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'Bachelor' Split

Jake Broke It Off

6/22/2010 11:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sources involved in the production of "The Bachelor" tell TMZ Jake Pavelka was the person who pulled the plug on his relationship with Vienna Girardi ... because he thought she was cheating.


We're told Jake believed Vienna was "stepping out" with Gregory Michael -- an actor on the ABC Family show "Greek."

The story had been out that the 2 were flirting at a recent event, but apparently Jake took it to heart.

Sources at "The Bachelor" say they don't know if Vienna was in fact doing the nasty with Greg -- but Jake was convinced enough to end the relationship in the last 24 to 48 hours.

UPDATE: Vienna just tweeted, "The accusations of me cheating are completely fabricated. 100% False."  Our 'Bachelor' people say whether she cheated or not, Jake thought she did.



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Please tell me that all of these "contestants" are tested for STI's before they are unleashed on society!

1586 days ago


Well, they really didnt know each other after that short period of time anyway! Too quick to get married!!

1586 days ago


2 fakers on TV who just wanted their 15 minutes of fame...what else can we expect out of this?

1586 days ago


What's the differece between Jake Pavelka and Gregory Michael? They're both into Greek. So bend over and crack a smile, Jake..your 15 minutes are up.

1586 days ago


Puhlease! This is TV. It's all a freaking show.
Oh and BTW, no one cares.

1586 days ago


Please....while Vienna may not be an angel, Jake is a controlling door knob and Tom Cruise wannabe!

1586 days ago

Jena Woods    

Like we didn't see that coming? He looked better matched with Chelsea... which is much more beautiful that Vienna. And right is it our imagination that her nose keeps getting bigger and bigger? Go figure!

1586 days ago


Thank goodness Jake has finally made a wise decision. Vienna was the wrong choice all along and America knew it! Jake go back and watch the clips from the show and try to see what all of us saw from the beginning you will kick yourself all over Texas once you realize the girl just wanted her 15 minutes of the limelight and a big diamond she didn't care who she had to walk over to get what she wanted.

1586 days ago

Mary Craddock    

I think Jake need to get the girl he let go!!! The one who was so cute and truly did have feelings for Jake, unlike this ***dump he was going to marry! We all knew it wouldn't last, Jake had lust in eyes and his heart. Jake, I certainly hope she was worth your trouble after you slept with her! This girl is poor trash and she has no class whatsoever. If Jake was smart, which it appears he doesn't seem to be, try to win over the last girl's heart you BROKE!!! Too late for Ali, she's going to find her true love, or so we think!

1586 days ago


What a joke!! Jake likes to think of himself as more genuine and real than the other bachlors, but he is no different at all!However, I knew he made the wrong choice...he chose exactly what everyone warned him about. Sure enough, he got what he ordered! Viena is trash!

1586 days ago

boro silicate    

slow newsday? reason i ask is because absolutely nobody cares.

1586 days ago


Jake Pavelka is a total dork! Just really listen to the interviews he gives. Am I alone on thinking that this dude is gay?

1586 days ago

Joanne DelValle    

Never understood what he saw in her, except maybe her "street" ways, which for "nice" guys is always an enlightening "experience".... if he really did end it, I say: "good riddance to bad rodents".... Jake can immediately find someone else.. Vienna on the other hand.... not so much!

1586 days ago


Righto #11. Jake was stupid to fall for her, she is a total tramp! I see Jake and Ali together.
She doesn't find love on The Bachelorette, according to all the magazine reports...

1586 days ago


Oh my God, Gregory Michael is a really sweet gay boy. He was on Dante's Peak on "Here", a supernatural gay/lesbian soap opera. He is really nice, but he is not into women except as friends. Will someone do some kind of research?

1586 days ago
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