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WWE Legend Rips Batista -- He'll Get Killed in MMA

6/22/2010 4:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Batista may have left the WWE, but his most hated rival is still talking trash -- claiming the former heavyweight wrestling champ is gonna get crushed when Batista starts fighting for real in MMA.

TMZ spoke with WWE legend Booker T. -- who famously clashed with Batista in a real-life throwdown in '06 -- and Booker tells us he doesn't think Batista can "match up" with some of the big boys in Strikeforce.

In fact, Booker claims the 40-something-year-old wouldn't "last 5 minutes" in the ring with another WWE-star-turned-MMA-powerhouse -- Bobby Lashley.

As we first reported, Batista claims the wheels may already be in motion for his first fight ... no word if he'll get in the ring with Lashley. 

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i am going to laugh my ass off when batista goes in and makes it and booker t is a wimpey ass bitch so stick it up ya ass booke t
batista will shock the world

1584 days ago


go get **** you a big **** booker t you are a big mother ****er batista is the champion he kick all the mma wrestlers ass in one second batista you are the best go mma i am a big fan of u really big fan call me one time my number is 009233335514639 plz if you read this i am waiting go **** these ass

1583 days ago


Is it still 1999?

1583 days ago

Daniel Grass    

In my own opion, Dave Batista would have to fight people in MMA not WWE. I feel like the real question would be how would he fair against guys like Chuck Liddel, Brock Lesner, Fedor, guys with cage fighting expierience? Hes an exempluary athelete; no question. But the ability to go through with the real is different. Its a whole other aspect than professional wrestling. The mentality is completely diffent from the word "Fight!", to "Wrestle" I have done both. I continue to fight in the cage. Youtube daniel grass to see episode 2 where I get my jaw broke in 3 places. Its not for the weak of stomach either. That really is my jaw hanging by a thread. I make my return in a couple few months, but its coming. Thought yall might atleast enjoy the fight!

The Elastic Grasshopper

1581 days ago


Booker T KICKED Batista's Ass in a backstage fight,so he knows what he's talking about.

1579 days ago


I don't know what booker-t is tslking about because he sucks himself just jealous of batista cause he's the better man

1577 days ago


"I don't know what booker-t is tslking about because he sucks himself just jealous of batista cause he's the better man"

This statement is made of pure bullsh*t and fail.

1557 days ago


Batista has mma ability. Look at how he trains with crump. Everyone thought when Brock went to fight in mma that he was going to be a big joke, and Im sorry, like it or not he is AWESOME! Lashley is a great fighter too. If Batista lands in mma country my circle is complete. I have been a huge fan of all three of these guys, and two of my prayers have been answered with Lesnar and Lashley, my trifecta will be complete with Batista. They prove that speed and quickness is just a peons way to compensate for their lack for strength and power. GO BATISTA!

1553 days ago

N.S. Ugezene    

In my opinion, where Batista could go wrong is because of his age. That may be why he isn't successful in MMA. That's the only reason I feel it wouldn't work. When summing up his WWE career, I feel that he was supposed to be likened to the Ultimate Warrior. They did have the same backstage response. Both were seen as sloppy in-ring workers. I actually think that both Batista and the Ultimate Warrior weren't bad on the mic. Batista certainly was better promoted as a face than as a heel. As a heel, his character is bland simply because there is not a good range of emotion.

Getting into the group Evolution, the member who I feel is blossoming the most is Randy Orton. That is the best combination of skill and intimidation. I have seen as an avid wrestling fan. I don't think HHH strikes fear in his opponents. He's just highly respected. Randy Orton makes his opponents respect him. So, I have to disagree with DocHolliday that Randy Orton is average. Even John Cena is above average due to his high marketabillity and he does have more variety in his move set than in recent years.

1533 days ago


......................MUST READ PLEASE.......

Well you guys may don't know but professional wrestlers are one of the most trained sportsmen in world. Look at the history Brock Lesnar he is among top and lashley 5-1 and if you can recall shamrock was also wwf wretler and he id well in mma. So why you all think that Batista can't. Batista is a well trained Mua Thai Fighter and he is also training now hard. And can you even think what will happen when those big hard punches go for real.

MMA is real fight I know but tell me how many matches they have in a year for a fighter less than 10 generally so every one has recovery time. And in pro wrestling 52 weeks + 14 PPV + Live Events + Tours + Training matches at powerplants. So thats make a difference.

You all always look Pro Wrestling as it is fake, everything is fixed and they have nothing to do than just doing a role. Well this is wrong....first of all not all matches are fixed...only those matches are fixed which are used to make storyline interesting or to carry the story...if it would be not like that then people would not watch wwe.........ok tell me how many of you watch olympics wrestling.......no one.....that is the reason man.......but you all don't see it as this and disrespect pro wrestling.

And if you are smart enough then you can understand which match is for real and which is fix.....wwe and others do one thing if it is fixed then they will use common tools such as-- interference, distraction, refree down,disqualification, a mistake by a wrestler, or other things such as batista john cena duck tape incident. So they make you judge fixed results if you can.

If you look back for UNDERTAKER's winning streak then look behind in most matches you will find these things.....vs batista -batista standing on first rope for punch on head the phenom giving him last ride....vs giant gonjalis using powder.....vs shawn michels well he has to live raw because he was retiring.

Thats what pro wrestling is they make some fixed matches then a real one its on you if you can spot one.

Their main motto is entertainment and not sports 100%.

100% sports = MMA
50% entertainment +50%sports = Pro Wrestling .

Spread this knowledge.

1514 days ago


BoogerT and Batista are both big losers.

1473 days ago


BoogerT and Batista are both real losers. Batista was a big bully when he was with the WWE. Glad to see him leave. He was a big crybaby.

1472 days ago


batista is 1 hard fella an trust me everyone is in for a shock in the mma world

1422 days ago


I admit that I am a WWE fan. Booker is not even a whisper of a legend. But... he is right about Lashley beating Batista. Lashley has real life experience in kicking ass. I think Lashley will knock out former WWE Brock Lesner too.

1402 days ago
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