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Tiger Woods -- Belated Father's Day

6/21/2010 3:48 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Tiger Woods was busy squandering his chance to win the U.S. Open on Father's Day ... so he made up for it today, picking his daughter up from school.

Better late than never.

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Have you never made a mistake? Tiger made some huge mistakes, he confessed, apologized, and is really hurting. Look at his eyes...
you don't have to like him, but please just leave him alone to heal. He may never come back from this tragedy... please don't bash him any further. Until you've walked in someone's shoes, you really can't judge him.

1581 days ago


aw look, a low-life adultering cheat who likes to f*** skanks and porn stars...and betrays his family without shame parading as a father! Sorry Tiger...you are nothing more than sperm donor now with a fat wallet!

1581 days ago


Im curious to know if this had Been a highly praised and successful WHITE GOLFER who screwed every black chick he could get his hands on, would this story still be relevent???? NO, NO and F*CKIN NO...Now you try to insult the man by trying to make him look like a dead beat dad..WTF??? stick to the story at hand which is he slept with other women outside of his marriage. Shheeeeeessshh!!!

1581 days ago


His eyes look weird, and his body is big compared to his little head. His little head on top, that is. He's out-of-proportion and unbalanced and needs his chakras balanced as the demon of lust is strong in him, so his bottom chakra is too strong and in control of everything. No wonder he's so homely looking.

1581 days ago


“black women should be appalled at their men. bad husbands, worse fathers, being glorfied in kobe and tiger. sir charles, mj, magic, LT, aint much better either. dang if MLK lived would it be like this? worshipping this nonsense instead of education and equal rights.”


1581 days ago


#29 post "Debbie" --- So you think he's "sexy" ?! Wow! I see nothing sexy about him. He has an overbite with horse teeth, chipmunk cheeks, ugly nose and cold looking eyes. If that's not bad enough, he's got the reputation of having a lousy personality, he's got a huge over-inflated ego, he's narcissistic, and he's a sleazy degenerate. You're probably one of those fat, middle-aged, lonely women who write to convicted murderers on Death Row and marry them e.g. that creepy Night Stalker Richard Ramirez who got married while on Death Row.

Regarding his merits as a father, he has none. No good father who cares about his children would expose their mother to some very nasty sexually transmitted diseases --- and his children while they were still in the womb! He's as nasty as a man can get. He might even have MRSA, be a carrier, not have the symptoms but pass it on to others. I wouldn't want my children around him if I were their mother, not when he had as close contact as he had with an army of dirty women, prostitutes and porn stars. He was so dumb he chose the bottom of the barrel when it came to women. He's not a very bright person when it comes to health. I thought athletes were supposed to be examples and be into healthy lifestyles. Obviously Tiger is not an athlete.

1581 days ago


Hey, have you heard the latest about Tiger blaming his caddie for his mediocre performance Sunday? What a douche bag; he just cannot man up and take the blame for anything, can he. He’s probably the one who started the BS about his wife not pleasing him in bed, so he had to look elsewhere for his satisfaction. He’s beneath contempt. He blames everyone else for his failures. He’s an ugly man with a lousy personality. Yuk!

1581 days ago


Glad to know that none of these commenters are not my judge and jury. The man had sex with a lot of women, and yes it makes him a total tool. During the coarse of everybodys life things are done that we wish we could change or do over again!!! NEWS FLASH people Tiger Woods is just a man and not a GOD. So he made a lot of horrible mistakes that has torn his family apart,but as a man it is now his duty to let his children know that his love for them will never change. Tiger Woods if you read this, I say go live your life and be the best father that you can be. One day when you look back at these situations this happened for a reason and needed to come out in the open. I pray for your wife and children. But just know at the end of the day no matter what anybody says you will always be their father and they will love you, and you just need to return that love.

1565 days ago


Why did rachel get $10 million for? was it to keep her mouth shut about the poly max extremes he used on the golf course? the sex and drugs are already mentioned. his golf game is in the toilet. Poly Max Extremes was his secret weapon. And now he cant use them.

1533 days ago


you absolutely have NO proof of that whatsoever. Tiger, and all of the other players, I am sure, are tested for any kind of drugs that they might use. Your mouth belongs in the toilet!! Tiger, has been for years the #1 player in the world, and yes he is struggling now because it is so much of a mental game with him, and as he said it has been a very tough year. He admits that he made very terrible choices and mistakes, but even though he made his bed, doesn't mean that he should have to live in that bed for the rest of his life. He has admitted the mistakes and is working on his problems and trying to straighten out his personal life that he screwed up.
We are not the judge!! There is only one judge, and as long as he stays humble and asks for forgiveness, he will be forgiven.
I think Tiger will come back someday. He is too good of a player, he just has a lot of issues going on in his life at this time that are a little more important than his golf game.

1533 days ago
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