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Mexico Wants Producer Extradited for Murder

6/23/2010 1:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0611_bruce_BN_TMZ_01Mexican prosecutors have made an official request to the United States to have former "Survivor" producer Bruce Beresford-Redman extradited to Mexico so he can be tried for the murder of his wife, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Beresford-Redman has already been formally accused of the crime.  Now a U.S. federal judge will hold a hearing to decide if BBR should be sent to Mexico.

BBR lawyer, Richard Hirsch, has already said he will fight extradition.

BBR says he did not kill Monica Burgos Beresford-Redman.


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"John Smith" is not your real name. I suspect you are the dark-skinned, sex-aggressive, loud-mouthed guy (a Cuban) employee at that bar who was one of several creeps getting it on with Monica.

1582 days ago

john smith    

GAG, I'm not dark skinned, but Monica had a friend who is so black that they call him Blue. His name is Clyde and he works for the FBI, south central, Compton, Long Beach, he deals with crips, bloods, and murders everyday. He will be coming for your friend Bruce soon, he's six foot seven, 275 lbs and he deals with 13 year old gangsters who are ten times the man that Bruce will ever be.

1582 days ago


ok so if he didn't kill her why isn't he interested in finding the real killer?

1582 days ago


GAG the idiot must either be Bruce or his mother or Dad. LMFAO

1582 days ago


He wont have to go back to Mexico!

1582 days ago


I see no reason a Federal judge would deny his extradition. People get extradited back to Mexico everyday for lot lesser crimes than murder. What makes this guy special that he shouldn’t be required to defend himself?

1582 days ago


They need to send him to Mexico, thats were his wife was murdered right? People run to Mexico to do all the illegal things, but problem is; once you get caught, you should serve your time over there as well. Why should the U.S. support him, let them handle this; he will WISH he was dead though.

1582 days ago

Politico Pablo    

His attorney's argument that murders are common in Mexico, fails to mention that the murder of tourist inside the Hotel Zone of Cancun are nonexistant.

The U.S. and Mexico sign a extradiction treaty in 1998, and murder is considered an extraditable offense.

This will be an opportunity for Mexico to show their judical system does work.

1582 days ago


please remember that if a crime has been done in another country against an american, that the US does have rights in it. Google it up with the Aruba stuff and you will see there is a course of action that could be done if all the elements are there.

1582 days ago

john smith    

It looks like Monica is going to be buried in the hood, or hood adjacent, Bruce Beresford-Redman and his grieving rich parents have not contributed any funds for Monica's Burial. I'm sure that Bruce and David are spending at least a million or more on his defense lawyers here and in Mexico, why don't you put up 500k for a decent burial? Do you prefer Gardena or inglewood for your wife/daughter in law? Robert Blake spent ten million on his defense, so I can see If you are short on cash, maybe If you get the life insurance money huh?

1582 days ago


Hey John Smith, why don't Monica's family and friends put up 500K for a decent burial? Why does this corpse need a 500K burial in the first place? Doesn't her family in Brazil want her remains to return home?

Oh, I get it now .... she didn't really have a close family and friends. What is that sucking sound? .... oooooh, why it's Monica's family and friends sucking off the T+t of Opportunity to stay on the TMZ site and generate marginal media attention.

1581 days ago


Bruce should be sent back to Mexico for trial of a crime that was perpetuated there. He allegedly committed murder there and therefore should be subject to the laws of that country. The US should not have allowed his re-entry to the country without his passport in any case - If he's innocent his name will be cleared - if he's found guilty he must serve the punishment Mexico sentences him to - No excuses - this is pretty black and white in my eyes -

1581 days ago


He left Mexico illegally, so I'll be very surprised if an U.S judge allows him to stay in the U.S. If it was the opposite and the crime was committed on U.S. soil and the "person of interest" fled the country after he was told not too and his passport had been confiscated, the U.S. would be demanding an extradition. If he's innocent, then he should go back to clear his name. But he acts like someone who has a lot to hide, and will try to get as far away as possible from this accusation. That's the problem with people like Beresford-Redman; they walk through life thinking they can do anything they want to anyone at any time and get away with it. They think they can outsmart the police and investigative authorities. Too bad his arrogance will do him in.

1581 days ago


I do believe a dose of Mexican justice would be the best thing for him.

1581 days ago

JVM Fan    

I am sure he did it. The show "Issues" is asking a lot of questions about this poor girl..they will have a panel discussing this story tonight. Issues has been doing a good job covering this guy.

1540 days ago
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