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Jake & Vienna Interview

Ends With An Angry Bang

6/24/2010 7:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jake Pavelka and Vienna Girardi got together last night to secretly tape an interview that ended abruptly when Jake exploded in anger -- and a source tells TMZ this isn't the first time.


Jake and Vienna were talking about their breakup during the taping when Jake lost his temper -- and reportedly cocked his arm and made a fist in Vienna's direction.

A source close to Vienna claims Jake "has a really bad hidden temper. He snaps all the time, it was just the first time he did it in front of people."

Jake and Vienna had to be separated on the set and the interview was pretty much over before it began.

Jake's rep hasn't responded to calls yet. No word if there will be a second take on the interview.

UPDATE: A production insider tells us Vienna was interrupting Jake constantly during the taping ... "Chris Harrison had to tell her over and over again to let him talk."

The insider also says "Vienna was in such a rage, if there was anyone to fear it was her."



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Sloane, you took the words right out of my mouth. I've watched how this guy handles himself on TV and there's something not right there. Strikes me as quite the control freak and a bit of a bully. Vienna should get as far away as possible from this dude - he is Trouble with a capital 'T'.

1550 days ago


Too bad. They were made for each other...

1550 days ago

Team Vienna, Jake is a Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde. He under estimated Vienna and now he's going to look like the jerk. Hopefully ABC will air the interview anyway.

1550 days ago


What a tool. "She kept interrupting him". What are you, 5 years old? And since she isn't the one who acted like she was going to punch him I doubt she was the one in a rage.

1550 days ago


Now I see why he didn't choose the other down to earth sweet girl. Can't remember her name for the life of me!!! It was easier to get out of a relationship with Vienna. Very easy. She is not a real nice person, and he is just a fame whore. I think she is still more of a real person, he is jake the fake. run Vienna.

1550 days ago


Are you sure they aren't already married?!

1550 days ago


Who cares how much she interrupted him? That's not a reason to threaten to hit someone! What a jerk!

1550 days ago


Any man that small is going to have a temper. And her with her fake hair...what'd you expect. I'm just saying.

1550 days ago


This girl is nothing but problems. She stalked my now bro in law after he got married to my sister.. saying she wanted him back and didn't care if he was married and a dad. Pretty sick!

1550 days ago


Sounds like they're both better off without each other....

1550 days ago


"Jake The Ham Steak" surely prefers to have his cave invaded. He's definitely got a wallet full of three dollar bills. I'll bet he's going over to his new eggroll buddy's house tonight wearing his pajamas backwards. He needs to go the f%@k away.............NOW!!!

1550 days ago


She stalked my brother inlaw when he was already married to my sister! What does that say about her!!! None of this surprises me.

1550 days ago


It seems the production assistant reporting this is a bit biased....

Hey poster #2! The video of it is in the hands of ABC. Sheesh, how stupid. Not everything is going to be available for you to see. You aren't that important.

1550 days ago


Thats all we need more FAME W H O R ES!!!!!
Whats next A sit down interview
they both cry
"he hit me"
"she hit me, she's crazy"
"But I still love him"
"I still love her but need to be friends"
blah blah blah
There both fake losers!!!

1550 days ago


Come on guys this is a publicity stunt, after DWTS nobody was talking to or about Jake and Vienna. They had to figure out a new way to get in the public eye.

Their convo went a little something like this:

Vienna - Dude, you gotta bring home some bacon man
Jake - What do you want me to do chick? Dancing with the stars is over
Vienna - Dude!!!!!!!! wonna make out
Jake - Ewwww!!! I wish you were Ally
Vienna - Dude I need some cash, you better figure something out
Jake -Shut up wench!!! I'm gonna tell them the truth, we're dunzo
Vienna - Hey looser wonna make some cash, let's sell that as our story...we'll both be rich

JAKE & VIENNA - SCORE!!!!!!!!!!!!

1550 days ago
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