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Woody Allen Spent Father's Day With His ...

6/21/2010 12:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Um, well, he spent it with Soon-Yi.

Let's just leave it at that.


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I'll make book the people posting in this thread calling Woody names are the same people who post in the Jackson threads defending Michael and denying that he was a pedophile.

1584 days ago


No comment. Woody Allen is a Jewish Movie Maker in Hollywood I would rather burn the Koran then mess with Woody.

1584 days ago


15. He never adopted her and they never even lived in the same household. He didn't even know her until she was an adult! . . . Young women marry older men all the time in other countries and we're just now catching up.

Posted at 9:35 AM on Jun 21, 2010 by Wiley

Weevil, is that you?

1584 days ago


Exactly. This is old stupid news. She began "dating" him when she was 21 as Tammi says. And more than one pundit has praised the reality of their marriage as successful for the 20+ years. Plus I think they adopted two children as well. Aside from the fact that I'm a huge Woody Allen fan (how many writer/directors do (1) film per year for decades??? -- it's still a fact their marriage started out fine, and remained as such.

1584 days ago

I fit into my bikini!    


Get off the board, Soon Yi! Mia should've sent her back to the country she adopted her from bare azzed and empty handed..U can't control who u fall in love with but this is sick and wrong..Idk..doesn't seem right.

He's a brilliant director and writer but this...just wrong on all levels..poor Mia. It's bad enough when your husband leaves you for someone else but to have him leave you for the baby you adopted as a couple..holy crap. I would've ran from that marriage so fast his head would've spun. I also read he did some really sick crap with the younger kids, too. Mia walked in the room and he had his head in the lap of one of the pre school aged kids, head in lap, face down...who knows if it's true or not but again, SICK.

1584 days ago


A "Hollywood" marriage that has lasted since December 1997...pretty darn successful, if rather an unconventional start.

1584 days ago


yeah, peeing standing up is the most indicative male superiority feature privilege. i can't wait til they disclose their pooping standing up skills to confirm this into eternity.

1584 days ago


slow day in TMZ land?

You should have left it at that. This is not a story but website filler

1584 days ago

Celebrities Suck    

why isn't this freak registered as a sex offender? He was married to Mia Farrow, and while he was married to Mia Farrow he ends up marrying Mia Farrow adopted daughter. So that means this pervert must have be sexually attracted to Soon-Yi Previn when she was young of age. (34-year age difference)YUK what a pervert!!!!

1584 days ago


I think what everyone fails to realize is the devastating impact Mr. Allen's actions had on the impact of the other children involved adopted and his biological children.

He was viewed as a father figure to the children while he was in his relationship with Mia Farrow. Soon Yi was one of those children and the sister to the adopted and boiological children.

To Mr. Allen's biological and adopted children to see their father having an affair and marrying their sister is a psychological trauma. Your father is your brother in law that is hard to take under any cir***stances.

I can't pass judgement but Mr. Allen made very poor decisions. If he felt this way he should have broke off his relationship with Ms. Farrow earlier than he did and waited before indulging in his relationship with Soon Yi.

The problem with this relationship was no one knew just how old Soon Yi actually was during the time of this affair and there was a possibility she was a minor.

1584 days ago


Um that might be because his children HATE him and he molested one of them in the early 90's and had to go to trial for it. He also had sex with Soon Yi when she was in high school. How quickly people forget.

1584 days ago


Um that might be because his children HATE him and he molested one of them in the early 90's and had to go to trial for it. He also had sex with Soon Yi when she was in high school. How quickly people forget.

1584 days ago


His movies suck, and he is not a mentor......its a shame that anybody evey thinks he is wonderful

1584 days ago

Lenn K.    

They say that there's always some people who will defend a sexual predator, right #15 Tammi. I wonder if you'd feel the same way if your husband did that to you.

1584 days ago


If mackenszie Phillips can have sex with her father, John Phillips for 10 years straight, then it’s ok for Woody Allen to marry his adopted daughter Soon-Yi Previn – The hippy culture of San Francisco has finally matured enough to respect Woody allen’s marriage as a respectable family.

1584 days ago
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