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Tiger Woods -- Belated Father's Day

6/21/2010 3:48 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Tiger Woods was busy squandering his chance to win the U.S. Open on Father's Day ... so he made up for it today, picking his daughter up from school.

Better late than never.

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Poor little sweet girl . One day she will learn her daddy is in fact a real POS, a creep who didn't care about his kids to prevent them from humiliation and pain.
Great golfer yes - well from what I saw yesterday not that great - but a complete failure as a human being.
Sad sad sad story of a man who had absolutely everything and still it wasn't enough ....

1587 days ago


What a JackHole!!!!! Can't wait to see you lose another!!!

1587 days ago

Daisy Mae Duke    

He has a glow about him in this picture..wonder what it could be?

1587 days ago


Give it a rest he didn't spend the weekend with sluts he was working how many other dads worked? Did you follow them hte next day?

1587 days ago


@DumbWalrus for a dumby that wasn't dumb at all.

1587 days ago

ora long    

Study that face. It shows tremendous hurt in his eyes. He has paid, he is paying now, he will always pay; so let him alone to try to rebuild a life.

1587 days ago

TMZ losers    

stalking people at there kids daycare?????? How dispicable

1587 days ago



1587 days ago

WV granny    

To ora long: I see the same thing in his eyes as you do. I also think it is fear--what are they going to distort this simple act of living my life into?? People, I beg you, let it die. None of this happened to you, only to those in his family. Part of what is really horrible in this situation is the cruelty and the pleasure you all seem to be deriving from it. Vaya con Dios, Tiger. WV granny

1587 days ago


Poor rich Tiger he will hit bottom and then come back I feel.

1587 days ago

De Borah    

To all who has insisted that Tiger Woods is less than a man because he cheated on his wife. I will give the first person who's father, uncle, boyfriend, son, husband, or whatever male species alive, has NEVER cheated on a woman in their ENTIRE life a million dollars if you can prove it. Every man alive & dead has once, twice or many times as cheated on a WOMAN. So why should Tiger be viewed any differently??????? Not saying it's right, but THAT'S WHAT MEN DO.......

1587 days ago


Elin, was supposed to make sure that Sam got to come to California to be with her Dad on her 3rd birthday. He was busy trying to win a major championship!! Elin, did not hold up to her word and now Tiger is getting criticized for not being with her. Well, it seems to me that Elin wants everything he has made, so I guess she doesn't mind him working, like alot of father's have to do on her birthday and Father's day. Maybe she can go for a little more money.

1587 days ago


De Borah!

What an ignorant fing comment!

1587 days ago

De Borah    

pimpdaddy: what's so ignorant about every man alive or dead has cheated. You call yourself "pimpdaddy" with a name like that, surely you have CHEATED at least one time; I'm just saying' By the way, who are you pimpin'?

1587 days ago

the prophesy    

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1586 days ago
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