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Vienna's Stepmom:

She Gave The Ring Back

6/22/2010 4:04 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Vienna Girardi's stepmom tells us Vienna gave the ring back to Jake when she moved out of his place this weekend -- but TMZ has learned Jake won't get to keep the $50,000 diamond for himself.


Vienna's stepmom tells us when Vienna moved out of Jake's place this weekend -- she left a goodbye note ... and the 3 carat Neil Lane diamond ring that he used to pop the question on "The Bachelor."

But sources close to the show tell us Jake is required to give the ring back to the production company. The deal is -- they only get to keep the ring if they get married.

Playing the percentages ... the show usually wins.



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Can TMZ please report of real people and not "reality" tv people.

Side note, that chick should have put the ring on ebay and cashed in.

1550 days ago


hahaha, Kate Gosselin will be sure to get on a dating show if a 50 thousand dollar ring is involved...fame and greed is her thing. She had eyes for Jake, maybe stupid ABC will create a show for them, let Meredith Vieira host...she needs a life.

1550 days ago


TMZ hires the BEST part timers from Circle K to do there HARD HITTING reporting......IT SHOWS!!!!

Between this CRAP on these LOSERS and there hard stalking of that Lohan TRAIN WRECK, it really shows the education level of all those PRETEND "reporters" they hire from Circle K and Sonic.

GREAT JOB, guys....HARD HITTING...TMZ...losers paradise..Max the best one to prove this point...

1550 days ago


GIA- WAS red Hot SMOKIN' Probably the same end result, but a much better ride.

1550 days ago


So if she gave the ring back LAST weekend, why is US Magazine showing a picture they took of her Monday wearing the ring?

If Jake is required to return the ring to ABC if they don't get married must be a new thing, since a few seasons ago (with the british guy Matt) there was a bruhaha over him wanting to sell the ring and give it to charity and the floosy wanted to keep it for herself.

C'mon TMZ...find out those answers! Get digging!

1550 days ago

Quincing Snuff    

He's GAY. Everyone Knows It.
And if you're stupid enough to have watched "Dancing With the Stars" and not realized it , then you're a complete, clueless moron.

On the "Bachelor" he had producers constantly telling him to " keep it BUTCH" and tirelessly editing out his "Mary Moments", which were frequent BTW.
On "Dancing With The Stars" however, he had no such producers trying to keep his masculine image intact, and was not being intensely edited, due to lack of time as well as lack of concern. Therefore, because Dancing was a live show, you got to see "The Real Jake", and what a sissy he really is.
It's just ridiculous, that so many fat lonely women in middle America could convince themselves that he was straight during the bachelor and even more so during Dancing.
And Vienna was practically an escort for God's sake. She's a tramp and fame whore and "Everyone knows that too".

1550 days ago


sounds like her step mom is the real media whore here 2 things on TMZ in one day from her..

1550 days ago

Throwback kid    

I agree with the rest, no one cares about these two, it's just boring

1550 days ago


I guess he should have let ALI come back when she wanted another

1550 days ago


When are people going to stop watching this trash so it will go away? Come on people....get a life!!! Go out and watch paint dry or grass grow and stop watching train wrecks!!!

1550 days ago


Vienna is nothing but a cheap piece of trailer trash, no offense to those who live in trailers! He just wanted some eye candy, not somebody with a genuine personality like Ali. Ali, you go girl! Jake is nothing but a shallow a**hole. Now who is crying?

1550 days ago


The show made plenty of money off these peope and they even want the ring back? Wow! That's pretty low. The girl should get to keep it.

1550 days ago


I don't feel sorry for him one bit. Everyone tried to tell him Vianna was not the one for him and she was not a good person. He should have listened. Maybe Ali won't find love on her show and her and Jake will get together. That would make for good ratings if at the live show of Alis finale Jake comes on and says he wants to be with her. Pretty good DRAMA!!!!!!

1550 days ago


I knew it wouldn't last when they announced they were moving in together. Whatever happened to getting married first?

1550 days ago


Post # 35..SPOT ON DUDE!

1550 days ago
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