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Fat Joe Investigated for Sexual Assault

6/21/2010 4:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Platinum-selling rapper Fat Joe was detained by police in Madison, Wisconsin last night  -- after a 33-year-old woman told cops that Joe and his entourage sexually assaulted her inside a Cadillac limo.

Fat Joe

According to the Madison PD, the woman claims the incident went down after the rapper -- real name Joseph Cartagena -- performed at a concert at The Orpheum Theater last night.

Cops say the woman claims, "shortly after the concert had concluded ... [the woman] found herself inside of a Cadillac Limousine with Joseph Cartagena and other male subjects all with the destination of a hotel located on Madison's west side."

Cops tell TMZ Fat Joe was detained for questioning -- but he was not arrested. He was released this morning -- sometime before 7 AM.

So far, no arrests have been made and police tell us the investigation is ongoing.


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how do you "find yourself in a limo" ? She's a hoe, just like all the other women at his performances. She certainly didn't go for the music.

1562 days ago


Kobe didn't rape that girl and neither did Fat Joe. Oh, and OJ did't kill dem two peoples either. You must be smoking some pretty good stuff if you believe that. . .
When do we stop idolizing the Thug Lifestyle?

1562 days ago


I have only one thing to say about this story?
Also, why do men wear women's earings?

1562 days ago


shes probably a prostitute who didnt get paid or nobody wanted to pay her

1562 days ago


[the woman] found herself inside of a Cadillac Limousine? what was it like magic? POOF Ahh I'm inside a limo how did that happen?

1562 days ago


The guy is such an embarassment. He, in no way, represents real Puerto Ricans. He is a thug, who embraces thugism, which has brought nothing to our island but thug mentality.

Real Puerto Ricans are honorable people whose music is beautiful and worthy of wonder and awe. May I direct to Rafael Hernandez, a poor Afro-Puerto Rican who made something of his life and gave his island a beautiful legacy. We salute PRicans like him not this piece of trash.

This guy is a thug. I hope they throw him in jail, where he belongs.

I'll never forget a PRican day parade that he co-hosted with some sports commentator. The sports commentator knew more about our beautiful island than this piece of mielda, who could only sit there and go: Yo man, yo! What an ignorant fat slob.

Puerto Ricans embrace education. This guy has none and embraces being a nasty thug. Que verguenza!!!

1562 days ago


She put herself there ... doesn't mean they had the right to assault her ...

1562 days ago


Im in NO WAY condoning sexual assault, it shouldnt happen not matter what the situation! To all women I dont care if a man is famous or not rule to live by is if you do not know a man do not go any where alone with him let alone a group of men! Use your head for something besides a hat rack, dont put yourself in a vulnerable situation! Look what happened to poor Natalee Holloway and that other chick from Peru when they went with that sick **** Joran Van Der Sloot!

1562 days ago


Why is this humanoid permitted to walk on planet earth?

1562 days ago


my daughter knew a guy who attended one of Fat joe's so called hotel parties n he called her from the party n you could here joe tellin someone to suck it harder n all kinds of nasty things. Girls hollering, men gettin off, lots of nastiness so i believe hes guilty! jus cuz a nickle got money dont mean he can do anything he wants without consent. And aint this brah married?

1562 days ago


OMG! I went to one of his concerts and he and his buddies invited us to an after hours club.. so we get into one of his cars thinking wed be driving around the corner and he takes us like 20 minutes away to a the hotel airport in the middle of nowhere!!!!!!! Then his buddy comes up to me and tells me it would be an honor for ME if I went up and slept with him!!!!!!!!! We left riiiiiiiiiiiight away!

1562 days ago

anjel thomas    

When will celebrities learn when you put yourself in situations with women you are setting yourself up for trouble. (false accusations, blackmail) Women see these men and think now how much can I get out of him. Maybe the more of these to come out men will finally pay attention! (Ben Roethlisberger I'm talking to you.)

1562 days ago

Mr. Hudson    

I thought he was dead...

1562 days ago


Being from NY- you know one thing about Joe and his so-called Terror Squad (I say so-called b/c since Big Pun the real talent died, all the remaining talent of the group left b/c Joe was a hater and didnt let them shine)...anyways, they are all grimy type of guys- So I wouldnt put it past them- however the girl is clearly after $$ because as everyone else pointed out "she found herself" in the limo lol what a joke- she got a train ran on her like they do to all their groupies- and probably didnt get the result she was hoping for- $$$$ she runs to the cops- no sympathy here!

1562 days ago


Saddest comments section ever... Whether it's true or not, to imply that because a woman gets in a car with a rapper and his entourage, she should expect to be raped, is extremely dumb.

1562 days ago
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