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Lindsay Lohan Must Answer Coke Questions

6/24/2010 3:21 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan has been ordered by a judge to testify under oath about her drug use the night she was busted after a car chase on Pacific Coast Highway.


TMZ broke the story ... Lindsay refused to answer questions in her deposition about her drug use the night of the chase in 2007.  Cops found two types of cocaine in her urine and also found coke in her pants pocket.

The judge in the civil lawsuit just ordered Lindsay to answer questions about her alleged cocaine use on the night in question.  Lindsay pled guilty to two counts of being under the influence of a controlled substance.

Lindsay's lawyer, Ed McPherson, convinced the judge to delay the new deposition until after Lindsay's court hearing on July 6, when a judge will decide if she violated probation in the case.


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OJ wasn't allowed to refuse questions either in the civil suit that he lost for causing the wrongful deaths of Ron & Nicole.

1580 days ago


Jessica/#5 = She already told the police that it was not her coke. Told them she had switched pants with her assistant and the assistant &the assistant's boyfriend may have been trying to set her up.

Uh huh.

1580 days ago


TO: dprice who wrote:
“this is not a criminal trial, the 5th does not apply…”
No, it’s not a criminal trial, but that doesn’t mean criminal charges can’t be brought up against her in a separate action, if she admits that she committed a criminal act.

1580 days ago


Saying she doesn't remember would be a lot smarter than simply denying it.
But, as one other person here said, Lindsay isn't one to give in to the truth.
Someone else here said she could take the 5th, but I think the attorneys on the other side, who want to take her depo, may have already addressed that with the court.
No matter what, Lindsay will lie.

1580 days ago


@27 Christy

At one point in the "kidnapping" they got out of the car and then got back in. Three grown men could not stop the car driven by a drunk drug user ???
She has no money for them to get and no matter how much the judgement gives them it will be almost impossible to collect even if she makes money in the future.
Your only correct statement is tht she was not punished when the offense took place and the fault in that is squarely with the voters of Claifornia who elected the judges who let this kind of activity go with a kiss on the wrist.

1580 days ago


Parents: The only good that comes from LL is to use her as a shining example of what NOT to do with your life. This girl had everything going for her. Looks (to some), a blooming career, money, fame. There were two roads she could have taken. One being to appriciate it and protect her money-maker (herself really, since she was the product being sold) or Two, take advantage of something she was given, abuse it, take it for granted and basically flush it down the toilet. Why on earth would anyone throw away such an easy life. With so many people out there struggling for everything they have, it's angering that there are people like her throwing away LIFE. She should stop getting special treatment and if anyone is dumb enough to hire her again, for anything, I hope their movie FLOPS! Hollywood has a horrid tendency to reward behavior like this by trying to bank on the publicity, good or bad.

1580 days ago


hey. looks like we're in the disneyland court system once again... do the judges wear mickey mouse ears when ruling court cases??!

1580 days ago

Pretty LL    

She already tried blaming the coke in her pocket on her assistant. How she can blame her assistant for the coke in her urine I have no idea. Lindsay makes me laugh with all her "I was set up" and "someone else did it" crap. She's making a joke out of herself

1580 days ago



I agree she most likely can't remember due to how long ago the incident happened and the fact that she relapsed.
They can't prove she did coke that night it stays in your system for a few days. When she was arrested she was probably just drunk.

They only have 2 hours to ask her the questions hopefully her lawyer gives her the right advice.

1580 days ago


Girl needs help. I'm wondering what White Oprah is thinking now that it is confirmed that her daughter is indeed a drug addict. I think they need to do an intervention or go on celebrity rehab just to make me happy & entertained.

1580 days ago

Ronald RayGun    

I always pictured Lindsay as a Pepsi drinker.

1580 days ago


If she admits to using then she admits she has a problem and of coarse she doesn't think she has one, just like she doesn't drink and someone "spilt" a drink on her SCRAM bracelet. She is old enough to take responsibility for her actions...when she was 2 she was old enough to take responsibility for her actions...that's at least how I raise my children...Dina Lohan on the other hand well you see how Lindsay has turned will be Ali...these poor children.
That's the problem with all the youth of today. No one makes them accountable.

1580 days ago


Is there another type of coke that I dont know about here? How the hell can they find "Two types of coke" in a drug test??

1580 days ago

myrna tyrna    

Well, since she "borrowed" someone else's pants, she may have also "borrowed" a tissue...which may have been covered in 2 different kinds of coke, which she then accidentally inhaled during a hearty noseblow.

1580 days ago

neither of these two sluts    

hopefully she will have to pay...but aint the skank broke...i say if she has to pay take it out of any movie that she has coming up...thats the only way Traci will get paid!

1580 days ago
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