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Nasty Breakup Between 'Bachelor' Jake and Vienna

6/22/2010 9:14 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Here's what's official about the breakup between "Bachelor" Jake Pavelka and Vienna Girardi -- it's officially nasty, with Jake accusing his former fiancee of cheating and Vienna accusing him of being "a fame whore."

Sources tell TMZ the couple broke up during a phone call at around 6 last night.  Sources connected with "The Bachelor" tell us Jake believed Vienna was cheating with Gregory Michael, an actor on the ABC Family show "Greek."  Vienna has vehemently denied cheating on Jake via tweet.

For her part, sources say she pulled the plug on the relationship because she felt constantly abandoned for photo shoots and other media events.  She's telling people, "Jake is a fame whore."

Jake proposed to Vienna during the finale of "The Bachelor" on March 1.

Vienna's stepmom, Lisa Girardi, tells TMZ her daughter actually moved out on Saturday, claiming Jake "is a total fraud," claiming "I think he picked her because she is a dramatic person and it was good for the ratings."

Lisa goes on to say, "In real life, they never kissed, didn't have a romantic relationship and he never told her that he loved her."

Lisa adds, when her stepdaughter left, she left a note, along with her engagement ring.

A rep for the former couple said, "Jake and Vienna have split.  They appreciate the respect for their privacy at this time."


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No Avatar


I am not surpriese about Jake and Vienna all along I new that was not going to last..
He should up pick the one he left for vienna she was alot prettier and alot nicer and humble but he decided to pick Vienna and look what the outcome is a break up, I got it give it to Jason prior bachlor he really did good he pick the right woman for him and he is so happy and very much married....Sometimes Its not meant to find true love on tv shows they just don't always work to fall in love with someone you have to get to know that person real good before committing to marraige are anything serious wait on God he knows who the speial lady is for you not the bacholor show....

1546 days ago


I was saying all along that Tenley should have been his fiance

1546 days ago


NO SURPIRSE HERE! Talk about famewhore--what the heck was she? I am glad it's over because we all knew it was going to happen. I would have never picked her over the other girls. Jake probably is full of himself. I liked him on the Bachelorette but not the Bachelor. I guess his true colors came out on the Bachelor--don't like him anymore either.

1546 days ago


Is this really a surprise to anyone?

1546 days ago


The girl is what we call a river rat here in Central Florida. She is a party girl looking for fun and a good time. She will just form guy to guy until she runs into money then she'll really have fun. As soon as I heard about her I knew Sanford River Rat. Whole family fixs the whole picture. unless your from here you'll never understand what I'm saying. But Slut does come to mind

1546 days ago


Vienna was a in it for the fame just as Jake was. Let's face it there is way too much drama on the show. Put them in the real world wth normal dates and normal people and then see how things turn out. Vienna wasn't liked by anyone on the show in the first place which should have told Jake something was up. Besides who can date so many men or women at once time and make an intelligent decision about love. Also what is up with Justin and his cast appearing on a different leg???????/ Just asking, it's all very fake.

1546 days ago

Jamey Bonds    

I think Vienna is a slut and always has been even the other girls on the show knew it.

I think jake is so nice and look he hasnt been talking trash about anyone its all been Vienna.

I think he should go on Alis show because it seems that she cant fined the right one aether

1546 days ago

Brianna Natale    

omg i cant belive that jake and vienna slipt up. but it was a good thing because she was a nasty little cheater she was in playboy i found out. and she is a baby she does not desirve a man like jake she is to much of an ugly plastic barbie doll to marry jake

1546 days ago


I have never watched the show. I never watch such pathetic excuses for entertainment as that show, or any other reality crap except for Survivor because at least there's physical competetiveness.

WOW, BIG SURPRISE, that a relationship created from TV entertainment didn't last. I condemn the stupid mass mindless TV audience that watches this crap, that the advertisers are willing to pay the networks to run this crap, that ultimately will cause our society to become second rate compared to the Chinese who are far busier educating themselves and prospering at business. 'Nuff said.

1546 days ago

Maggie Pooler    

Hey I met my husband and I dated him twice and then we were married took about 3 weeks and I have been happly married for 21 years He is wonderful But he is a gift from God...

1546 days ago


I am not surprised at all. Infact, since the rejected bachlorette is now the choosing one, and the tv is saying that she may not choose anyone or that I won't tell you gets choosen, and something happens, that Maybe he will walk back in and take her away...would not put it past tv to play this that far....

1546 days ago

gj adkins    

i think you have to be pretty hard up to put yourself on a t v meat market show. what ever happenned to real people meeting real people? may be we should have a show called lifestyles of the rich and aimless. or is that shameless?

1546 days ago


Jake is a sissy wanting to enjoy the camera but cried like a baby bungi jumping. Vienna is the strongest of the two and will do well without him. Look at their picture he looks all ragged out and she is healthy and beautiul.

1546 days ago


Well I guess here is another chance for Jake to cry again. Jake the Fake........BoooHooo!! He and Alli would make a good couple two phonies.

1546 days ago


EVERYONE !!!!! Tried to tell him....But he wouldn't listen....So I DO NOT feel sorry for him...He gets just want he deserves!!! Not watching the show ANYMORE!!!...It's all scripted anyway....what a waste of time!!!!

1546 days ago
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