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Jake & Vienna Interview

Ends With An Angry Bang

6/24/2010 7:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jake Pavelka and Vienna Girardi got together last night to secretly tape an interview that ended abruptly when Jake exploded in anger -- and a source tells TMZ this isn't the first time.


Jake and Vienna were talking about their breakup during the taping when Jake lost his temper -- and reportedly cocked his arm and made a fist in Vienna's direction.

A source close to Vienna claims Jake "has a really bad hidden temper. He snaps all the time, it was just the first time he did it in front of people."

Jake and Vienna had to be separated on the set and the interview was pretty much over before it began.

Jake's rep hasn't responded to calls yet. No word if there will be a second take on the interview.

UPDATE: A production insider tells us Vienna was interrupting Jake constantly during the taping ... "Chris Harrison had to tell her over and over again to let him talk."

The insider also says "Vienna was in such a rage, if there was anyone to fear it was her."



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I couldn't believe this interview. Jake the snake had so many bamboozled. This is not a decent person. He seems abusive. I never liked Vienna during the show, but I am totally on her side now. And yes, she did keep interrupting Jake--because he kept telling outrageous lies that she so easily refuted. Vienna came off as genuine, honest and real. Jake looked like a pea**** poser who thought he could lie and lie some more. OMG...what a jerk!! Vienna stood up for herself and she did not allow Jake to define her or get away with his lies. I only wish I had that courage. She did a great job and she was right to interrupt Jake so much. What should she have done...sat there and batted her eyelash while psycho-boy lied about her over and over????

1541 days ago


Watching Vienna tonite it's no wonder that Jake dumped her. Does she ever shut up??? Jake and Ali should try again.

1541 days ago


I saw the interview and Jake was an *******. No woman deserves to be with a guy like that.

1541 days ago


All I saw was a smug, passive-aggresive, small man with a HUGE chip on his shoulder. If i see him on anymore shows I, too, will change the channel. He disgusts me and I hope Vienna reads all this and feels better. ALL the girls from his season (except Vienna) dodged a big bullet when he let them go.

1541 days ago

Grumpys Ml    


1541 days ago


Not a Vienna fan, but she totally came across as truthful, and Jake was obviously lying to TRY to save face. Didn't work, he came across as a jerk. I actually feel sorry for Vienna...never thought I'd say that, no sireeee...but I do feel sorry for her. I wish her the best in her future endeavors. Jake, as far as your acting gigs, I hope you fall flat on your face.

1541 days ago


He seems like he wants a subserviant woman, maybe he could land a part on "BIG LOVE."

1541 days ago

barbara shanley    

I watched Jake on the Bachelor, and I hated Vienna, she was such a *itch, not like Ali. Watching that interview last night,with Jake and Vienna,she kept interrupting Jake, every chance she could get. But, for Vienna, to sell her story to those magazine was totally unacalled for. I believe they both get jealous if the other person is getting more attention then them. But, to see Vienna on t.v. crying like a big baby and ranting made me laught.

1541 days ago

Toya L    

There Are Pros & Cons With Both Jake And Vienna However; There were A Multitude Of Red Flags With Vienna. To Mention A Few, She Is Very Spoiled By Her Father And Is Accustomed To Getting Her Way. He Calls Her His Little Princess And Is Very Protective Of His Daughter which Is A Great Thing To See. So Naturally She Was Looking For Prince Charming To Take Over And Be An Extension Of Her Father. She Was Always Ready To Be Affectionate, Even In Her Parent Home, She Was Trying To Make Out when Her Father Was Just Outside The Door. It Seems to Throw Everything Off A women Is to Eager To Move In And Play House. All Of The Ladies On The Show Saw Through Her And Warned Jake. They Sprinted To Fast And Crashed.

1541 days ago


For the record 2 got married. I agree Jake is definitely GAY! She is a spoiled annoying brat, but she was credible. He was smug, arrogant and condescending. Their arguments seemed really petty, although her feelings were genuine. Honey the reason he lost interest was he was acting. He knew if he broke up with her, everyone would just say "I told you so". He is very calculating.
Just like when he tried to be the "good guy" and warn Deanna Pappas about that idiot country singer guy , even though she had already kicked him off. He wormed his way back into the spotlight. He is a big phony, I love it JAKE THE FAKE perfect!!

1541 days ago


well, I just saw Vienna and Jake interview and I must say, I dont think he is guilt free in this whole mess, but I tell you i was getting ticked at Vienna because she could not keep her mouth shut. I cant stand people who will not let you get your comments out, but continually interrupt. Did her mother not teachher to let the other person finish before starting to talk. She was quite annoying .. That right there would make me say GO JAKE!

1541 days ago


Jake is a classic emotionally abusive personality. He is 33 years old who acts like a teenager. He cared more for a young immature women because he thought he could control her.

Mark my words. Watch Jake a few years from now and see how this abusiveness plays out. (if anyone cares!).

1541 days ago


what an embarrassment he must be to "the bachelor"! i REALLY didn't like vienna until this interview. BUT, during this interview, she came across as sincere and hurt and he came across as a measuring the room with a tape measure, pronouncing via pappy yoakum "I HAS SPOKEN!" style jerk. he was also inappropriately "I HAS SPOKEN!" with his dwts partner as well. "chelsea, i'm not asking you to change it, i'm telling you." well, i'm telling you now jake, you're a douche.

1541 days ago


I never licked Vienna, but it was obvious from that intertview Jake is a control freak and if she had stayed with him she would end up being abused, anyone that has any experience with abusive relationships can see he is capable of allot.
She may be a flake, but he is a monster. She is lucky to be rid of him, she is safer

1541 days ago


Jake,are you for real? Honestly, you are not ready for a relationship at all, with any woman (or man?). If you said "you are interrupting me" to Vienna one more time I was going to throw something at the tv. Let's face used Vienna for the fame...she was the most controversial choice after all. Tenley is out there somewhere thanking God she was "dumped" by you. Your 15 minutes are up... now do us all a favor and GO AWAY.

1541 days ago
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