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Anna Nicole Smith Judge -- It Was 'Foul Play'

6/21/2010 4:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The judge who decided where Anna Nicole Smith would be buried has written a new book claiming someone is guilty of manslaughter in her death, but he went even further with TMZ, calling Anna's death "a potential murder case."

Anna Nicole Smith

Former judge Larry Seidlin, who authored "The Killing of Anna Nicole Smith," tells TMZ, there is no way the Seminole Police Department was sophisticated enough to properly investigate Anna's death.  As Seidlin put it, "They can tell you how to get to Elm Street or the public library, but this case was too much for them."

Seidlin says, "I think there was foul play and it should be investigated by an independent agency."

Seidlin claims Anna died under "highly unusual circumstances."  As he put it, "She never left her room.  She checked into room 607 at the Hard Rock and never left.  When she was checking in she couldn't even stand up."

Seidlin would not say who he believed should be considered a suspect.

UPDATE: A spokesman for the Seminole Police Department tells TMZ, "Seidlin is wrong. Seminole Tribe Police completed a comprehensive investigation of the death of Anna Nicole Smith in complete cooperation with the Broward County Medical Examiner, the Office of the State Attorney and the Crime Lab of the Broward Sheriff's Office. Since then, Seminole Police have worked closely with California investigators, who are prosecuting criminal charges in the case."


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in order to vote id have to look more into what happened.....i think theirs a lot of cases including kurt cobain where it was marked accidental or suicide instead of the facts...i also think that mj's death was accidental however the doc should be persecuted for administrating a drug that he shouldn't have....

1523 days ago


My feelings are Anna Nicole had toxic people around her and people who would cater to her every whim and need. I do not believe it was intentional homicide but i do think manslaughter. She just didn't have someone smart or tough enough to snap her out of her own self-destruction.

1523 days ago


The only person who killed Anna nicole was anna nicole. And this stupid ex- judge should either shut up, or tell us what he knows. I reckon he's gunning for a reality show.

1523 days ago


I think Anna died from drugs. Her choice. Maybe the doctors writing scripts left and right but other than that, I do not think Stern did anything to hurt her. Wasn't she his gravy train. As far as this so called judge,I sure hope he is not on the bench any longer. He is just wanting the publicity and TMZ has given him a platform. Come on TMZ, let the Enquirer handle this story.

1523 days ago

Lynn M    

The Seminole Police Dept, is a Seminole Indian police force. She died at an Indian Casino run by the Seminoles, on reservation property, thus her death was under their jurisdiction. Unless the article was changed, no reference was made to the Seminole County Sheriff's Dept. The Casino is on tribal lands within Broward County but is under tribal jurisdiction.

1523 days ago


This notion is absurd! Nobody killed Anna-she was taking drugs by her own hand. Stop looking for gremlins where there is NONE.

1523 days ago

Lynn M    

I still believe her mother should have been given the right to bury her. As a mother, I can't imagine being excluded like her mom was. I don't care what she did or didn't do for Anna. She was the closest LEGAL relative beyond her daughter. I also feel that Larry should at least allow Anna's mother and daughter the chance to spend time together. Life changes, the past is the past. Anna's mom was young and made mistakes with Anna. Her life is very different today. Time to let bygones be bygones. Larry isn't exactly a perfect person, either, although I'm glad he is raising Dannilynn. It's too bad that he chooses to allow that other person to be in her life beyond the capacity as executor. He does not need to be in her life.

1522 days ago


Birkhead, Stern, Anna Nicole, all of them are sleazeballs!!! I see NONE of THEM have ever been awarded 1 dime of the Marshall money..NO DOUBT Anna had a lot of help dying. Jewish guy with BIG NOSE helped!!!

1522 days ago


Carole: Hahaha, you know nothing about my wife, you know nothing about my life (not even my age) and even less than nothing about my love life. Let's just say I have no shortage of opportunities. Living in a mansion in Bel Air where Elvis Presley and Howard Hughes both lived before me, driving a $400,000 Rolls Royce, having millions of dollars in the bank and a Royal Title doesn't help me. You see, it's all about the personality. So many women love my personality, my humor and my confidence. I'm sure those other factors mentioned above have nothing to do with it. But of course everyone must have different tastes and I accept that, so if I'm not your type of guy, I make no apology for it.

Posted at 12:45 PM on Jun 21, 2010 by Prinz Frederic von Anhalt, Herzog zu Sachsen und Westfalen, Graf von Askanien

Prinz Frederic I would date you honey.

1522 days ago

go home!    

Oh please. There was no foul play. I think we have learned a plenty in the past few years with all these celebs dying from mixing rescription meds...your heart stops, dont do it idiots. Heath Ledger, Corey Haim, Brittany Murphy, et al

1522 days ago


She was in the freezer for 3 weeks before burial. I think she was a drug addict who died from a broken heart when her son died...

1522 days ago


Zsa Zsa is blessed to have a gentleman such as Prince Frederick as her devoted husband and Anna would be proud to have him as her friend as he has shown true loyalty throughout this case that I have followed from the beginning.

I agree with all he says and I think this former judge should be made to pay for his terrible decisions in the burial hearing. Howard K. Stern was responsible for that hearing and Seidlin's rulings caused unnecessary expense. He was out to gain publicity for himself, hoping to get a tv program.

He caused Vergie Arthur unnecessary grief and humiliation! She is Anna's mother and next-of-kin and wanted to bury Anna and her son (who also was murdered imo) in her family plot in Texas.

Larry Seidlin should do the right and proper thing and pay for Anna and her son, Daniel, to be exhumed from the Bahamas and moved to Texas for burial in the family plot.

I'm sure Larry Seidlin would want to be buried with his family if he were in Anna's place or his family most certainly would want him with them....on second thought, maybe they wouldn't!

1522 days ago


I saw the clown face video and all the rest...something horrible went on and needs to be checked into....the person in that video is being taken advantage of...what cruel reasons would they have for making those videos? who treats people that way? The mans a sadistic monster.

1522 days ago


#28 Freddy, you have been with "many women" Ugh! #30 is right you ARE an old nutcase. Your bragging is not impressive, it is pathetic and makes me want to hurl!
Isn't it time for your nap and depend change????

1522 days ago


OMG, who cares? She died of a good ole' fashion over dose period!! She did it to herself, just like countless others across the world everyday. If someone doesn't care more about themselves than to live that life, then I don't think anyone else should care either.

1522 days ago
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