORCE`s strikeforce AIA national guard shot down those hobby pilots from poohpa mason dispatch and than flash crew in the HELLS ANGLES to takeover untill tiger is afforded some human rights,adult entertainers get payed to F so what it`s bigger than sports muti-billion dollars from XXX/make him the first pro-golf JOHN HOMES and pay him to F and golf as everybody else in hollywood is doing.Blackman playing sports double standard.Paint some SS crap on those hobby planes and stall them but I`ll call in the air force and shot them down OR use the satellites to image project a HUGE interactive image of TIGERS WOOD FLYING in thier faces as gaydar is doing to everybody BY TIZCASTING TIZZY TMZ TIZ TIZ opticals and brainjam`ss

1553 days ago


I think LeAnn Rimes is a racist for not stepping up to take the DNA test that would conclusively prove she's the mother of Tiger's son. It's father's day and LeAnn should do the right thing and come clean.

1553 days ago


Well, did Elin fly their daughter to CA to spend her 3rd birthday with her wonderful father, Tiger? Elin seems to be bending over backwards to accommodate the chimpmunk. She cut her vacation in China with her brother short so "Sam" (why did they give her a guy's name?) could be with the Father of the Year on her birthday. Is Elin suffering from low self-esteem? I wouldn't do anything to accommodate horndog if I were his wife (thank the gods I'm not). Why aren't they divorced by now?

1553 days ago


This is stupid. Who cares who he screwed, the only one who should care is his wife. People are just pissed, cause he is bi-racial, money bags, and married to a white woman. You racist s***bags are stupid. How many white guys cheat, how many white guys troll the ghetto to pick up 11-12 year old black girls, how many of these same white guys are in the shadows, ****ing little boys behind their wife's back? What he let you down? Well you shouldn't put people on a ****in' platform of power and authority. Did he kill someone? Did he tell those women to spread their legs, or did they offer it up willingly? Did he order a million troops to go to war? Did he shoot your stupid dog? Regardless of anyones opinions, he has two kids that he will always have to answer to, about his affairs. Grow up, you single minded, twisted, protestant, hypocrites!

1553 days ago


Birds of a feather flock together. According to Horndog's loyal fans, it's A-OK to hump diseased women --- scores of them --- and then go home and expose an innocent wife --- even when she was pregnant --- to some very nasty diseases. According to them, "he didn't kill anyone". He may end up causing his poor wife to lose her life to a deadly virus, but that's okay with them, apparently.

We're just picking on their so-called hero because he has some black blood, although he never dated any black women, they still cheer for him anyway. What a bunch of fools.

1553 days ago


Happy Fathers Day Tiger! Dont pay any attention to those who think they are sin free, casting stones @ you, they are pathetic!

1553 days ago


to #29 you are so right!

1553 days ago


'No turkey unless it's a club sandwich'

That should be a message.

1553 days ago


So, was the banner flown?

1553 days ago


This is karma for Tiger. All the years of lying and sleeping with strippers while preaching moral family values to his fans. Don't feel so sorry for Tiger people! Feel sorry for his children and family members he lied to and humiliated.

1553 days ago


Goodness Polar Bear, all the anger! Pray tell, what do you have to do with the whole Tiger/Elin issue? You are extremely emotional about it, as if this is something very personal for you. I would hate to make judgments about you.

1552 days ago

Y do he got    

HE`s the MARK and they are ALL HO`s every last one of them including his bash your face in WIFE?.

1552 days ago
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