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TMZ's Raddest Dad Contest -- Final 5!

6/21/2010 4:29 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

We've narrowed down the finalists to these final five photos in our Raddest Dad Contest -- and now it's up to you to decide who takes the cake!

Which of these five fab photos should score the $250 prize and some crazy cool gifts from TMZ?

**CLICK HERE for contest rules and regulations!**  0622_poll_winner


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Who narrows these down? Not one of these was in my top 5!!

1502 days ago


What cute pictures. The "Daddy Hits the Bottle made me laugh. I voted for the Daddy Tea Party though...he got in full costume!

The Army Daddy will win because he's a serviceman and not home long with the kids, (emotional vote) and that usually tips the contest...even though it's not funny like the rest.

1502 days ago


I had to pick the one who was actually doing something worthwhile.
The others may be funny, but only one is serving his country.

1502 days ago


True. But then the other photos were taken during times when the dad set aside time for the kids. We don't know what they do for a living. I'm just saying that I uniform always does it.

1502 days ago


I really really wanted to give it to Daddy Crack, but at the end of the day there is only one father in these pictures that I owe a huge debt to, and that one is Daddy Infantry so he got my vote.

1502 days ago


This is the best photo contest you've had in a long time, just look at the number of entries. But PLEASE who narrows these down to the top five??? There were so many great ones and laugh out loud funny ones. I won't go on about the ones like the hunky daddy covered in baby puke but that was spontaneous and funny at the same time. Too many were planned.

1502 days ago

Laffn Bear    

I find the continued rise in militarism and support for American Imperialism frightening.
The toll of maimed, mind destroyed, and killed continues to mount as the cult of "hero-warrior" continues to flourish.
What other country would see a need to have a major presence in 210+ countries worldwide.
While billions of unaccounted for dollars are spent on bigger weapons.
To what end....If America was as great as she says there would be no reason for arms. The world would flock to her door.
Before you slam me, be aware, I fulfilled a six year obligation to my country. How many of you can say the same.
If this country is so important to you, give up some of your life to serve it. Don't waste your time criticizing those that disagree with you.

1501 days ago


If you go towards the end of the pictures, I would vote for Brad and Bruce. A black and white photo that brings tears to my eyes.
It shows even though old and battle-weary, the love of a game and the love of father and son.

1501 days ago


that guy has a nice ass

1501 days ago


That's the only time I've ever had trouble choosing one. But I'm surprised that the soldier simply holding his daughter is in the lead. Wearing fatigues doesn't make you a great dad. I'm sure he's a good dad, but wearing a feather boa and drinking tea is an AWESOME dad.

1501 days ago


I voted for Daddy Infantry but #68 was also very touching. The dad has a prosthetic right leg & he is walking with his small child on the beach. It is a beautiful black & white photo. I am surprised this one did not make it into the finals.
By the way, the photo of Taylor Swift in a relatively modest swimsuit was adorable & it is refreshing to see a young star who relies upon her genuine talent instead of her sexuality to be successful.

1501 days ago


By far the hardest to choose from! Kudos to all awesome dads!

1501 days ago


HEY!! daddy hits the bottle is my husband and he is GREAT dad, too bad we didn't get to vote b/c i never received any notification when the voting started. oh well, maybe should of read the long list of rules. do i still win a prize though? who do i contact? all dads whether they serve, drink, or throw tea parties are RAD!

1500 days ago

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