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Tiger Banner Pilot:

I Was Grounded

by the FBI

6/23/2010 7:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The pilot who flew the "Tiger: Are You My Daddy?" banner over the US Open golf tournament last weekend was supposed to make a second run -- but dude claims the FBI shut down the flight. 

TMZ obtained the post-flight report filed with the sky banner company, in which the pilot states that while en route to fly sign #2 -- which read, "Happy Father's Day Tiger LOL" -- he was contacted by a tower controller with a message from the FBI.

According to the pilot, the FBI had "strongly urged" him to "depart the area" over the golf course as soon as possible ... and, of course, the pilot obliged.

We spoke to the owner of the company hired to fly the planes – who told us he is looking into the incident and has no idea why the FBI would intervene on such a matter.  We also spoke to the FAA – who tells us the FBI would only intervene if “criminal activity” was suspected. 

As for the FBI, we called them for comment as well -- but we're still waiting to hear back. Apparently they have bigger things to worry about.

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How many athletes cheat on how many wives... why this for Tiger?

Oh, poor babies... were you so suckered by his clean image that you have nothing else to do with your shock that you must fly effin' BANNERS?
Get real, grow up, or find a new role model you good-for-nothings.

1583 days ago


Seems a bit strange that they would fly banners anyway. He cheated on his wife, not a good thing but it happens everyday. Are we to follow everyone who cheats and start putting big red A`s on them? It's over, let his wife take care of it in court! Who's idea was the stupid banners and who is footing the bill? Stupidest thing I ever heard.

1583 days ago


Very clever! The FBI wouldn't be the one to stop the effort-it would be the FAA. That's who has jurisdiction over the airspace above and surrounding the golf tournament. It's clear some clever person called the tower at the local airport and presented themselves as the FBI in order to get the flight to stop. VERY CLEVER! It certainly got the job done for Tiger!

1583 days ago


this is so stupid and boring
why some people dont move on with their OWN lives

1583 days ago


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1583 days ago


Can't believe that Tiger Woods is being harassed to the point he is. This entire ordeal is old news and is of no concern to anyone else but Tiger and his wife, which is exactly what it was from the beginning. Gotta love the media, can't resist a circus!

It's ridiculous how many self righteous idiots there are who post here like they've been personally offended by the actions of a man in his own marriage and even bigger idiots that take it a step further to do something like that to Tiger at a Golf tournament.

Everyone acts like they're completely free and clear of ever make a mistake and they're squeaky clean when in reality, they have just as many skeletons in their closet.

1583 days ago


LOVE IT... let him have it until he DIES...

1583 days ago


Danger Baby: Are you effing serious? Yeah. TW's people were behind this assine stunt LMAO.

You stupidity is epic!!! This was a self-righteous, small minded white idiot trying to find some solace for their small life.

1583 days ago


I don't care about Tiger Hypocrite Woods at all. I wish he could suffer the same humiliation, pain and suffer he did to his wife and his kids.
He's a public figure so he must know it's not always rosy. BTW he had quite a few free passes from the media in the past. Now that things have turned nasty he needs some sympathy. NO NO NO with actions come the consequences. He knew what he was doing .... and still he lied to the public, the fans, the media, and more importantly to his family about his true image.
He's a sociopath with no sense of guilt or remorse. He shows his face in the public eye as if nothing has happened probably thinking how great he is . He's a POS plain and simple.
Sooooooooooooooooooooo glad he didn't win the US open ; he even had the guts to blame the sate of the greens and even his caddie.
He needs to grow up quickly. he has two young kids but he probably doesn't give a damn about them.
Poor Elin thinking she has wasted 8 years of her life for this creep ...... He destroyed her like a piece of garbage. Thank God there's Karma !
All he cares is holes : golf and sex !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1583 days ago


You are waiting to HEAR back, correct? Not "here" back. You're welcome.

1583 days ago


#11...Anthony: I wouldn't be going around proclaiming the stupidity of anyone else "epic", if I were you. Take a reading comprehension course; they are saying the people who claimed to be the FBI, to ground the flight, were Tiger's people. They are NOT saying that Tiger's people staged the banner stunt.
Oh, and let's work on that racism against white people, shall we?

1583 days ago


you all forget ..we are Americans and we love to see the mighty crash and burn,he was an ass and he always be be an ass.
But it is great to see the mighty one humbled,keep flying guys

1583 days ago


Tiger's agent or one of his other flunkies probably called the tower claiming to be the FBI, lol.

1583 days ago


Tiger may get in more trouble. Elins father Thomas Nordgren went public today in Sweden that KBG (nowdays FSB) tried to recruit him erlier as an spy for the Russians. Link below, use gogl for translation (Swedish)

1583 days ago


Why should I retract the statement oabout white racism? Is it not a fact that socalled scandal and the moral hypocrites perpetuating in the media are white? Show me one minority person who is continuing this charade? The guy flying the plane white. the guy paying him for this stupid stunt white. the medis covering white. get the point!!!

A guy cheated on his WIFE and this is a major story for 7 months? While other white celebrites like Ben Roth, David Letterman have had scandals that have lasted less than a month. Hell, ben Roth raped a woman and yet that scandal did not get half the play.

Spare the bs. This is white racism displayed at its worst.

1583 days ago
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