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Jay-Z's Private Jet -- So Worth Getting Sued Over

6/24/2010 4:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jay-Z may or may not have paid the $137,000 bill for his private jet -- but one thing's for sure, this plane is by far the most baller piece of aviation equipment we've ever seen.

TMZ broke the story ... the company behind the jet -- Air Platinum Holding -- is suing Jigga, claiming the rapper spent 55 hours big pimpin' on this plane in 2009, but only paid for 37 hours. According to the company, he still owes $137,485.00 for flying in style.

But this is nothing new to the rap mogul -- the man spends in the thousands just for lunch.


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Not worth it too me, small planes are so crashy.

1581 days ago


@ #1 Wanna be Trish... There's only one Trish! Ha! Anyway, I would rather, take of in Elvis's plane, "Lisa Marie!"

1581 days ago


Here is the deal..Thes lame asses have more "undeserved" money than should be allowed..Most really don't have all that much talent to begin with.

Do either all of celebs are being grinded by people OR they are so used to having everything "Free" and love all the luxuries and perks of a high end lifestyle - they STIFF everyone for goods and services..PAY UP you over-paid cheating douchebags.. It'd not an honor nor is a privilage to deal with you cheap bastards..Selfish tightwads..

Most need to be kicked to the curb. I would love to see Jay-Z broke and livin on the streets. I cannot name one single song from him or most of these hacks..I just appreciate real music..PAY YOR BILS F-Knuckle..You Retard.

1581 days ago


2. @ #1 Wanna be Trish... There's only one Trish! Ha! Anyway, I would rather, take of in Elvis's plane, "Lisa Marie!"

Posted at 12:45 AM on Jun 24, 2010 by Trish

the lisa marie is da bomb...and in that picture next to the bottle..isnt that a packet full of coke(ala lindsey) sure it is,and if you look really close you can see where he spilled some coke or crack on the floor,,yeah

1581 days ago

Fuck Celebrities    


TMZ... do you guys no longer speak English?

1581 days ago


once again I have to come on the tv show TMZ,which I just happen to catch while im flipping channels because it is a lame show, do they hide the fat employees behind partitions and always focus on the long haired dude and a few hot chicks,oh and a few token black,polish,jewish,indian employees always hidden behind something.
Isnt that wrong???

1581 days ago

Luke Warmwater    

Just hold onto the keys to the jet until he pays up. Flyin' commercial won't do for that big ugly jigga.

1581 days ago


BS! this is a mob shakedown! Be careful jayz.

Jayz will never be broke, I guess the media is gonna start harassing jayz and try to convince the world he is broke.
Sounds similiar to michael Jackson story.

Somebody needs money really bad.

1581 days ago

myrna tyrna    

I'm sorry...but I cannot get my head around "baller" as a descriptive term. TMZ is really pushing it - they keep dropping it in wherever there's room. I guess the previous batch of adjectives just wasn't "baller" enough. Egads.

1581 days ago


So Jayz's a deadbeat, who would've guessed. lol

1581 days ago


First of you think Jay is sitting around writing checks and paying bills? With all the money he's making he has accountants (Firm) that pays all the bills. When someone sends you a look at it and make sure its right. When you see its not determine what you feel you owe...and you pay it. That's clearly what he's (accountants) done. Paid what they felt they owed. If you know someone thats just paying bills whether they owe them or not just because they got the money...let me know who they are. I'll send them some of mine. And HENCH...don't know what to say about you. Your post was a hard read with all the misspelled words and poor grammar. You should stop hatin and take some English classes or something.

1581 days ago

Rob D in S.C.    


1581 days ago

LaToya Jackson    

I don't know why but I don't like him .. *I'm just say'en

1581 days ago


Can't wait to see him live! Got my tickets at

1581 days ago


How is this ballin'? I mean it's rented! Hell Rush Limbaugh OWNS his jet and it's pretty decked out. And John Travolta owns a frickin' AIRLINER that HE FLIES! While wearing a CAPTAINS OUTFIT!!!
To you who work at TMZ quit being so smitten with Rappers!
"but one thing's for sure, this plane is by far the most baller piece of aviation equipment we've ever seen." REALLY? You people are quickly becoming so sad.
You are becoming the "Jersey Shore" Cast of Gossip.

1581 days ago
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