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Batista -- I'm Fighting for REAL Now!

6/21/2010 10:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

He's a former six-time WWE heavyweight wrestling champion of the world -- but this weekend Batista finally confirmed that he's now fighting for real ...  for an MMA company called Strikeforce.


The 6'5", 290 pound behemoth was out in Hollywood this weekend -- where he told our camera guy about the move ... and hinted that he already has his first fight lined up.

The 40-something-year-old recently left WWE after his contract expired ... and there had been rumors floating around that he wanted to get into Mixed Martial Arts fighting. 

Now, with the rumors confirmed, we gotta ask ... 

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Wow there are alot of internet want-a-be tough guys here on this site. So what he did Pro. Wrestling? Some of the Pro. Wrestlers would take any normal man and tear them apart. Jealous wimps can only say bad things. Many MMA fighters have all the respect in the world for Pro. Wrestlers. Also back in the early 1900's Pro. Wrstling was a shoot 'REAL" the fighters came to an agreement and started working the matches. And made more money at it. Hmmm history may repeat it self here and I said may repeat it's self. Also believe it or not before the Dana White was able to get is friends to but the UFC, the UFC went to Vince Machman and Vince turn them down. This is all true look it up want-a-be's!

At least BATISTA has been some where aand travel the world. And has made more money in one night than most of us can make in one year. Ok now all the want-a-be tough guys an respond back to what I posted!

1550 days ago


Batista got his butt handed to him by Booker T in a real fight. This was after Batista sucker punched Booker. I don't think Batista has a chance in MMA if he can't take down someone after Batista gets the 1st suck punch in.

1550 days ago


my only concern is, he was always hurt and injured in wwe and that was fake/scripted so in MMA he could be on the shelf injured for for most his time in MMA. if he can sort out the endurance side of it he may stand a chance

1550 days ago


This has been confirmed false by Strikeforce. He does not have a deal and they have little interest in signing him.

As for him fighting he's actually got a muay thai background and trains regularly with Maurice Crump and there are actually videos of him training.

Now on the other hand he's too big, slow, and old and from the videos he doesn't look to have whole a lot of skills that would bode well for him in MMA...more suited for movie type stuff

1550 days ago

dyson rich    

Its not about winning or losing for him. Its a payday. I think Strike force should sign Kimbo and match up these two. Just because he is 40 doesn't mean he can't have a few good fights. Look at Hershel Walker, He just fought at over 40. There are many 40 year olds and yes they may not be top draws but they usually provide some good fights. Who is training him ? And prepare to see lot's of guy's like this come out of the woodwork. Like Cut NFL players, Boxers, Wrestlers, Baseball players, Pro body builders Ect. Soon anyone with some athletic ability will think they can be the next Lesner. Maybe a seniors division should be considered. Seriously.

1550 days ago


Strikeforce will put him in there against a scrub and he'll take down and GnP to a decision.

Dave will get paid and SF will get a buttload of publicity. Win/win.

1550 days ago


Another full of **** wrestler saying he's going to fight in MMA (see Kurt Angle).

Scott Coker said himself there's no deal with Dave Bautista (Batista).

1550 days ago


Is it just me, or does he look drunk or stoned or something??

1550 days ago

bring back recent posts    

...isn't that K-fed?????????????????

1550 days ago


we dont need to read the history of wrestleing you geek,now put down your wrestling dolls and be a good boy and mow the damn lawn

1550 days ago


He's hot, and I don't even like men that much.

1550 days ago


He isn't a real fighter in the first place!!! A stage entertainer is what that clown is. He will get his butt kick first round and I will be watching and laughing.

1550 days ago


27. He's hot, and I don't even like men that much.

Posted at 12:32 PM on Jun 21, 2010 by Trish


1550 days ago


Seriously you guys are beyond lame, interviewing someone who's drunk and claiming it to be confirmed? Least you could have done was confirm it with Strikeforce before making yourselves look more stupid than you usually do.

1550 days ago


All I know is that man is FINE honey!!!! (He has to me to make someone who doesn't "like women...." take a look! I'm a huge fan of his and wish him all the best in whatever he undertakes.

Trish, your comment was priceless! Hope you don't mind my using part of it. :)

1549 days ago
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