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Fans Pitch a Tent for 'Twilight: Eclipse' Premiere

6/22/2010 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The "Eclipse" premiere isn't until Thursday night, but rabid "Twihards" were already camped out at the Nokia Plaza in downtown Los Angeles on Monday.


Who wouldn't wait over 72 hours to get a far and blurry pic of Robert Pattinson or Taylor Lautner for their Facebook?


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Alex D    

l would expect people to camp out for a coupla nights for:
Big ass electronics sale.
0nce in a lifetime events at first come, first served allure.
Jesus' second coming.
Cash payments of reparations for the first people to get in til $ runs out.
Free cruise ship around the world for those arriving first.
And l bet some other goodies, but THIS???!!!
If anyone could do it, please, it would be sooooo ... entertaining to find and report any MALE out there, hell! even interview it and post it on youtube, that would be the next "Leave Britney Alone"-type of hysteria...
*Pause to puke*
Sorry, got to go, my brain feels offended by all this crap...

1561 days ago


Can't they just buy a ticket and wait at home? Or is it first come, first serve? Either way, it's completely ridiculous.

1561 days ago


who cares, what they do? its them doing it not you.....your all pathetic for judging what some kids are doing.

1561 days ago


It's really sad to see some of you people on here putting down people for the things they do and like, especially the things your saying about little girls! My god, if anyone is pathetic or "should get a life" its you people! If you don't like what they are doing O WELL! Get a life and find something better to do than get on TMZ and comment. Those girls are out, camping, making headlines, having a GREAT time. What are you doing? Sitting at your computer, talking ****. HAHA. Really your pathetic, ignorant people. Personally, i am a HUGE twilight fan, and camping out with a bunch of people who love it as much as I do sounds like FUN, not pathetic, but FUN. And I have a life, a husband and 2 kids. Who the hell are you to judge anyone for what they do, or say. Are you God? I don't ****ing think so. So really. STFU! You mindless idiots.

1561 days ago


sad losers...

1560 days ago


hahahaha - out of 40 comments there are only a couple people sticking up for these idiots. Of course the couple of people sticking of them are teenage girls who love twilight. Anyways, when i was a teenager my parents made me work during the summer. When I wasnt working my friends and i did things like go to a lake, go swimming, etc. We didnt camp out in parking lot in the city for 3 days to watch a freaking movie that will be playing 5 times a day for months. I could see some hardcore fans doing this for a concert but it takes a special kind of pathetic person with not life to do this for a movie franchise that at its best is mediocre. Anyone that has written and directed a bad episode of a show on the WB, could do the twilight movies. Ok, I am done with my rant.

1560 days ago


Twilight fans are pathetic... and Blade could kick edward's ass any day

1560 days ago


I'm not a teenage girl, and i adore twilight. Lets see you get off your ass and make a quarter as much money as Stephenie Meyer or Summit for that matter, then talk ****. And apparently, they aren't that much of "losers" with all u low lifes wasting your time to talk ****. Haha so get a life! perhaps a job! and stop wasting ur time talking about something u think is so pathetic.

1560 days ago


Amanda if they make money it doesn't mean they're not losers still.

1559 days ago


Okay "Bella", define loser for me? Someone is a "loser" for something they like? It's okay, stay narrow minded. Your apparently nothing more than a child. Once you're out of high school you'll realize that calling someone a loser (or a group of someones) because of something they like, is ignorant and idiotic. But your free to you're own opinion. You can stay in your uneducated & biased world. Hopefully one day you'll wake up and smell the roses. :D

1559 days ago


I'm confused. I thought Eclipse doesnt premiere till the 30th? Can someone explain to me?

1558 days ago


Ok I have commented once already but I have to say this agian!! THESE PEOPLE ARE NOT JUST CAMPING OUT FOR A MOVIE!!! THE STARS OF THE MOVIE ARE GOING TO BE THERE!!!! AND NOT JUST THEM OTHER ACTORS AND ACTRESSES ARE GOING TO BE THERE!!! THESE PEOPLE WANT PICTURES OF AND WITH THEM THAT IS WHY THEY ARE CAMPING OUT FOR DAYS AND DAYS!!!!!!And to comment #37 you must have had a TERRIBLE childhood and some very boring parents to not be able to wait in line for something you were excited about!! I am an adult and I remember waiting in line for concerts but this is something new the eclipse books and movies the harry potter books and movies are a phenomenon they are making children and adults alike read and be interested in something together for the first time in history as a collective! I really really hope that people can get over the bias that they feel or maybe jelousy that they cannot break down some personal boundries or insicurities and have some fun!!!

1557 days ago


Ok well for all these absolute haters! obviously none of you have ever had a crush on a movie star or have read a story that compels them to just have some fun! so in that I feel sorry for you all!! These people just want to catch a glimpse of their favorite stars!! Yes this is a movie that will be out for a few months but the actors are not going to come back every week to see it! It is a wonderful thing that all these people read a book and got into it! Why is that so hard to understand?? It amazes me how people judge everything and anything that they just cant grasp so to all the commenters that must be either uneducated or just bored get over it!

1557 days ago


Ok, really? If u are telling us "Twilight fans" to get a life. Maybe u need one too becuase u are here writing bad comments about us. If u had a life urself, u wouldnt be here wasting time commenting on what we do. Im sure some of u are Star Wars fans or Harry Potter fans so I wouldnt be talking s**t.

1557 days ago


dont you people have anything better to do. these people are not they have read the book and love these actors, if i did not live in Jamaica i would have been one of those persons. twilight is not just a movie it is phenomenom. i am not much better for responding to you guys but i cannot take negative people too long. GET A LIFE and leave those who are living their life.

1552 days ago
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