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Nasty Breakup Between 'Bachelor' Jake and Vienna

6/22/2010 9:14 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Here's what's official about the breakup between "Bachelor" Jake Pavelka and Vienna Girardi -- it's officially nasty, with Jake accusing his former fiancee of cheating and Vienna accusing him of being "a fame whore."

Sources tell TMZ the couple broke up during a phone call at around 6 last night.  Sources connected with "The Bachelor" tell us Jake believed Vienna was cheating with Gregory Michael, an actor on the ABC Family show "Greek."  Vienna has vehemently denied cheating on Jake via tweet.

For her part, sources say she pulled the plug on the relationship because she felt constantly abandoned for photo shoots and other media events.  She's telling people, "Jake is a fame whore."

Jake proposed to Vienna during the finale of "The Bachelor" on March 1.

Vienna's stepmom, Lisa Girardi, tells TMZ her daughter actually moved out on Saturday, claiming Jake "is a total fraud," claiming "I think he picked her because she is a dramatic person and it was good for the ratings."

Lisa goes on to say, "In real life, they never kissed, didn't have a romantic relationship and he never told her that he loved her."

Lisa adds, when her stepdaughter left, she left a note, along with her engagement ring.

A rep for the former couple said, "Jake and Vienna have split.  They appreciate the respect for their privacy at this time."


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I'm sorry, but I don't get why you think Ali was drunk last night on the show. She has a drink in her hand when everyone else does and some times the drinks they have are not alcoholic. When they have been in Iceland and such, they had hot chocolate while they were out in the snow. She has never slurred her words or anything of the kind. You must be smoking something while you're watching the show if that's what you see. Some times this show does work and some times when it doesn't it allows those people to find love anyway through the people they have met because of the show. The odds of falling in love with 1 of 25 is not that great, but it is possible. The first bachelorette, Trista, found love on the show. It may not be the right way for everyone, but for those that want to try it for the right reasons and really want to try and find someone, more power to them.

1523 days ago


well it dosent surprise me she waz a hoe there and shes a hoe now! hes to cute for her ugly a** anyway

1523 days ago


Jake (actor wannabe)and Vienna (partygirl trailer trash)! 'Reality' my ass. These shows are so contrived. They are scripted, with the casts manipulated by the artificial cir***stances they are setup to 'perform' in. Then the footage is edited for dramatic and titilating effect. The whole concept of finding 'love' on a TV show is flawed from the very beginning. All of these cast members are actor wannabes or outright opportunists. The act of 'swapping spit' up to even having premarital sex with up to 20 plus people over the course of a few weeks leading to a viable marriage is such a joke. I cannot believe anybody with half a brain believes any of this tripe? But then again more than half the voting population put a 'community organizer' from Illinois into Washington DC to sell us the Brooklyn bridge ever day since!

1523 days ago


Vienna cheated on Jake ~ BIG SURPRISE THERE! Fortunately he got just exactly what he deserved. Perhaps she even left him with a little parting gift, the kind that keeps on giving, considering her penchant for other men. Honestly, in the end, they really should have stayed together, as it turns out they make a perfect pair; he's a media-whore, and she's, well, just a run of the mill...

1523 days ago


They broke up?? Oh no, let me go grab a tissue. Man, now we can't see ANOTHER free wedding. lol

1523 days ago


I see that Jake is going to be on Drop Dead Diva next. Will knock that show off my list of things to watch.

1523 days ago


Why don't they just say that they have since the show aired decided it won't work. And therefore the best thing to do is too end the relationship. They should stop acting like children and grow up!

1523 days ago

Gail Grier    

Of course those two broke up!!!
There was only one reason that man hooked up with Vienna in the first place. Old fashioned (and that makes him a slut monger), but there it is.

The second reason those two broke up is his entire family loved Tenley and would have welcomed her with open hearts and arms. And you just know it that someone eventually would have said something "snarky" to Vienna about Vienna's and Jake's union. Over an extended period of time this disapproval would have negatively impacted their relationship.

Third: The stepmother said there was no emotional commitment on both sides of the relationship. I don't know about THAT, but if that is so, when did these two think their "relationship" would start? They have had the better part of a year to cement their feelings toward one-another, but according to the stepmom he never even held her hand or kissed her.

1523 days ago

Bah HaHaHa    


1523 days ago


The show's a joke! Why can't they just be adults about it and simply say that while the go swept away with the whole impossible situation. They now realize that it won't work long term and therefore they are ending the relationship. They're both acting like children and need to grow up!

1523 days ago

Princess jaja    

That Jake and Vienna thing was B.S. all the way.......He is just another phony egotistical jerk trying to become an actor and she is no better. That show needs to go already!

1523 days ago


Jake and Vienna - Bozo and the Beast!! What a couple of no talent, boring losers! I hope they both go back to obscurity, her to the swamps of Fla. to live off her dad like the ugly, spoiled brat that she is and he can go fly a plane somewhere and forget about becoming an actor because he is a BAD one!!! Go away you two creeps and stay away!!!!!!!!!!

1523 days ago


I pity those whose life is so empty that this excuse for entertainment is worthy of concernl.

1523 days ago


Only thing that surprised me is that it took them this long to break up. I never thought they stood a chance. No real chemistry between them.

1523 days ago


The show's a joke!..........

1523 days ago
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