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Anna Nicole Smith Judge -- It Was 'Foul Play'

6/21/2010 4:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The judge who decided where Anna Nicole Smith would be buried has written a new book claiming someone is guilty of manslaughter in her death, but he went even further with TMZ, calling Anna's death "a potential murder case."

Anna Nicole Smith

Former judge Larry Seidlin, who authored "The Killing of Anna Nicole Smith," tells TMZ, there is no way the Seminole Police Department was sophisticated enough to properly investigate Anna's death.  As Seidlin put it, "They can tell you how to get to Elm Street or the public library, but this case was too much for them."

Seidlin says, "I think there was foul play and it should be investigated by an independent agency."

Seidlin claims Anna died under "highly unusual circumstances."  As he put it, "She never left her room.  She checked into room 607 at the Hard Rock and never left.  When she was checking in she couldn't even stand up."

Seidlin would not say who he believed should be considered a suspect.

UPDATE: A spokesman for the Seminole Police Department tells TMZ, "Seidlin is wrong. Seminole Tribe Police completed a comprehensive investigation of the death of Anna Nicole Smith in complete cooperation with the Broward County Medical Examiner, the Office of the State Attorney and the Crime Lab of the Broward Sheriff's Office. Since then, Seminole Police have worked closely with California investigators, who are prosecuting criminal charges in the case."


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Great, the Judge that came off as a nutcase during the trial and started to cry at one point has written a book. I am suprised he was not removed from the bench for such unprofessional behavior. He should be donating all profits from this book to help victims.

1588 days ago

LaToya Jackson    

If he really believes what he is saying shouldn't he have said something about it sooner?? *After all he was the judge and was in a position to do something about it. It seems he is a day late and a dollar short to day this... UNLESS he just wants people to buy is damn book

1588 days ago

Velle Mere    

Seminole County (Central Florida) has nothing to do with the Hard Rock located in Hollywood, Fl. The Seminole Hard Rock is located in Broward County (South Florida).

1588 days ago

Velle Mere    

Odd...Seminole County has nothing to do with the Seminole Hard Rock in Hollywood, FL, which is located in Broward County.

1588 days ago


She was a hard core drug addict, but what about a judges code of silence. Next, MJ's judges will all be writing books. But don't forget, the estate should get 80 percent of the profits.

1588 days ago


I think it's foul play for a fame-seeking "judge" to try to make money and fame off of somebody's death.

1588 days ago

EMG smack those hags    

LARRY SEIDLIN allegedly defrauded rich, old widow, Barbara Kasler. Mrs. Kasler filed a complaint against Larry Seidlin.

Larry Seidlin is a disgrace for Florida legal system and he should pay for his wrongdoings towards Mrs. Kasler. He is a greedy s***bag!

1588 days ago


ANS didn't die in Seminole County. Seminole County is in central Florida north of Orlando. She died in south Florida at the Seminole (as in Native American tribe) Hard Rock Hotel. Why would the whacked out judge try to involve the Seminole County sheriff's dept?

1588 days ago


Ok Earth to Stupid people. The Judge can't just file charges of murder if he thinks someone killed someone else.

Just because he is a judge doesn't grant him any special powers and really he us just a week as us till charges are filed.

He can come out with all the books he wants calling it murder since not all the evidence was even released yet he doesn't know jack sh..

1588 days ago

Prinz Frederic von Anhalt, Herzog zu Sachsen und Westfalen, Graf von Askanien    

Listen, I know DAMN WELL FOR SURE there was a lot of FOUL PLAY involved in Anna Nicole's death. I should know because I knew her intimately for almost 10 years and when I last saw her at the Hotel Bel Air in L.A. about 6 weeks before she died, she had never been a happier or more optimistic person in all the time that I knew her. She was clean off drugs and there was no way she would have been suicidal or abusing herself, unless other people were encouraging or forcing her to do so. One of her main problems was that she was easy to come under the influence of other people, and was kind of innocent and unable to see when people were doing bad. In fact she had been a health nut for 2 years at the time she died. I know because last time she met me, she was telling me about various different pills (I mean health supplements and vitamins) I should take to maximize my health. You can see from the photos before her death, she was looking very healthy and radiant beautiful and was in perfect shape and ideal weight. If it was true she was drugged up when checking into the Hard Rock hotel, it is obvious to me that Howard Stern was drugging her to control and manipulate her. All of the drugs they found inside her were prescribed to Howard Stern. And changing the subject, Larry Birkhead was not the father too. The paternity test is not 100% accurate, it's only 99.9% accurate. Well guess what that means? It means that 1 time in 1000, the paternity test is false. 1 time in 1000 is not actually rare to happen. It only happens 10 times less than 1 in 100. Even 1 in a million can happen, from time to time. Larry Birkhead was not the father of the baby and definitely Howard Stern was not the father too, but now I believe I was not the father too - but can not be 100% sure about anything. Listen, I know Anna was a very irresistible woman to many men, she knew so many people and she was seeing as much as 20 different men at different times of the year in different places, so the father could have been any number of different guys. But for sure in my opinion there was nothing natural at all about her death at a time when her life was starting to become more settled and her mental and physical health both were much better as they had been in previous years. Just like with Michael Jackson, just like with Princess Diana, just like with Marilyn Monroe, we will never know the whole truth. But I know there are a lot of people with some level of guilt who treated Anna badly, I'm pleased to say I'm not one of them as we always had a very nice relationship, and R.I.P. Anna. You're in a good place now. It was really great to know you.

1588 days ago

RJ Hunt    

Bottom line: She was a "junky pill head" and there is no one to blame except Anna herself, It's sad to think that our society has to point fingers and assign blame for someone else's undoing...What kind of message are we sending..."It's ok do as much dope as you want...and hay, if you die...Don't worry we'll find someone to blame for your death...and make tons of money after you're gone." Why go to rehab when you got that going for ya?!?!? Now will someone please get my rig and my junk so I can make SOMEBODY rich...

1588 days ago


Oh and stop with the location BS too. Its clear its a TMZ error. The Judge most likely didn't state what Sheriff office but TMZ filled in the blank like all media does to make the story written correctly. They Saw she died at "Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino" and thought that was in Seminole county.

1588 days ago


judge looking for more attention.
she had to many YES people around her. nobody to say 'no girlfriend you got to many pills in you -- time for rehab. " Thank goodness her daughter made it out alive.

1588 days ago

bring back recent posts    

Floridians sure have a crappy history of electing people..geeeeeeeez

1588 days ago


Whoever did it, failed miserably because he/she doesn't even get to get her money.

1588 days ago
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