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Jesse James' Ex

Her Husband's Flip Flop

6/21/2010 4:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained emails that played a big part in the judge's decision not to ban Jesse James' ex from visiting their child -- but the emails are a little weird.

Jesse James

Jeremy Aikman, who's currently married to Janine Lindemulder, wrote to the court via email, "I am sorry for saying the hurtful lies about Janine.  I acted immature and very out of line." 

As for what those "hurtful lies" are -- among other things, Jeremy claimed she was a major pill popper who "loves feeling the needle."  The court read a letter from Jeremy that Jesse James submitted, stating that on one occasion, "She left the house so high on pills that she ran her truck in to the house."

Jesse used the letter in an attempt to block visitation, but the judge looked at subsequent emails and decided to discount everything Jeremy said.  The judge read an email from Jeremy to Janine, which said he "acted very immature and told Jesse James thing about you that were not true."

One insider claims Jeremy had a change of heart because he was afraid Janine might harm herself if she lost visitation, and he was feeling guilty.


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Jim Beam    

Her husband is a big, fat *****. that's all there is to it. Janine needs help and he's not man enough to give it to her. This c*cksucker pisses me off - have the balls to stand by what you write ya big *****!

1551 days ago


In other words Jesse James paid some money to Lefty to write that letter and than Lefty screwed him.
Jesse James - looser.

1551 days ago


WHY In the world would the likes of Sandra hook up with the likes of JESSE JAMES? look at all his ex-drama queens. TATS are fine but to have them overpower your body is a different story. What a waste. Sandra all I can tell you girl is get disconnnected from this family system before they ruin you. All I am saying is there is just no way that Sandy's marriage to Jesse will ever work out because all his Ex-s will have to tag along to Austin,Texas and that is enough to make Sandy worry if her hubby will still be poking Janine, Karla, and who knows another Bombshell in Austin perhaps. God help you Sandy if you are trying to reconcile with Jesse becaue I can tell you right now I smell t-r-o-u-b-l-e with Janine in the picture. (The girl just wants money and can smell it a mile away).

1551 days ago


Let's hope Jeremy feels so sympathetic for Janine when drunk or high Sunny get's harmed! The Judge should have at least made it supervised visitation for a while, with regular drug and alcohol testing before permitting Janine visitation rights!!
I truly feel sorry for Sandra Bullock, these women weren't using Jesse's name for their 15 mins fame, they were using hers!! It must be difficult to love someone so much and then have all of this come out, especially since you don't stop loving someone just because of the mistakes they've made! There are many women who manage to make their marriages work after an affair, even celebs, it just takes time and some peace and quiet with a counsellor/mediator - it can be done, but you have to feel a total recommitment on both sides and using an affair in rows just poisons your whole relationship. Sometimes, just sometimes it can actually make your relationship stronger when you make that effort because you are both finally paying attention to what was missing in your relationship!!
While no one else seems to feel sorry for Jesse James, I actually do to some extent! No I don't condone affairs, but I do believe he truly loves Sandra and he said from the get go he deserves everything coming to him - haven't heard any other cheaters say that this year!! There was a picture of him taken head on and his eyes said it all, the man's in a lot of pain (I know you'll all say he should be) and it shows!! Whatever happens I do hope Sandra manages to remain in Sunny's life in some way because that piece of trash that's her mother doesn't deserve to be in her life!!

1551 days ago

Throwback kid    

TMZ sometimes takes the same story, and keeps doing it over and over with a new picture, but it's just rehashing what they already just told us.

1551 days ago


I wonder how many emotional scars Sunny will grow up with.

1551 days ago


Must be bad loosing child support money.

1551 days ago


I don't care about the money.

Sunny is doing INCREDIBLE!

She's surrounded by love. She's fun loving, glorious, bright child.

So many of u need to not judge. You're only hurting yourselves.

Sunnys mama, Janine

1550 days ago

Grow UP!    

Most of your comments are so rude and insensitive, quite immature and sophmoric ... makes me wonder what kinda emotional issues some of you readers have. It's sad to see so much hate being spewed regarding how people "look"?? Really???

1550 days ago
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