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Lawrence Taylor Officially Charged with Rape

6/23/2010 1:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lawrence Taylor has been indicted on rape charges for the incident involving a 16-year old prostitute he allegedly hired.


In addition to rape, a grand jury also indicted the NFL Hall of Famer on the following charges: criminal sexual act, sexual abuse, endangering the welfare of a child, and patronizing a prostitute.

Taylor was arrested in May at a Holiday Inn outside NYC.  Prosecutors say he paid the girl $300 to have sex.  Taylor denies having sex with her -- in fact sources connected to Taylor tell TMZ part of his defense will be that he masturbated.

LT's agent Mark Lepselter says their legal team "made a strategic decision to not put any of our evidence in front of the grand jury. We look forward to presenting our evidence at the appropriate time."

0623_taylor_lawyer_videoLT's lawyer says that they knew the indictment
was coming -- and they're confident they will
succeed in proving LT's innocence.

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No Avatar


Thats what you get for being a dirty old man. Perv...

1584 days ago


I say it's good that he is charged with this crime. Here is a high profile guy who's famous, has money and he hires a hooker to have sex with him. If his lawyer argues no sex took place then he's trying to have a "he said, she said" war

Fact of matter is, famous people should be treated like normal people no matter how rich they are. Famous people like rap stars, have a history of getting off because of their high profile lawyer

I say make an example out of this guy, show him that your state will not put up with 40 something or 50 something year old men having sex with girls underage, no matter how you spin it that's what took place and it's wrong

1584 days ago


He's a half of a nut to begin with so it FINALLY caught up with him.

That crack smoking fried his brain.

Too bad; he WAS a legend.

1584 days ago


Shame on you LT! Now what the hell is that big mouthed wife of yours going to do?

1584 days ago

Celebrities Suck    

well I'm glad the system didn't let this old perv get away with his perv ways. Why are they still calling this 16 yo a prostitute when in all reality she had a pimp that from what I read this pimp traffics women and probably forces these women to prostitute.

1584 days ago


It's about time! I know they were probably trying to make their case rock solid, but how much more evidence would they need?

1584 days ago

Bulgarian BeeGee    

That horrible earring made him do it.

1584 days ago


They are calling her a hooker because she had sex for money but in truth and reality she was a victim of sex trafficing and forced, verbal and phyical to have sex with the hall of famer

Here's what's sad, some groupies would do anything to have sex with a famous guy i.e. kid rock, and this guy had to PAY a woman to have sex with him, and woman had to be FORCED. That's got to hit the ego

But still I say send a message and place him in jail for least a year, show sex crimes have no tolerance. He knew exactly what he was doing when he had sex with her, even if he didn't know she was 16 it was still illegal to do what he knew was doing

1584 days ago


He's so ugly - he looks like a gorilla. No wonder he had to pay for sex!

1584 days ago

Celebrities Suck    

what I'd like to know is, is this young girl one of those that had been traffic by the pimp? This pimp has been charged in New York for sex trafficking. view the link below!!


1584 days ago


They should make him pay a huge amount of money to help young girls (like the one he paid for) get off the streets!!!

1584 days ago

Anon E Mouse    

That is bull****.
How is he supposed to know how old she is if she lied to him about her age, which she said she did.

I like how Ben Rapelisberger gets accused of rape, not once but twice in just a few years, but he gets away with not a single charge.
I guess another example of white justice.

Plaxico accidentally shoots himself, goes to jail.
Mike Vick fights some dogs, go to jail.
Gilbert Arenas gets caught with some guns, goes to jail/halfway house.
Ben Rapelisberger rapes 2 women, nothing at all happens to him.

1584 days ago


Are there nude photos of Laurence? Also, if the pictures reveal the right equipment then Lawrence can rape us anytime - and we won't make any caca like that icky stinkfish!

1584 days ago


Huh! just another reason to keep your butt faithfull. You always end up looking like your TRUE self an idiot.I bet you wish you could turn back the hands of time Huh!

1584 days ago


this piece of crap probably has groupies BEGGING to have sex with him. but that's not good enough - he has to victimize young girls in order to get off. please god don't let this wind up as a case of celebrity justice- please let him get the max sentence possible. celebrities need to be made an example to the rest of society - HARSHER sentences for celebrities PLEASE!

1584 days ago
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