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Lindsay Lohan Must Answer Coke Questions

6/24/2010 3:21 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan has been ordered by a judge to testify under oath about her drug use the night she was busted after a car chase on Pacific Coast Highway.


TMZ broke the story ... Lindsay refused to answer questions in her deposition about her drug use the night of the chase in 2007.  Cops found two types of cocaine in her urine and also found coke in her pants pocket.

The judge in the civil lawsuit just ordered Lindsay to answer questions about her alleged cocaine use on the night in question.  Lindsay pled guilty to two counts of being under the influence of a controlled substance.

Lindsay's lawyer, Ed McPherson, convinced the judge to delay the new deposition until after Lindsay's court hearing on July 6, when a judge will decide if she violated probation in the case.


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snorted cocaine is usually cut with some form of vitamin B ...crack cocaine is cooked with baking soda..probably found traces of both in her system hence the 2 types of coke..

1583 days ago


If you get coke from 2 different sources then there's a good chance there were different chemicals and "cuts" added to each, either during or after the creation of it, which will show up as 2 different types of coke on a good drug test. She just ran out from 1 connection and scored some from another connection...

I hope some judge finally nails her for SOMETHING sometime soon because I really hate this b!tch and her entitled attitude. I mean, who the hell does she think she is?!!? When's the last time anybody mentioned her name without giggling (at least0 about how stupic and out of touch she is?

Let's see, and I know I'm leaving a lot out here :

1. Her assistant set her up over the coke in this story, or something like that. Either way, she was set up!

2. Her dad sent someone to France to steal her passport

3. She could not get a flight from France because of the volcano

4. She could not get a flight from France because there were no seats available

5. Paps tripped her and made her fall leaving a party a month or so ago

6. Someone spilled a drink on her SCRAM braclet which set it off

7. She was given the wrong call time for a recent photo shoot she was 8 - 100 hours late for, just to make her look bad she says. But apparently they have video of her assistant apologizing for her "oversleeping"

I'm not Dr. friggin' Drew but methinks there's a pattern here. I truly wonder if she's ever taken responsibility for any mistake she's ever made in her entire life. She obviously was raised being told daily that she was going to be a superstar or "the next big thing". Obviously she heard it so much she believed it then, and still does, which is really, really sad and delusional. Sorry ho, any popularity you had based on your' "talent" is waaaaay dead and buried and the only reason people mention your name or acknowledge you in any way is to point and laugh. Skallywag.....

1583 days ago


Well this whore is just going to say no, she didn't use coke! Duh!!! When will justice be served with these low life scuz bags who think they are above the law and money will get them out of everything!

1583 days ago


Are we really still living in an era where police are corrupt, bias, and can't or wont do their jobs? Seriously. They arrest Chace Crawford for being "near" a joint but Lohan is found "in possession" of an illegal narcotic and they let her skip. It wasn't a twinkie, it was crack cocaine.

Can she launch her own civil suit against the city and it's police department for failing to arrest her for possession citing all the emotional distress/addiction/mental anguish problems she's had as a result of *not* being imprisoned? Far fetched, but so are designer defenses. If she had gotten help back then maybe things would be different for her today.

I can hear the police now. "Let's just put down traces of cocaine even though it's a little more. We feel bad for her."

1583 days ago


I'm just glad to see that her mom and dad are staying out of it now and the judge is gonna handle her on July 6th....

1583 days ago


2 types of coke? What the? She should plead the 5th-she has the right to avoid self-incrimination, even though she did already plead guilty apparently. I'm not sure what $ they are after- she hasn't worked in a long time.

1583 days ago


C, in a civil trial all you have to do is prove that it's more likely than not that the defendant is guilty. They have enough evidence at this point and the 5th amendment only applies to criminal cases. I think the only reason they want her verbal testimony is to determine what amount of damages are warranted.

1583 days ago


Cocaine's a helluva drug!

1583 days ago

neither of these two sluts    

52. Is there another type of coke that I dont know about here? How the hell can they find "Two types of coke" in a drug test??

Posted at 1:01 PM on Jun 24, 2010 by Anonymous69

It could have been powder cocaine and rock cocaine...that would make it two are an idiot!

1583 days ago


Since she will not have to answer until after her hearing on the 6th she will be deposed in jail. All she has to do is say that she is so emotionally hurt by jail that she does not remember anything. Paris was hospitalized after 3 days in jail and a night out and the shrinks thought she was getting worse. Lindsay being jailed can be the ruin of their case and she knows it. As far as these guys getting any money from pictures she makes in the future all I can say is good luck trying to collect.

1583 days ago


Why does the concept of "2 different kinds of coke" confuse so many people.? Do you really think that ALL cocaine is made the exact same way? And it's not just about "rock" and "powder". All powder cocaine is processed differently with different chemicals and cuts by different suppliers. Not to mention what's added to it after it's processed and being sold on the street. It just means she got coke from 2 different dealers w/in 72 hours. Sheesh. It ain't rocket science...

1583 days ago


I'm confused. The judge ordered her to do something that would be a violation of her fifth amendment? Do judges in California not have to study the law or something? God they are all idiots there. Please let that state drop into the ocean soon.

1583 days ago


Pathetic loser!!!!!

1583 days ago


She has a right to plead the 5th but the judge also has a right to put her skank ass in jail for 180 days which I hope she goes to jail.

1583 days ago


DUUUUUUH,, The whole world knows shes a drug addict, this is news?? Please go OD. Now that would be good news.

1583 days ago
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