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Johan Santana -- Sex With Accuser Was Consensual

6/24/2010 7:59 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

New York Mets ace Johan Santana 'fessed up to having sex with the woman who accused him of sexual battery  -- but claimed she was "excited" about the encounter, according to the sheriff's report.


As TMZ first reported, a Fort Myers, Florida woman accused the major league pitcher of attacking her last October. A Lee County Sheriff's Department detective interviewed Santana one week after the alleged crime, according to documents first posted by The Smoking Gun.

The report states that during a videotaped interview Santana said the accuser approached him while he was playing tennis and asked him to go for a walk.  Santana said they kissed during the walk and she "seemed very excited and forward towards me," according to the report.

His description of the sexual encounter is very similar to the alleged victim's description -- with two big differences.

First, she claims her right leg was bruised when Santana grabbed it during the alleged attack -- but in the report Santana claims he noticed the bruise the day before the encounter ... and even "asked her how she had gotten the bruise."

Secondly, in the report Santana says the accuser "never once told me to stop or 'No' during our sexual encounter."

The detective states that a DNA sample was taken from Santana, and that it matched the DNA collected from the accuser's clothing.

The report says the case was not prosecuted because "there is insufficient evidence to prove lack of consent beyond a reasonable doubt."

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Is there one celebrity guy who can keep it in his pants anymore?

1579 days ago


@1, I think anybody in their position with power, money, and fame would be doing the same thing. Most regular joes just don't have the opportunity to live such a lifestyle.

1579 days ago


i thought he just met her?...he noticed the bruise the day before.
you guys got your es straight?

1579 days ago


Screwing for money, what has changed?

1579 days ago


Just another dumb whore trying to get money from a famous/rich guy.

1579 days ago


I wasn't there and don't know what happened, but as a woman it makes me angry when other women cry rape for whatever reason, usually to extort money from the man they had sex with. It makes it that much harder for real rape victims to have their situation taken seriously. As for the men, they wouldn't have these issues if they didn't sleep with every slut who stepped in their path.

1579 days ago


Two Johan Santana stories and no stories about "crazed sex poodle" Al Gore??

1578 days ago

Mopar Man    

Balls & Krazy Kooky Klown, please OFF yourselves & do the world a
favor. Your BOTH DISGUSTING with your illmanered comments. Your
living proof that Morons DO EXIST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1578 days ago


why do females try to **** stars them they act like they didnt want it. bitch thats a celebrity. u wanted it

1578 days ago


White people have higher instances of genetic diseases that cause deformities and have higher rates of autism and mental retardation. That might be from all the backwoods incestuous relationships among white people. The hurts huh...lol

1578 days ago


White people have higher instances of genetic diseases that cause deformities and have higher rates of autism and mental retardation. That might be from all the backwoods incestuous relationships among white people. The truth hurts huh...lol

1578 days ago


This will continue until the end of time...for some strange reason people these days think sex is a f.r.e.a.k.i.n.g contact sport!

Wake up people - men why are you sticking your johnsons into any wet hole and women why are you allowing anybody with a johnson to stick it in you!

Come on already - really? For the guys - stop worshiping ejaculation...and you women - you don't even get the thrill of the "O" with these encounters...I do not get you people....

For the record, I am not a prude and actually wear my significant other out with my sex drive - but we are monogamous, in love, and getting married. (and if I ever found out otherwise...he's toast :-).

Get a life you s***bags - sex is supposed to mean something...but it has become as common as telling a person to "have a nice day" for some of you idiots.

Geez....grow up.

1578 days ago


Guess what, money grubbing skank!!! You're plan didnt work. Get a freaking job!!

1578 days ago


An absolutely nothing story, not something worth discussing eight months after the fact. Move on folks, if there'd been anything to this you'd have heard about it over the winter.

1577 days ago

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